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Welcome to the Remnants of the Earth Wiki!

Feel free to browse around our comprehensive wiki! (: And if you can think of anything you'd like to contribute, feel free to add to the wiki or discuss it!

Player's Tip: Whoa! There's a lot of information on this wiki, but don't worry! You don't have to read it all before you play. The only required information for new members is right here. The wiki contains extra information to enrich the setting for a more complete experience. Feel free to read through the wiki at your convenience!

How do I contribute? Only registered users can contribute but I can't register! D8

Because of a spam problem, we had to tighten up security here. But never fear! We want our members to contribute to RotE's awesome world!

Just send a PM to Rhi-Rhi by clicking this link and tell her that you would like to register on the wiki so you can contribute to it. :3 She will then register an account for you and PM you back with the login details. Go ahead and change your password once you get the info, and then get busy creating and editing articles! 8D

What can I contribute?

Lots of stuff! Feel free to write OOC articles about various role-play related topics, make character charts, help flesh out the world, you name it! If you see something you would like to edit or add, add it. If you think some cool topic you want to write about, write about it! Don't be afraid to create your own pages.

New to using a wiki?

That's okay! So were all of us. It's really quite easy and fun once you get the hang of it!

Check out this helpful page for some wiki help.

Guidelines For Submitting Content

  • Original content only. Do not submit, for example, werewolves as a species unless you have created a very specific breed of werewolf. This is for things you have come up with on your own.
  • Please be thorough about the content you're submitting. When you submit your creation, you are submitting them so that other players can use it, and they can't very well do that unless you give them all the information they need to do so accurately!
  • Avoid absolutes in regards to the spiritual. In other words, if a species or religion has a savior/Chosen One figure, they may believe they are the savior of the world and worship them as such--but that doesn't mean they actually are. At most, they may be the literal savior of their own race or religion, but beyond that they may only think they are the saviors of other creatures. The reason for this is because many other races and religions may have similar figures in their mythology, or reject the idea altogether, and it's not really fair for one to trump all the others. xP
  • This includes personifications of, say, death to use an example. It can be a personification of that species'/religion's view of death, or even their particular death god, but it cannot be death itself though they are free to believe it is. This includes personifications of the planet, life, etc.
  • Feel free to create your own towns and settlements! But please ensure that they fit the feel of the nation/region you are creating them for and that they do not break setting. If you would like a board created for it, contact the staff. But seriously, go for it! Help flesh out our world!
  • Submitted races/species should be submitted as part of a canon location. If you wish to say your race has its own small nation/independent city (as in, a city not already connected to a canon nation, like Aedolis for example), contact the staff team. You may feel free to create your own tribes, clans, and packs at will.