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Welcome to RotETropes!

Feel free to add to or lightly edit any of the following tropes!

  • CuteBlondPilot: Generally cheerful, innocent, and subversive in a cuddly way. Watching these types get chastised by stern authority figures may give the average reader just a bit of a prurient thrill.
Gabe may be the Ur-example of this trope.
Blaine, who's also got a bit of /can't/BreaktheCutie.
Alesku is blond and blushes easily, but may not really be an example of this trope.
Almost Alaric...

  • MentorsAreLove: The Mentor/Candidate relationship usually turns romantic.
Gabe/Roman is, once again, the Ur-example. Sure, it hasn't happened yet, but it's only a matter of time.
Remi/Alaric is also only a matter of time.
Marshal/Satori, if you define love... loosely.

  • MentorsAreHate: And then you've got less pleasant situations.
Roman and his sledgehammer...
Marshal may be one to watch.
Liv/Hasdrubal even disturbs Sam.

  • AbuseIsLove: Let's not lie, it's there. And it links up MentorsAreLove and MentorsAreHate so well, too.
Nika/Vaughan! Can anyone say Nika/Vaughan?
Liv/Hasdrubal... hey, this troper didn't plan it... oh wait, she did.
Liv/Loki- sort of?

  • EveryoneLovesGabe: They do. There is no need to list them. See CuteBlondPilot. See also EveryoneIsGayForGabe.

  • EveryoneIsGayForGabe: Well, all the males, anyway. Really, it may be better to list exceptions to this one. Or list them all for the lulz. Of course, considering EveryoneIsGay...
I have it on good authority that even Marshal is gay for Gabe.

  • EveryoneIsGay: And yet they rag on Gabe for it all the time... for greater accuracy see EveryoneIsPansexual.

  • EveryoneIsPansexual: Makes sense. MoreSexInTheFuture. See RhiStartedIt.
See everyone.

  • RhiStartedIt: See everything. See TalStartedIt.
See CuteBlondPilot.
See toe socks. See pie. See InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons.

  • TalStartedIt: She did.
Plot Ninjas.

  • OpenThreadsAreWin: Even though they never end.

  • ThoughtsGoInItalics: Usually.
Sam can break these rules because she's cool.
Rhi does this too, to good effect.
Except when GIR puts them in whatever those angle brackets are called, because GIR puts foriegn languages GIR can't be arsed to write out in italics.
  • TheNiceOnesDieAlone:

  • TelepathyGoesInItalicsWithQuotes: It should! Rawr!

  • OppressionIsLove: It seems to be a theme--the unequal power relationships, the benevolent dictatorships...
Mordecai/Mages are pretty much premised on this, it seems.
So are Dragons/Psychics, you know...
The Citizen
Alesku/Calliope, Bryn and Nomenere--any Pilot with a close Dragon relationship.

  • EveryoneIsaGospel: Just count them.

  • EveryoneIsAPilot: You won't be able to hold out for long. Aedolis is the place to be, and everyone knows it.

  • TheMatrixHasYou:
Pilots will always need the Network. They will never, ever betray their country because their addiction depends on it.
Subverted! Gospels. Because SufferingIsFun.

  • SufferingIsFun: See OppressionIsLove.

  • StockholmSyndrome See OppressionIsLove, particularly in the case of Pilot/Dragon and Mordecai/Mage.
For an extreme example, see DragonSexIsReal.
Could possibly be argued for Andromedian humans toward Draconians.

  • FightingSolvesEverything: Especially Pilot relationships
See Liv/Loki
See Liv with anyone

  • PilotAngst: Because it's hard to be a Pilot.
Sometimes your Gospel wife is killed. Remi.
Sometimes you and your Mentor want each other, but because you're Gabriel and Roman...
Sometimes you're a hermaphrodite and people are bigots...
Sometimes you're a Gospel and can't talk about it.

  • CandidateAngst: Because they think it's hard to be a Candidate.
Sometimes you get your vocal cords cut.
Sometimes you get raped.
Sometimes you get hammered to deal with it all.
Sometimes you just get hammered.

  • RomanWillHammerYouAndYouWillLikeIt: See CandidateAngst, OppressionIsLove.

  • TechnologyIsEvil: Sort of.
Aedolis destroys the world with it. The Network takes over people's minds.

  • TechnologyIsAwesome: See EvilIsAwesome.

