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Remnants of the Earth is full of pop culture references that are made up by the players and usually puns of things that exist in our world. Here's a list (that is constantly growing--feel free to add to this!) of our pop culture references and what they are.



  • World of Warlocks
Also known as 'WoW', this is the RotE equivalent of World of Warcraft, a medieval fantasy style MMORPG. It's very popular among geeks, especially in Aedolis. Players are organized into two separate factions, Allegiance (the good guys) or Host (the bad), and players may also create their own guilds within it. It first surfaced in the Pilot Blog.
  • Devil May Care
An action-adventure, hack and slash video game popular with geeks where the protagonist is a demon-hunter. It first was seen in this conversation between candidate Gabriel and Alaric.
  • Tactical Warfare I, II, III
Modern Warfare equivalent.
  • Kingdoms of War
A high fantasy game that is basically the different Aedolian squadron teams as kingdoms. Many Pilots (especially those in squadrons) make 'appearances' in the game, either fully modeled and playable in some modes, or just NPCs that are obviously supposed to be particular Pilots. Supposedly there is a easter egg side quest and cut scene in story mode that is a wedding between two in game characters based on Pilot Cardinal Bertrando Emem and Pilot Echo Vasili Hestersen. You can apparently gain exclusive items by completing this quest.
  • Village of Hartford
Aedolian equivalent Town of Salem
  • Call to Arms series
Call of Duty equivalent.

Websites and Social Media

  • Seddit (/NoRest)
Aedolian Reddit and particularly their version of the subreddit /NoSleep.
  • MyFace
Aedolian “MySpace” filled with tweens.
  • SpaceBook
Aedolian “Facebook”.
  • ChatSnap
Aedolian snapchat.
  • Pesterian
a popular Aedolian chat app (think discord).
  • Trollchum
Originally called Troll or Chum, it is a popular, laxly monitored 3rd party chat app (once again it works pretty much like discord) that is unavailable in Aedolis but used by people elsewhere in the galaxy. Very much a 'user beware' app as unseemly types tend to use it too. The Epic Chatroom of Epicness is a sever on this app.
  • Quicpic
Equivalent of Instagram.
  • Cinder
A popular hook up app. RotE Equivalent of Tinder.
  • Rumblr
Tumblr equivalent
  • Floogle
Popular Aedolian search engine, Google equivalent.

Television and Movies


  • Saturn Alien Sizzlers
SAS, as it's known, is a popular Aedolian show that began as independent cult hit porno, got picked up by the big DOMETV network for twelve seasons, and has only recently been relegated to the lesser network HCN in the 6 p.m. slot. SAS is a parodyish rom-com mock-docudrama porno space soap opera about a ship full of lesbians traveling the universe to make a documentary about themselves and the alien species they encounter. Has appeared in several threads, including an episode recap in Liv Sulo's blog
  • Bastards and Bitches
Aedolian equivalent of the Bold and the Beautiful (Apollo’s favorite Soap).
  • It’s Always Sunny in Haviah
Aedolian ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ with waaay more casual drug use.
  • Cashews
Aedolian equivalent of Charles Schulz “Peanuts” (with more casual drug use).
  • Bowman
Aedolian equivalent of “Archer” (YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERIOR OFFICER!).
  • Rob’s Subs
Aedolian “Bob’s Burgers”, Renatus Ritter voice's the mom Lucinda.
  • Pyro Octogenarian Satiation Squad
Aedolian Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • My Little Donkey
An Edani children's cartoon show that was so popular its first few seasons were actually ok'd by Aedolian censors. While still available in Aedolis (not the newer seasons) merchandise for it has slowed and been harder to find since the height of the war.
  • My Little Dragons, Everything is Awesome!
An Aedolian cartoon kids show (TOTALLY NOT A RIP OFF OF MY LITTLE DONKEY >.>) with little dragons who are cool and great and just like you and have your best interests at heart… yup.
  • Loofadan Roundskirt
Aedolian Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Once Bitten
An increeedibly melodramatic teen vampire show and quite possibly the guilty pleasure of certain Aedolian Pilots.
  • Good Afternoon Aedolis
Aedolian equivalent of ‘Good Morning America’ more entertainment than actual news.
  • Haviah Now
Another ‘Entertainment News’ show, this one is basically like Buzz Feed and has a popular corresponding website.
  • Aedolis Has Talent
Aedolian version ‘America’s Got Talent’, a military / government sponsored talent competition 'reality' show.
  • Sirens of Titania
A tv series and soap opera based on a popular lesbian porn franchise of the same name, now with slightly more plot! Tykada's favorite show.


