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Remnants of the Earth has a diverse setting, as far as powers go. The most common types of powers are magic and psionics. On this page, the difference between the two will be explained, as well as how these powers (and the people who use them) are viewed in RotE's universe.


In this game, magic-users are referred to as mages while psionic-users are referred to as psychics.

There's a very fine line between the two and in some cases, they're near identical (for example, pyrokinesis versus pyromancy). The main difference between the two, at least in regards to RotE's world, is this:

Psionics: The manipulation of the external by internal forces--in this case, the psychic's brain/mind. Psychics are also capable of skills that mages are not, such as mind-reading, telepathy, and telekinesis. Psionics are an innate ability; you either have it or you don't. You cannot learn psionics unless you already have the power within you.

Magic: The manipulation of the external by the force of the mage's will or through other sources, such as through pacts with demons/spirits, words of power, energy (external or internal), and other such things. Mages are not capable of telepathy or mind-reading, as those are psionic abilities. Magic, unlike psionics, is in many cases a learned skill. While some mages are simply born with their abilities, and while some people cannot learn magic no matter how they practice, others are capable of learning how to use magic even if they were not born with the ability to do so. It's a lot broader, and more flexible, than psionics in this way.

For more information about magic and psionics, check out their respective pages!

Magic and Psionic Specializations


In RotE's universe, magic is neither rare nor especially common. However, it is more common than psionics. While mages can be found almost anywhere, psionics manifests in fewer people.

Aedolis bears the largest population of psychics.

Perception of Mages

The perception of mages in RotE's world is, by and large, a positive one. In many cases, magic is simply a normal fact of life and most types of magic that manifest are small, harmless gifts. While there are very powerful mages out there, and while it can be dangerous, it can also be easily controlled and contained if a mage goes haywire. (Edanith, in fact, has developed technology to control their mages.) In short, magic is viewed as a normal, helpful, and beneficial part of life.

Perception of Psychics

Psychics, however, have a more difficult time and are often viewed with distrust. After all, many psychics are capable of mind-reading and people often feel uncomfortable with that idea. Protecting important government information can also be risky when there are psychics about.

It may be strange that psychics have a bad reputation when mages are capable of doing many of the same things that they are, but Aedolis can take the blame for fostering that distrust. Their Pilot Program, and their history of aggression towards other nations, has helped create that image even if it doesn't apply to non-Pilot psychics. It also doesn't help that Aedolis created the Axis Point, which further makes even the presence of a psychic a risk-factor.