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Julachids are one of the various Wastelands Mutants that live above and around Teinar.


The Julachids are a creepy mix between arachnids and prosimians, think Lemurs. The biggest ones are around ten to fifteen pounds and stand at about three feet. The females are generally larger than the males. They are normally black and gray furred.

Julachids have six limbs, four arms and two legs. They can walk bipedally or on all six legs. They have four eyes which are all reflective when lights hits them, these eyes are normally very large and yellow. Their mouths have large fangs in the front, their canines sticking out over their bottom and top lip, and then more flat teeth towards the back. This difference comes from their mixed diet, they are scavengers mostly, but enough of them can take down something bigger and do so expertly. They don't normally come after humans though some "hives" do enjoy that particular brand of meat.

The females have poisonous fangs and are the larger more dominant sex of the species. They also are far more aggressive than the males. In reality though the Julachids aren't very dangerous unless many of them are present at one time. The danger becomes the hive mind that sometimes can take effect when large groups are constantly breeding within the same group. This creates a very creepy and precise team that has the ability to sneak around and take down larger animals.

When separated from a larger "hive" these mutants can be rather docile and sweet since they have skipped the brainwashing the more aggressive hive set goes through.

Special Abilities and Distinguishing Features

One of the more interesting things about the Julachid is that it can produce a web like an arachnid, but it comes from the insect like limbs on the middle set of limbs. When searching for the Julachids the Teinar Hunter Outfits often find trees filled with webs which the Julachids sleep and catch smaller animals in.

They are rather intelligent and can sometimes figure out the tactics of the Hunters and other creatures when they have seen them a few times. They also have a very interesting form of communication that involves clicks and howls, sometimes even a sort of sign language.

These creatures are also "domesticated" by some of the Hunter Outfits. They have found a way to remove the poison sacks from females. They only however take in Julachids that are outside of the Hive mind. These separate domesticated ones have even shown promise to learning small parts of the Common Language.

Life Cycle

Lifespan: Around 15 years. The Julachids are laid in eggs after about two months of the female being pregnant. They normally lay about five eggs or more. As soon as the eggs are out the females pass off the eggs to the males. They take over raising the offspring in webs in the trees while the females hunt. Only one female, the Dominant will spend large amounts of time with the offspring and that's simply so that they will bond to her. The offspring mature about a year after they are born and can then have offspring of their own. They by no means mate for life.

Social Structure

The Julachids can live in very large groups of thirty to forty, sometimes even more if some harmony can be established. They are Matriarchal and have a queen like figure called The Dominant. The males are normally taking care of the young and bowing to the Queen's needs while the female portion of the species is out hunting for whatever manner of food they can find.

They are a nocturnal species, but they have males take turns looking out during the day while the females sleep. The females also choose who they will mate with not the other way around.