  • AxisPointDoesn'tWork: We all know it.

  • LeadRoomsDon'tWork: Did you hear about that Sade dude?
"Psychic suppression"?
I think that only means they can't communicate with the Dragons or people /outside/ the LRs.
Clarity would be nice. Call Rhi to deliver the WordOfGod. Or Tal.
*Stares at Tal* She set it up that way.
It only deals with thoughts as far as I know. xP

  • PilotsLieALot: Self-explanatory.

  • PilotsPieALot: Mmm... pie.

  • PilotsStillHaveConvenientSocialLives: Seriously, you'd expect them to be the most messed-up, weird ... oh wait, never mind.
Liv. Subverted. Alesku: subverted. Hm... Remi? Subverted?
Bryn. Subverted.

  • WeAreAllAdorkable: Do not deny.

  • HappyOnTheOutside: We all know, deep down, we're fucked.
See (not)PilotAngst.
See Edani Mages, probably.
See PieIsTheOnlyEscape
See NetworkAddiction

  • TheyProbablyHookedUp: But we don't know for sure. Fade-to-black.
They all probably hooked up.
All Pilots ever? :P
Yes. Ever.

  • InnuendoIsUniversal: Read the Pilot Blog. Or any thread. Or the cbox.

  • CommonExcuse: When you say you'd love to post, but can't think of any ideas.
See FanficTrumpsPlot.

  • FanficTrumpsPlot: You will never, ever finish an actual plot post if there is Pilot-on-Candidate Hermaphrodite Slash to be had.
Resku OTP.

  • LivIsBadAtSex: He just is. See Abuseis[n't]LoveAndScrewsYouUpaLot.

  • IMRPIsGod: Many a past relationship has been sorted via IM RP. It is God.
See Draco. A lot.
It's a good thing!

  • EvilIsAwesome: Arguably every badass nation (okay, Seruna's not that terrible) is fairly evil.
Edanith has Mage slavery.
Aedolis has... Aedolis.

  • CelibateIsSexy: The lure of the unattainable
Alesku (sort of, see DragonSexIsReal)
Alaric (sort of, see PilotAngst)
Sarah (At least, Ari seems to think so)

  • MentorSyndrome: It's real. The persistent question of whether you're becoming your mentor, optionally because there's been banging. Of some kind.

  • DragonSexIsReal: The scalefic writers would be so proud.
Alesku/Calliope. Alliope.

  • EveryoneLovesHair: Nearly every character has cool hair/thinks too much about their hair/has symbolically important hair.
See CuteBlondPilot.
See Alaric and Taras! for FauxHawksAreCool and Kit and Keziah for MulletsAreCool. And Taras rocks a mullethawk. She has /both./
Vaughan for UndyedEyebrowsAreCool. Shiloh for OrangeHairIsCool.
Just a few of those who care way too much about hair: Gabe, Blaine, Liv, Dermut Gottschalk...

  • CompanionCube: Pilots become attached to silly things.
Bowl banditry, ceiling tea, vests, hair.
WoW. Just... WoW.
Teaspons and toesocks.
See ThisIsARealTropeAndWe'reCheating.

  • IrrelevantComparedToTheBigPicture: Pilots do it all the time.

  • IfTalPlaysThereTheyWillCome: When Tal plays somewhere, people flock to it.

  • PilotsLoveHair: Especially Pilots. Hedonistic Aedolians!

  • AedolisIsGay: Well, it is. Especially according to Libra.

  • LibraIsMacho: They are, it's weird. And kind of funny.
See all of Squad 77.
  • CancerAreWeasels Same general premise.
See the quasi-legitimate pirates.
  • YouCannotEscapeCrudeBanter: Squadron 77 loves it. They're a proper military!
And many of them can't seem to type or speak proper English, but that's why we love 'em.
Riot, Raf.
Altogether the Librans vastly overuse the apostrophe allotment. Talkin' like this.
You cannot escape this by moving to Cancer, as lots of pirates are ex-Libra.

  • LibranMilitarySlang: And acronyms. If you can't understand half of a post... if you're getting bombarded with dick jokes... you've probably wandered into a Libran military zone.
Eddies: Edanis or Aedolians.
Bugs: pirates.
Tackies: Tactical Officers.
Tops and ozzies: two-person fighter craft and one-person fighter craft.