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It is often said that Space Station Libra is the last bastion of true civilization before the void. It revolves at the far outer edge of the system, the final truly safe port for travelers on their way out into lawless, unclaimed space.

Libra is huge, an entire country of people in space. The citizens are polite, if a bit chilly and distrustful of outsiders. But the commercial districts near the docks is a bustling hub of business, travel, and trade. While space station Cancer sees more people passing through, Libra sees a greater bulk of goods.

The station is a wonder in civil engineering and functional policy, and their extensive fleet keeps most external threats at bay. Most of the threats to Libra come from within. While Librans like to keep things organized and documented, this leaves them vulnerable to anyone with enough creativity to game the system. Con artists, extortionists, and white-collar criminals find plenty of work on Libra.

The people of Libra value structure, security, and knowledge.

Culture The Station
Government and Security Military
  • Beware the red tape! Librans are known for their bloated bureaucracy.

  • The majority of Librans are Serenian. (Serenians are a race of humans. They tend to be thin and small-boned and have a huge variety of hair and eye colors, while skin color can range anywhere from very pale to very dark.)

  • Libran fashion is understated, simple, and elegant.

  • Librans tend to be sheltered and just a bit naive. A good percentage of the population will never leave the station.

  • Libra's gardens provide a healthy, almost exclusively plant-based diet for its citizens, free. (Well, tax-supported). Private vendors sell more diverse food options for those that can afford it.

  • A chasm divides Libra, between those who want to focus all resources upon finding a planet to terraform and settle and those who want to put all efforts toward the furthering of the station and its future.

  • Libra is clean, organized, and grandiose. Towering and artful architecture is a common element. There's lots of white, silvers, chrome, and blues.

  • Libra is the largest known space station in existence. It houses the equivalent of an entire country.

  • Libra's technology is contemporary and well-maintained.

  • Libra's shape is odd. The body is an immense cylinder. Jutting out from it are four (also immense) flattened pods, which align perpendicular to each other.

  • Libra's symbol is a weighing scale.

  • Psychics are required to wear a psionic-dampening and psionic-alert device at all times, and are not permitted to serve in government or military positions. Libra's government registers and tracks psychics.

  • In accordance with interstellar law, biomech prosthetics cannot exceed normal biological strength. Stronger biomech technology is illegal.

  • Citizens must pass extensive background checks to carry a weapon. Likewise, visitors and tourists may not carry weapons.

  • The Captain sits at the top of Libra's power structure, but during peacetime has less power than is usual for the Captain of a space station. During wartime the Captain's power is absolute.

  • During peacetime, most power rests with the Council, a governing body of twenty elected individuals, two from each of Libra's ten districts.

  • In general, the Council handles all domestic policy, and the Captain handles foreign policy and anything to do with the physical station itself.

  • Each district maintains its own police force. A small percentage of these forces pilot personal, nine-foot-tall mechs.

  • Librans keep tight control over their space quadrant. They boast the largest—and some say the most skilled—space fleet in existence.

  • The fleet is divided into three branches.

  • The first branch is the Solos. They pilot small, single-person fighters suited for quick, evasive maneuvers, trick flying, and dogfighting.

  • The second branch is the Duos. They consist of larger, magitech fighters with a huge range of offensive and defensive capabilities. One half of the duo is the jockey, who helms the ship. The other is a mage, who provides the firepower and specific capabilities of the ship.

  • The third branch is the Knights. They are huge bipedal mechas with high end capabilities. They dominate most battlefields they're on, but there are relatively few of them. As such, Libra is calculating in their deployment.

  • The three branches maintain a constant rivalry with one another.

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