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Remnants of the Earth is full of pop culture references that are made up by the players and usually puns of things that exist in our world. Here's a list (that is constantly growing--feel free to add to this!) of our pop culture references and what they are.


  • World of Warlocks
Also known as 'WoW', this is the RotE equivalent of World of Warcraft, a medieval fantasy style MMORPG. It's very popular among geeks, especially in Aedolis. Players are organized into two separate factions, Allegiance (the good guys) or Host (the bad), and players may also create their own guilds within it. It first surfaced in the Pilot Blog.
  • Devil May Care
An action-adventure, hack and slash video game popular with geeks where the protagonist is a demon-hunter. It first was seen in this conversation between candidate Gabriel and Alaric.

Television and Movies

  • Saturn Alien Sizzlers
SAS, as it's known, is a popular Aedolian show that began as independent cult hit porno, got picked up by the big DOMETV network for twelve seasons, and has only recently been relegated to the lesser network HCN in the 6 p.m. slot. SAS is a parodyish rom-com mock-docudrama porno space soap opera about a ship full of lesbians traveling the universe to make a documentary about themselves and the alien species they encounter. Has appeared in several threads, including an episode recap in Liv Sulo's blog


  • Indigenous Fairy
  • Mind Haze
Has the amazingly sexy and totally talented Andreas. Who gets all the bitches.