Thanatos Inc.

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Thanatos Inc. was created by a small group of ambitious entrepreneurs who chose the company's name in honor of a country from the Old World. In the old days, Thanatos was a country devoted to learning and the pursuit of worldly knowledge, and it is that which Thanatos Inc. strives to do. While the company started out small, it wasn’t long before Thanatos Inc. had grown to mammoth proportions to become the leading corporation of its kind, a monopoly in its own right with a finger in every pie.

Thanatos Inc. specializes in a wide range of products. At first, the company dealt specifically in potent pharmaceuticals, but over time it branched out to include everyday products like cosmetics, electronics, even foods and toys. They could genetically engineer food to make it healthier and ensure the body processed more of the nutrients,; they could produce products that would boost an athlete's performance, even toy with the genetic makeup of animals and humanoids to produce superior specimens. On the darker side of things, they could also create special products for those governments that contracted them, creative products that could kill and maim in unthinkable ways while still being brutally efficient. They are experts in all things relating to the humanoid body and how it works, and even as they can create ingenious ways to build a body up and improve its performance, they can also come up with frighteningly effective ways to tear a body down.

The main company headquarters is located on Earth in Aedolis, though the company also has a branch in Edanith. The company has no true loyalties except to itself, and so it can easily work with two warring nations while remaining completely impartial on the matter. It is because of that cold impartiality that neither Aedolis or Edanith hassle the company for working both sides of the fence; after all, they just want a profit and they provide for everyone.

At the head of the company is the President, and then the TRIM Director. Beneath them are scientists, technicians, and businessmen and women from all over that work for the company—as well as those people who do the smaller, menial jobs, like secretary work and serving coffee to employees.

TRIM, or the Thanatos Research Institute of Metaphysics, is a branch of Thanatos Inc., the place where all their research and experiments are conducted.