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Keeping time on Remnants of the Earth is easy!

Here's how it works.

RotE's year is split up into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

One season = 3 in-game months.

One real-life year = 6 in-game months, or 2 seasons.

So, essentially, every two years in real life = one year in game time, or 4 seasons.

The season will be changed on January 1st and July 1st of every year.

This allows everyone to remain on the same page and for holidays and festivals to occur regularly--and without any awkward guestimating to make sure everyone's at the same place, time-wise. We don't want it to happen that when we introduce a festival, for some characters it's been only a few weeks since the last one while for others, the festival hasn't occurred for a good year! So this lets us avoid awkward time paradoxes.

Players should use the Flashback board for any threads that occur more than two seasons behind the current season. We also ask that players RP no further than to the end of the current season.