  • Trucks 1, 2, 3, 4
An animated film about anthropomorphic vehicles (Cars franchise).
  • Train to Amristah
Zombies on a train, the film. (Train to Busan)
  • The Wicked and the Damned
RotE Evil Dead.
  • Finding Rory
The sequel to Finding Temo (Jon secretly loves this movie don’t judge).
  • Leben
Aedolian equivalent of Ikiru, WHICH IS SO SAD.
  • The Wendigo
A remake of an older version but completely terrible and starring Lea Dean so who cares. (The Aedolian version of the Mummy re-remake)
  • Sock Puppet Treasure Planet
the best movie ever made and Chance’s favorite <3
  • Crocnado and A-Crocalypse (Crocnado’s Sequel)
Aedolian Sharknado (Offered to Lea Dean, but she turned it down).
  • Fishdemic
Birdemic but like with flying piranha fish.
  • General Infantry Joseph
The movie based on the popular kid’s show and a giant propaganda machine (Aedolian GI Joe equivalent).
  • Murderous Mimes from Below the Earth
Killer Klowns From Outer Space equivalent but also 'subtle' anti-Teinari propaganda.
  • Algor Mortis
Supernatural martial arts gogogo (equiv. Rigor Mortis).
  • Tundrapiercer
Snowpiercer but like… more pro status quo somehow?
  • Aurora City Shuffle
Aedolian equivalent Lucky Number Slevin.
  • Anise
An animated film but more leaning towards adults, super trippy telepathic nonsense (Paprika equivalent).
  • Spectresmashers
Ghostbusters equivalent! Because “Who you gonna call?”
  • The Notepad and The Notepad 2
Some shitty romance movie and its horrible spin off sequel. One of them probably starred Lea Dean. Who would even watch these? (Cough. Havanah. Cough.)


  • Indigenous Fairy
  • Mind Haze
Has the amazingly sexy and totally talented Andreas. Who gets all the bitches.
  • Mortal Coil
Aedolian Thrash metal band. Virgil Stark is their front man.
  • Ava Orpheus
Goth/Rock singer / Violinist, formerly part of That Band before going solo.


  • Pilots
All Pilots, whether they are well known and popular or practically nobodies riding a desk job, are celebrities.
  • Lea Dean
aka Liadain. A pretty and actually talented actress who dated both Pilot Echo Kiers and Pilot Noble Ladner.
  • Virgil Stark
Lead Singer of Mortal Coil (Banning’s sexy man crush? Yes.).
  • Renatus Ritter
A popular voice actor, mostly in video games. Husband of Gwilim Cael and father of Pilot Candidate Quirin Ritter.
  • Gwilim Cael
A well known video game designer (Video game GOD is more like it). Created many classic favorites, his newest title is Kingdoms of War. Husband of Renatus Ritter and father of Pilot Candidate Quirin Ritter.
  • Dyllan Donovan
Aedolian James Cameron. He hasn’t made a quality film since having a ride made out of one of his movies at the theme park in Aurora. The ride and surrounding area of the park are currently being upgrading into its own subsection of the theme park.
  • Albie Hutton
Lead Actor in “Once Bitten”. Super hot but with baby-face syndrome.

Buisnesses, Brands, and Products

  • Manolins
Aedolian equivalent of Starbucks.
  • Pregresso’s chunky chicken noodle soup
Best soup if you are sick. Hands down.
  • Jumptarts
Called 'Jumps' for short, they are poptarts' equivalent.
  • Buy Rite
Rite Aid equivalent. Owned by the Blackmourne's family company.
  • AVS
CVS equivalent, also owned by the Blackmournes.
  • Brian’s Brain Bran
Chocolate marshmallow crispy crunch cereal shaped like Brains (no actual bran).
  • Remington Beer
It’s Beer. Be a Patriot and drink the damn thing. (don’t drink it! Aeron recommended it!).
  • Danny Jackson Gold Label
An expensive, genuinely overhyped whiskey and for some it is sadness in a bottle.
  • Tahi-Tahi Express
Owned by Nagashi Inc. RotE Panda Express. (Sub-Corporation of Thanatos Inc.)
  • TsamTsun
RotE Samsung. Their most popular phone model is the Quasar F Series. The last one being the F7. Their headquarters are on Edanith.
  • Aedolian House of Waffles (AHOW)
IHOP / Waffle House equivalent for Aedolis.
  • Victoria's Whispers
A largely lingerie store, though they have lounge wear as well, that caters to all genders and sizes and is rather popular in Aedolian malls.