The Citadel

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The seat of government in Aedolis, where all official business takes place. The lower levels are open to the public, but the upper levels are open only to authorized personnel, with the topmost levels being closed off to everyone but Pilots. It is the tallest building in Haviah.

In it, there are several ballrooms for special functions, recreational rooms, meeting rooms and offices, several cafes, and even a hospital for the Pilots.

This is also where the Pilots reside in apartment-style housing. The higher ranked the Pilot, the higher up (and closer to the sky) their apartment is and the nicer, and larger, the accommodations. Royals have the largest suites and the nicest view of Haviah. All Pilots have access to maid service. Pilots are allowed pets, of course, but as they don't really have backyards most keep either cats, small animals (like rodents and snakes and fish) or small dogs that can handle not having a backyard.

For Pilots that have families, the Citadel has family housing, and also has housing for those Pilots who choose to live outside the Citadel. While many Pilots live in the Citadel to be close to work, some choose not to for their own reasons.

The Lead Rooms

The Lead Rooms are connected to the Axis Point. While called the Lead Rooms, there's actually very little lead in them. The walls are a mixture of other metals and synthetic substances with a high attenuation coefficient; they absorb thought.

Many Pilots use the Lead Rooms when they need a break from all the psychic static they live with every day of their lives, when they want time to themselves and their own thoughts. Alternatively, the Lead Rooms are also used to detain psychics. While psionics can be used within the Lead Rooms, psionics can not come in or go out. Even within the Lead Rooms, psionics can be tricky to operate. If two Pilots are in the Lead Rooms, one inside a room and one just outside in the hallway, even if the door is open those Pilots may have trouble hearing each others' projected thoughts unless they're standing right next to each other; it may just sound like distorted mu mumbling at most. Psionics tends to get tangled on any corner of the Lead Rooms as it can't pass through any of the walls, so it's rather like striking a brick wall whenever it encounters an obstacle. Pilots have to rely more on line-of-sight and careful manipulation of their psionics to navigate the Lead Rooms.

The Axis Point

Main article Axis Point

Also known as the Imperial Seat, the Axis Point is like the CPU of the Network. Typically, the Pilot Imperial is the only one with access to this Citadel room, and access to it is strictly controlled by the Dragons. The Axis Point is used both to interrogate Pilots, and to locate other psychics.