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Wastelands / Livin' On A Prayer [RHI]
« on: July 13, 2015, 04:54:13 PM »
What a shithole.

Why had he come here?  Like, he knew the why, of course, but standing here looking out on this dismal gray landscape he had to wonder if it was worth it.  For all the advantages this locale offered, he was wishing he'd had more foresight when picking the place.

Shanthe had the best accommodations in the outpost, which was to say he got the least filthy house in the place.  Most of his people were a few miles away at an equally shitty village southward.  He'd come here with only two of his prophets and got what passed for a mayor wrapped around his little finger.  Now, he just needed the rest of the town.

Right now, the enormous doors of the wall stood open, and through them Shanthe had a fine view of dirty gray hills topped by a dirty gray sky.  Whooooo.

The Studio / Roman and Gabe playtime sketch!
« on: April 01, 2014, 10:12:18 PM »
Sketched this tonight!

Rhi's Gabe on the left, and my Roman on the right. >;D

Games / BANNED
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:38:20 AM »
Ban the player above you.

I'll start.

Player: Rhi
Reason:  Failure to apply Shiny New Libra badge to self.

News and Updates / SotE spazzed out and broke RotE
« on: February 09, 2014, 08:47:05 PM »
Soooo this morning the site went down for a bit.

And when it came back up, things went bonkers. >_>  Posts ended up in random place, sometimes by random authors.  Some posts were gone entirely.  It wasn't so bad here on RotE but SotE...man was that a mess!

SotE is just getting waaaaaay to busy for our dinky little hosting company.  And when it crashes it brings RotE down with it. xD

Rhi's on the job!  We've found a more robust host that we like and hope to get the move underway as soon as possible, basically once we figure out the process of transferring our domain name.  We're also backing up the site on a daily basis now, to ensure nothing gets too far lost if we go down again.

In the meantime, we suggest saving your posts in a doc somewhere.

If the site's not accessible for an extended period, we will post notifications and such on our tumblr, http://rpknaves.tumblr.com/

Also!  We have a group Skype chat now.  My Skype name is amanda.tally.  Add me on Skype, or message me here with your Skype name, to let me know if you'd like to be added!

The Cancer / Hull Breach Shmull Breach [OPEN!]
« on: February 04, 2014, 09:14:18 PM »
Shanthe was bored out of his mind.

He should have been in a bar right now, seducing some poor idiot out of his wallet and personal information.  Instead, he and about a thousand other people were trapped in this one rather lackluster commercial district of Cancer by a hull breach.

No bars here.  No night clubs.  No place for him to go where people might specifically be looking for sex.  And after he'd gone to so much effort!  He was wearing the low-cut jeans that made his ass look incredible and a top that bared his midriff.

Since he couldn't access any of his usual haunts, he'd settled in at an outdoor cafe, but it looked like the repairs would take them at least 24 hours.  He slouched in his seat, groaning aloud.  Maybe he could find some horny loser to wrap around his little finger and actually get a comfortable place to stay tonight.

Libra Characters / Bastille, Knight
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:58:51 PM »
Name:  Bastille

Location:  Libra

Occupation:  Knight

Gender:  dunno

Personality:  no idea

History:  to be determined

The Libra / The Petting Zoo!
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:43:53 AM »
It's Military Appreciation Day at the petting zoo!

All military personnel get in free, and can enjoy the feedings and llama rides absolutely free as well!

For your safety, please adhere to these Petting Zoo rules:
  • Keep posts short and sweet.
  • Don't worry about posting order.
  • If you find yourself posting rapid fire with one other person, consider splintering off into a private thread!

Libra Characters / Ronen Delacriox, Solo
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:39:08 AM »
Name: Ronen Delacriox

Location:  Libra!

Occupation:  Solo pilot!

Appearance:  Tall, muscular, medium skin tone.  Rust red wild hair, but he keeps it a bit short so it doesn't get to out of hand.

History:  He's Riot's big brother!

News and Updates / Shiny New Libra!
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:11:15 AM »
    Shiny New Libra!

    Libra has gotten an update!  Its info is all current and fixed up, and to celebrate we're having a Libra event!

    Libra's a pretty big place, and they've got everything a space station citizen—or visitor—could possibly ask for.  And now they're opening a zoo!  That's where WE come in...

