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The Grimhorn are one of the Wastelands Mutants living above Teinar. They tend to favor places that have some foliage, or near the Tuor Ocean


The Grimhorns are seen as twisted versions of the maybe mythical unicorns from old stories. The Grimhorn may just be a mutated horse but the facts surrounding that aren't certain, there are only theories.

The Grimhorn's color is normally dark probably a green, brown or black. The most prominent feature is that instead of a mane cutting down the back of its neck, there is a row of horns. It starts with the largest on its forehead and gets smaller as it continues down to between their shoulders.These are normally black or match the color of the Grimhorn. It's not the majestic look the unicorns were thought to have, the horns even look like they have broken through the skin. Their teeth are sharp, they have become carnivorous through the mutation. Their eye color can vary but they normally have a dark blue or purple. They are about a half a foot taller than normal horses.

They are also no longer docile, they are very aggressive and will charge out of nowhere. The Grimhorns can easily take down some of the other Mutants present in Upper City and take them home for food. Their attitudes on humans have changed over the years. At first they were cautious now they'd much rather eat the humans that might venture above ground than the meat of the other mutants.

Special Abilities and Distinguishing Features

Some people returning from a confrontation with a Grimhorn saying they felt woozy or distracted, others report crazier occurrences like telepathy or visions. Most often however they report nothing unusual. It may be a trick of the mind associating it with the Unicorns from ages ago, or perhaps something more.

Life cycle

Lifespan: Around Thirty years. This is hotly debated because they keep finding older and older creatures.

The way they age and live is mostly guessed at by the Teinar Hunter Outfit scientists but they know a few facts.

A female will normally give birth to two colts with extreme circumstances causing three at the most. The stress on the female often means she doesn't make it through the birth. (This makes female Grimhorns rather rare so it keeps the population somewhat lower than what it could be. The Hunter Outfits are noticing more and more females as time goes by.) The male and female will raise the child keeping a close watch on it for about one year. The next few years it becomes a part of the "pride" and when it hits around three to five it begins to search for his own mate.

Social Structure

The Grimhorns live in groups of five to ten creatures, though sometimes groups can be large when circumstances arrive. However when they are venturing out hunting they normally travel in groups of three or less to make sure both halves of the "pride" are safe. Their groups seem a rather tenuous alliance with bids for power and breeding rights among males happening constantly.

They are assumed to have a Matriarchal society because a female Grimhorn is so rare.