The Network

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The Network is the heart of Aedolis, its lifeblood. It is essentially the supercomputer that controls all power in Aedolis. It controls each city’s electricity, water supply, even the electromagnetic domes that shield each city to protect them from the harsh elements. Without the Network, Aedolis would fall apart and, in fact, there are abandoned ghost cities in Aedolis that came about as a result of being cut off from the Network. If you don’t accept the Network, you get cut off from it; simple.

Every computer in Aedolis is hooked up to the Network, though only a select few can directly access it. The Network monitors all computer activity throughout the country and keeps track of how its citizens use the Internet, serving as a firewall to limit civilian access to any sites that may be deemed "inappropriate". Basically, any anti-Aedolis sites or any news networks/forums/chatrooms that may provide the citizen access to...less biased information. What that comes down to is that the average Aedolian citizen really has no access to the world beyond Aedolis and its propaganda.

The Network is maintained by Aedolis’ Dragons, powerful creatures that make up the actual hardware of the Network. With that said, it is impossible to actually hack the Network because it is impossible to hack a Dragon. Imagine trying to hack a computer system that can think and is fully conscious in addition to being a powerful, intelligent and ancient organism; the Network is simply not vulnerable to the things a normal, non-sentient computer is.