Axis Point

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Both artificial and organic, not quite inanimate and not quite sentient, the Axis Point is the nexus of Aedolis, the Network, and all manifested psionic power within its home galaxy. While the Axis Point cannot identify an individual, it can both detect and locate psychics who use their ability. It works best on groups of multiple psychics close together and only works when the psychic is using their ability.

In most cases, Pilots are not concerned about a single psychic. It is the groups that interest them and it is the groups that Aedolis puts energy into finding, to prevent any nation from forming their own psychic programs. When a group has been located, Pilots are often dispatched to the area to deal with them. Usually, this means the psychics are killed as Aedolis is interested in keeping a monopoly on psychics and they have neither a shortage of them in their own population nor a use for psychics who cannot be indoctrinated. And why would they want foreigners and malcontents to be their future leaders? This does, however, mean that young psychics (such as children and teens) might be spared for the Pilot Program if they have a rare enough ability. The highest rank these foreign-born Pilots can achieve is Pilot Echo.

Located within The Citadel, the Axis Point is also sometimes known as the Imperial Seat. Typically, the Pilot Imperial is the only one with access to this Citadel room, and access to it is strictly controlled by the Dragons. In the center of the room is a terminal that the Imperial can then hook up to via needles and plugs that attach to the body and brain, and around it are a series of other terminals that the Dragons can hook up to themselves. Connecting to the Axis Point is a horrible experience that often leaves the summoned Pilot exhausted and sick for days. Horrendous migraines are common. As can be imagined this takes quite a toll on the Pilot Imperial, who is summoned there more than any other Pilot.

Aside from being used to locate other psychics, the Axis Point is also used to interrogate Pilots by breaking through their psionic defenses and picking their brain for knowledge. Any Pilot could potentially be summoned to the Axis Point, either to be tested or to use their skills in locating psychics, but the Imperial is summoned the most. However, it is completely up to the Dragons to chose who to summon, when, and why.