Aedolian History

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The pre-game and in-game history of Aedolis!

Feel free to add to this timeline of events! Events are organized in a roughly chronological order. When adding timeline events, just take your best guess as to where that event occurred in relation to other events.

Pre-Game History

Edani War

A long, drawn out war in which Aedolis attempted to occupy Edanith and secure its terraforming technology. Though the occupation found footholds and cost the Edani losses in both civilian and military casualties, ultimately Aedolis was unprepared for such a heavily space-based offensive. The war resulted in an uncomfortable stalemate, with Aedolis agreeing to withdraw and Edanith forced to recognize and respect Aedolis-controlled space quadrants.

This war occurred roughly 10 years ago.

Elijah Lyre

The Imperial just prior to in-game time. He was Imperial for a short while, only about year, and he and his dragon Absolute oversaw a rigid and tyrannical regime, even by Aedolis standards. Citizens saw their few freedoms evaporate, and fellow Pilots received harsh discipline and were held to near-unbearable schedules. Elijah disappeared one day from the lead rooms, and no trace of him has yet been found. As he had access to many state secrets and Aedolis suspects terrorists groups to be linked to his disappearance, they remain driven to get a hold of him if he is still alive and to find out who took him if he is not.

In-Game History

Candidate Bash

The infamous Pilot Candidate Orientation, lead by the Director of Candidate Affairs, Roman Rosales. It started out as a normal orientation until one of the accompanying Pilots, Dyerlich, struck a candidate named Val Mynatt. Val talked back, and so Roman made an example of Val, giving him the choice to strip down in front of his fellow candidates--or suffer worse consequences. It was a test of obedience and subordination and a way to reinforce the idea that, as Pilots, you are often ordered to do things you do not want to do--but the consequences of refusing can be brutal.

Val refused. Very rudely and inappropriately.

So Val earned the more severe consequence: crippling, which was both literal and symbolic, a way to shatter Val's illusions. Val's roommate, Col Savage, was forced to pin Val to the front desk while Roman crushed Val's leg with a sledgehammer.

As Val was rushed to the infirmary afterwards, the orientation continued on as normal, much to the horror of all the candidates present.

Pie or Death?

While Temple Rosales was out in the wastelands, trouble struck. His dragon, Providence, was hit by an EMP attack that killed him instantly. He fell, rider still attached, and Temple was severely injured in the crash. He was ultimately discovered by a Teinari soldier, Cyrus Amadori, who dragged him into Teinar.

Temple's brother, Roman, arrived on the scene sometime later and after examining Providence's body, discovered an EMP device on him that could have only been planted by another Pilot.

The news quickly reached Aedolis and, assuming this was an act of treachery, the dragons ordered all Pilots to report to the Axis Point for screening. It was tough and took a toll on them, and the news of Temple's supposed death shook some of them, so to deal with it, commiserate, and recover, a group of them gathered at Gabriel Tierney's apartment for some pie, cooked by Roman.

Alaina's Murder

Raley Goes Postal