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This page contains a basic run-down of Remnants of the Earth's most common human races. While others exist, these are the most populous ones and can be found all over Earth, Edanith, and space, though some are more common in some nations than others.


As an ethnicity, Aedolians are the people of Aedolis. Aedolians are diverse and there are few Aedolians who don't have mixed blood, if any at all.

As a race, however, Aedolians have dark skin with coppery or reddish undertones. Their hair ranges from dark brown to black and sometimes red. Eyes tend to be dark though vibrant greens and blues are also common. Aedolians are a tall, sturdy people with women averaging at about 5'9" and men averaging at around 6'1".

Gifts of psionics, healing, weather-reading, and faunapathy run unusually high in Aedolians. Other types of magic are unusually rare among Aedolians.

The Aedolian race originally came from the ancient Adelans, the original dragon-riders. Even in ancient times they were a mixed people, a blend of an older tribal people and newer conquerors from the nation of Serendipity. Today, ancient Adela is still alive in the form of Aedolis (making Aedolis one of the oldest existing nations), though things have changed drastically since ancient times.


Edani, as a race, are light-skinned but often develop a healthy golden tan in the sun. Freckles are also quite common among them. They are light-eyed (generally greens, blues, and grays) with light hair that comes in shades of red, blond, and light brown. Darker coloration is generally the result of a mixed ethnic background. Edani tend to be built short and stocky; average heights for Edani women are 5'2" - 5'4", while average heights for Edani men are 5'7" - 5'9".

Psionics is rare among Edani, save in the form of mordecaism and reflectivism. Gifts of magecraft are also common among the population.

While Edani are named for the nation of Edanith, they can be found anywhere. Edanith is also one of the oldest nations, tracing its beginnings back to the ancient civilation of Connlaoth. In ancient times, mages were feared and often executed, though that has changed drastically over the centuries.


Essyrni are built tall, lean, and lithe with strong bodies. Men tend to average a height of 5'10" - 6'2" while women tend to average a height of 5'7" - 5'11".

Essyrni have black hair that is commonly thick and curly. Their skin tone ranges from brown to deep umber, and their eyes are commonly red-brown, brown, or almost black, with gray or hazel occurring rarely. Other colors (such as blue, green, violet, or amber) do not occur naturally in Essyrni and are typically the result of being of a mixed heritage.

Originally, Essyrni came from the deserts of Earth and were named for the once-great nation of Essyrn. This nation is long gone, erased by time and swallowed by other nations, but its people still exist. They have long since assimilated into other countries and can be found all throughout Earth, Edanith, and space.

Gifts of geomancy, astromancy, and divination run unusually high in people of Essyrni descent.


Librans were originally known as Serenians, centuries ago when Libra was known as the ancient nation of Serendipity.

As a race, Librans are humans who come from a distant fae ancestry, though they are not fae themselves and, today, the fae blood is fairly diluted. Their ancient ancestors were humans that mingled with fae-folk which, in turn, produced the Serenian (and now Libran) people. Today, Librans are their own distinct race that is separate from the fae-folk. .

They typically have fair complexions, delicate (and even androgynous) features, and tend to be small boned. Their individual height can range from tall to short depending on which fae race they trace their origin back to. A wide variety of eye and hair colors are common among them, even hues such as greens, pinks, violets, and blues.

Librans have a strong predisposition for magic. Roughly one out of every fifty Librans will have at least some minor gift, making magic a part of everyday life in Serendipity. On the other hand, psionics is extremely rare among Librans.

Librans are unusually weak to iron. Individual reactions will vary. For some the aversion is so acute that the touch of iron will burn their skin. If cut or stabbed with iron they will grow weak and the injury would suffer potentially fatal infection, even from a superficial wound. Truly, it just depends on how diluted their heritage is; for some Librans, the reaction is not nearly so strong and may just make them a little woozy or uncomfortable.

However, one thing that's true for all Librans is that their magic can be contained by iron shackles at their wrists and throat.

While Librans originally came from Serenians, named for the nation of Serendipity, today they are a scattered people. Many have grouped together on various space stations, however, including their main one, the Libra.


Thanati have dark skin, ranging from a pale caramel color to a deep bronze color. Their hair comes in shades of blond, including platinum and white (though white is rare). Thanati tend to have green, blue, or purple eyes. Other hair, skin, and eyes colors are a sign of outside genetics mixed in. They're a short people, with men averaging at about 5'6" and women averaging around 5'3".

Thanati tend to have straight hair, wide almond-shaped eyes, and oval facial structures with high cheek bones. While they tend to have thick heads of hair, they do not tend to grow much body hair and so facial hair is uncommon.

Originally, Thanati were native to Thanatos, an ancient island nation. Gifts of necromancy* run unusually high in Thanati while healing abilities are rare. Thanatos no longer exists, having been consumed by the ocean hundreds of years ago, but its people have long since crossed over to the mainland and assimilated into other cultures. Today, they can be found most anywhere.

Thanati culture had always been one of learning and, historically, the Thanati had made the most medical advances when it came to studying the human body. That is how Thanatos Inc got its name--in honor of the ancient nation.

  • That is to say that abilities such as summoning, spirit channeling, and entropymancy (which is the ability to rot things with a touch or affect luck, since luck is just the decay of probability) were, traditionally, common among Thanati. By "necromancy", we're not talking folk who dress all in black and talk about death and blood a lot.


Yoreiqi are a dark-skinned people with jet-black hair distinguished with bright, vivid streaks of color in it. There is a very wide range of possible colors that they might have, but neons are common. Eye colors tend to range anywhere from dark browns to light browns, with amber (and even yellow) being rare. Other colors (like blues, grays, violets, reds, and greens) are generally the result of mixed genetics.

Most notable about them, however, is that some Yoreiqi (though not all) are born with brilliant wings. The size and colors vary from person to person, some mimicking the colors and designs of tropical birds. Many Yoreiqi are even capable of flight, though not generally for great distances.

Yoreiqi are a tall, fit, and sturdy people with the average height for men being around 6'2" while the average height for women is 5'10". Yoreiqi tend to have thick hair that is commonly straight (though curly hair is not unusual), almond-shaped eyes, and rounded facial structures. They do not grow much body hair but may grow facial hair.

Yoreiqi were originally from the Yoreiq Isles, but just as with Thanatos, the isles sank beneath the rising ocean. By the time it was lost, however, the Yoreiqi had long since left their isles and had assimilated into mainland culture. Today, they can be found most anywhere.