    Event Timeline

    • January 29: Thread for Military Appreciation Day at the Petting Zoo goes up! Thread for the Monkey Exhibit goes up!
    • January 29 - February 12: Joining characters and posting to the group threads!
    • February 13: Monkeys escape!
    • February 13 - 29: Monkey havoc on Libra!
    • February 29: ? ? ? ? ?

    Your Libra Resources

    Special Badge!

    Ooooh, look at that pretty silver scale badge.  This will only be available for the event!  Here's how you earn it:

    • Have any character joined to the Libra directory.
    • Post to or create any thread in Libra while the event is running!

    And that's it!  Once you meet the requirements, post here or in the badge thread to let us know!

    Libra Characters / LIBRA AVAILABLE RANKS
    « on: January 25, 2014, 10:48:22 PM »
    Ranks that are always open and can be filled by an unlimited number of characters are colored and marked with an *asterisks* like so.  Individual characters for these ranks will not be listed here.

    These are just examples of jobs and ranks that are unique to Libra!  You're totally not limited to just what's on this list!
    If a position requires approval, it will state so.  Otherwise, feel free to claim it right away!

    Libra is huge, an entire country of people in space. The citizens are polite, if a bit chilly and distrustful of outsiders. But the commercial districts near the docks is a bustling hub of business, travel, and trade. While space station Cancer sees more people passing through, Libra sees a greater bulk of goods.

    The station is a wonder in civil engineering and functional policy, and their extensive fleet keeps most external threats at bay. Most of the threats to Libra come from within. While Librans like to keep things organized and documented, this leaves them vulnerable to anyone with enough creativity to game the system. Con artists, extortionists, and white-collar criminals find plenty of work on Libra.

    The people of Libra value structure, security, and knowledge.

    Fleet Admiral
    • Veda Erdtris
    • This individual commands all three branches of Libra's space fleet, answering only to the Captain.  It takes many years of distinguished service to reach such a rank.
    • This individual commands the Solos, the branch of the fleet comprised of agile, single-pilot fighters.  The Admiral-Solo answers directly to the Fleet Admiral.
    • Open for a single character!  Feel free to claim, no approval needed!
    • This individual commands the Duos, the branch of the fleet comprised of powerful and diverse magitech fighters.  The Admiral-Duo answers directly to the Fleet Admiral.
    • Open for a single character!  Feel free to claim, no approval needed!
    • This individual commands the Knights, the branch of the fleet comprised of Libra's cutting edge mechas.  The Admiral-Knight answers directly to the Fleet Admiral.
    • Open for a single character!  Feel free to claim, no approval needed!
    • The Solos are the most numerous of Libra's military forces.  They are swift, agile fighters equipped with jump drives and helmed by a single fighter pilot.  They dominate in dogfights against other fighters and are known for their wild feats of combat and flight maneuverability.
    • The Duos are the second most numerous within Libra's military.  Each Duo is unique, for each Duo's capabilities are dictated by its mage, who powers the ship's magitech weaponry.  A jockey helms the ship.  While a jockey might switch ships a few times in their career, the mage and their ship are never separated.
    • Libra's mechas.  Their relative rarity when compared to the rest of Libra's forces means Libra must be calculating with their deployment, but the Knights are terrors both in space and in atmo.  They boast the latest in military technology and Libra's most elite pilots helm them.  Each one is unique, with its own specializations and abilities.


    • Libra's Council is comprised of twenty individuals, two from each of Libra's ten districts and each one elected by popular vote.  They make up Libra's main governing body.  Each Councilor serves for a period of five years.
    *Police Officers*
    • Each district of Libra maintains its own police force.  While each of these police forces will vary in ways, they all have at their disposal a number of nine-foot-tall personal mechs.
    • Libra is huge, and the possibilities for employment and mischief both are expectedly diverse.  The people of Libra enjoy keeping things orderly and secure, and while this set of ideals works for the most part, their bloated bureaucracy leaves plenty of cracks for criminals to slip through.  Libra is overall a safe place—possibly the safest there is—but con artists, scammers, and white-collar criminals have a field day finding ways to game the system.

    News and Updates / Libra is fixed up!
    « on: January 25, 2014, 09:48:03 PM »
    Space Station Libra has gotten all fixed up and updated!


