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This is a list of character types that RotE is currently in need of! You're by no means obligated to create such a character; these are just suggestions for those of you wondering what types of characters are in short supply at the moment!


This is probably a funny request, considering the number of sites that have girl overloads! But yep, RotE has a lot of testosterone flying around and it'd be cool to see some more girls of all types! Give them some loooove! Heck, even the Pilots and Pilot Candidates could use some girls in their ranks. There's not all that many.


We needs them! The current ones are gettin' awfully lonely. D8 Don't be intimidated by them either! Pilots and Candidates aren't all srs bzns all the time, not at all! Especially considering they're the ones behind the epic game of spin the bottle. So get some joined so there can be epic good times! ;D


Teinar is a setting rife with danger, and there are some pretty nasty creatures lurking out there in the wastes. It's a post-apocalyptic survivalist setting with a pretty unique culture! So check it out and roll out the adventure!