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Author Topic: Aedolian Combat Squadrons  (Read 78 times)

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Aedolian Combat Squadrons
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:13:45 PM »
Aedolian Combat Squadrons

Interested in Joining a Squadron? Contact the Squad Commander with your character idea and they will get back to you shortly.

Adstreia Hellions - Doom and Gloom
Squad Commander: Grisham Alberich (Lion)
Squad Color: Black
Squad Headquarters: Malhame
Squad Function: Interstellar Assault and Defense

Amristah Angels - Abandon No One!
Squad Commander: Blu Moon (GoblinFae)
Squad Color: Purple
Squad Headquarters: Gan Eden
Squad Function: Combat Medic Field Surgeons

Apcintoch Alicantos - Grace Under Pressure
Squad Commander: Zeiss Pepper (Cinnabar)
Squad Color: Lavender with Silver
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function:

Aurora Cyclones -
Squad Commander: Aeron Holyfield (Lion)
Squad Color: Blue
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function:

Haviah Harpies -
Squad Commander: Isabel Kiers (nephero)
Squad Color: Red
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Combat Specialist Hard Corp

Havina Copperheads -
Squad Commander: Kallixtus Yandyrn (Nix)
Squad Color: Gold
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Reconnaissance

Margad Scorpions -
Squad Commander: Jacob Ladner (Nix)
Squad Color: Green
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Psychological Warfare

Ryun Ravens -
Squad Commander: Irial Ynnves (Astaire)
Squad Color: Black with Silver
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Stealth

Samariel Leviathans - Defend and Destroy
Squad Commander: Arane Pholcus (Cheesigator)
Squad Color: Teal
Squad Headquarters: Formosa
Squad Function: Water Resource Defense

Solarta Valkyries - Bringing the Thunder
Squad Commander: Yavul Hyakinthos (nephero)
Squad Color: Silver
Squad Headquarters: Valhalla
Squad Function:

Travica Titans - Hold the Line!
Squad Commander: Gregor Volk (Marakai2.0)
Squad Color: Maroon
Squad Headquarters:
Squad Function: Mechanized Emergency Defense