    Gone is the weird, unsightly wall of text and in its place is an awesome shiny space station!  Huzzah!

    To celebrate, we're gonna have a Libra event!  I'll get a revamped ranks page up for Libra here in a minute to hold all the new characters we will all undoubtedly flood it with. 8)

    We're also making a special badge for participating in the event!  It's alllmost done.  We'll start the party in a couple of days!


    Wanderers and Independents / Lyric, holy warrior
    « on: June 26, 2013, 04:24:37 PM »
    LYRIC, holy warrior

    "I'm a priest." ~ it's not all that apparent


    Current Threads:
    Justice and Soda Pop
    Broken Things
    Completed Threads:








    Priest, holy warrior, crusader


    Short blonde hair.  Pale, flawless skin.  Brilliant teal eyes.  Refined features.  Lean and fit.  Always looks like he stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.

    blah blah?  I'll fill this out later.

    He utilizes holy power and grace in a variety of ways, both for fighting and for more mundane uses.

    He was a holy warrior many thousands of years ago who has now been reborn.

    Soda, sex, and kicking ass

    Demons, bullies, and explaining himself

    Games / ...in my pants.
    « on: April 07, 2013, 11:51:09 PM »
    In this game, you post the name of the song you are listening to and then add "in my pants" after that. xD  Hilarity ensues.

    Ocean Stars Falling in my pants.

    Whoo! o.o

    Games / WAR
    « on: April 04, 2013, 03:38:01 PM »
    WAR is upon us.  It has engulfed every nation, city, and space station on RotE. 8|  WHO WILL WIN?!


    The combatants are:

    Thanatos Inc.

    • Each place starts out with 10 points.
    • You must take one point away from one place and give it to another when you post.
    • When a place reaches 0 points, they have lost the war.
    • A place with 0 points can not be given anymore points.
    • When there are only three places left, you can increase the amount of points deducted to 2.  However, you may still only give them to one place. (So no spreading the points out.)
    • Team-making is allowed, backstabbing is encouraged!

    Finally, the totals of all points should be 70. Any more or less and something has gone wrong in your calculations.


    Aedolis - 10
    Edanith - 10
    Teinar - 10
    Cancer - 10
    Libra - 10
    Thanatos Inc. - 10
    Midhaven - 10

    General Discussion / Show us your pets!!
    « on: March 20, 2013, 01:49:08 AM »

    Here is my little dog Abby. (:  She is a sweet little dog who is really cooperative and just wants to be with you and love you!

    I love to get pictures of her when she's sitting with her paws crossed. >_>  Like a lady!

    Teinar / Light in Darkness [open!]
    « on: March 20, 2013, 01:13:47 AM »
    Jordan had never been to Teinar.  Pictures hardly did the place justice.  He could scarcely have put into words this curious marriage of industrious and joyful, of peril and hope, of darkness and enlightenment.

    His monk's robes and bald head drew glances, but little more than passing curiosity, quickly abandoned.  These people had better things to do, it seemed, than gawk at strangers.  Everywhere he looked, the citizens of Teinar were busy, working, toiling, being useful.  If it weren't for the utter lack of daylight he might have been happy here in the long term.

    His wandering found him winding in one of the little-used tunnels that wormed its way underneath the city, providing alternate, emergency routes in case of a crisis.  He hadn't seen another soul down here for a full five minutes, but there was no worry of wandering outside of Teinar.  It's borders were rigid, defended.  This tunnel would lead him out somewhere.

    No artificial lighting down here.  Instead, they'd lined the corners of the tunnel with that blue, glowing vine.  A cluster of tiny crystals in the walls caught their light and glistened.

    Wait—those weren't crystals, but droplets of water.  As he stared, one of the clinging drops became a trickle, then a second gave way, then a third...

    "Hm."  This...this could actually be problematic.

    Wanderers and Independents / Jordan, monk
    « on: March 20, 2013, 12:50:56 AM »
    JORDAN; monk



    Current Threads:
    [right:18rh2p2g]Completed Threads:

    __________________IDENTIFY YOURSELF






    All of creation is his home.


    [right:18rh2p2g]THE REAL YOU________________ __[/right:18rh2p2g]

    Bald (well, shaved head).  A delicious, dark coppery complexion that most people would kill for.


    He was born...and he did some stuff...WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.


    Open Space / Need a tow truck? [Rhi!]
    « on: March 14, 2013, 12:28:53 AM »
    From the air, the place looked like a junk yard.

    From the ground it looked like a junk yard.

    There was only one ship here, the Sassy Juice, and unless there was some underground bunker then that was the ship transmitting the distress signal.

    Bluebird didn't have the instruments to scan their systems, but could be they were broken down.  This was a desert planet, not a lot of water.  A bad place to get stuck.  There were some colonies a couple hundred miles away, but this place?  Looked like it had been a docking station at some point, but it was all gone to hell now.

    Rebecca alighted Bluebird upon the ground in its bipedal mode.  There was no hiding the mecha's purpose—she wouldn't have wanted to even if she could.  Bluebird was built for offense and her array of weapons were readily apparent to anyone with a scanner.  Suited her just fine.  She wanted anyone who might cause her trouble to know just how much heat she was packing.

    There were a few of the Juice's crew out and about, so she greeted them through Bluebird's external speaker.  "You folks need a hand?"

    The Cancer / So this place is nice and not creepy at all. [open!]
    « on: March 13, 2013, 10:05:21 PM »
    August wouldn't say he was worried per se.  That wasn't quite the word for it.  But he was...hm, reserved about his expectations that this evening would end without serious physical trauma—his own or someone else's.

    It was just terrific how idiosyncratic the Cancer was—sort of like a labyrinth.  A terrible, dirty labyrinth with an unfortunate smell.  August didn't know where he was in relation to anything else at this point.  He did know that his Aedolian military uniform was garnering attention of the sort he didn't want.  There was an awful lot of glaring and sneering going on as he passed through the alleys and—gods above, was that guy picking his teeth with a knife?  Fantastic.

    August ducked around a corner and found badly-lit hangars on either side of him.  Better and better! 

    Teinar Characters / TEINAR AVAILABLE RANKS
    « on: February 10, 2013, 08:40:59 PM »
    This handy little list lays out some available ranks and the current leaders or lack thereof. You're not limited to just these occupations, though! (:

    Ranks with *asterisks* around them are always open and can be filled by an unlimited number of characters. Individual characters for these ranks will not be listed here.

    If a position requires approval, it will state so.  Otherwise, feel free to join characters for it right away and begin playing!

    Lastly, you can reply to this post at any time to let us know of changes and updates that need to be made.  Be sure to include a link to the relevant character profiles.

    Teinar is an underground city on Earth.  Facing threats from both above and below, Teinar is a place of resourceful survivors and daring explorers.  They value practicality, skill, and utilitarianism.

    Though Teinar maintains outposts above ground to facilitate the movement of goods and people to and from the city, the majority of Teinari live below ground.  Above them lie the Wastelands, uninhabitable and polluted, and below and all around them stretch the unknowable, black depths of the subterrain, filled with dangerous creatures and unexpected hazards.


    • Administrators chosen by the Chairman to oversee everything from food distribution to city expansion efforts.

    Field Captain
    • This hardy individual oversees the efforts of all of Teinar's hunting, foraging, and scouting teams.  They are an expert in subterrain exploration and survival and they see to it that teams dispatch to assigned areas, meet their quotas, and return safely.
    • Open!  No approval needed!

    • Teinari hunters work for the government and venture out into the subterrain—and sometimes the wasteland—in search of food animals to kill and predator animals to eradicate for the safety of the city.  Their standing orders:  to find and bring back potential animals for domestication.

    • The foragers of Teinar are tasked with providing the bulk of the food that their communities eat.  Not only do they venture into the subterrain to gather plants, but they also tend gardens both in and outside of the city.

    • Bold explorers and quick thinkers by necessity, scouts wind their way into the far, dark reaches of the subterrain seeking suitable sites for outposts, large populations of prey animals, rich foraging sites, and anything else Teinar needs them to find.  It is a perilous calling, that easily results in the most fatalities of all professions in Teinar.

    • Teinari people are hardy and practical.  Being useful and contributing are important values to them, whereas laziness is deeply embarrassing.  They are proud of their city and the efforts they have gone through to wrest a place for it in the harsh subterranean world.

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