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EGIS designs is one of the top labels in Haviah. EGIS is not sold in store but rather out of a fashion house. Only those of the highest caste are generally able to afford their clothing. It is all top of the line and is mostly womanswear, but there are a few menswear lines. EGIS does primarily streetwear. Formal wear can be ordered custom but only those with obscene amounts of money can afford custom clothing. EGIS is currently working on releasing clothing lines that were inspired by a few select Pilots.

A fashion house is a huge department like store building. The lower floor is open the public to shop for clothes, but the floors above are where all the designing and manufacturing goes on, creating the clothes that are sold below.

EGIS is owned and run by Egis. Little is know about the owner of the label despite her love of the camera. Almost all fashion in Haviah is owned and run by Egis, though few people are aware of that. She either buys out up and coming companies or steals away the workforce. Companies that are taken over all keep their name and only rarely are drastically changed. She likes to keep the illusion of competition, though every popular fashion trend is carefully created by Egis, working with the government to use clothing and style as another subtle form of propaganda and way to keep the public frivolous and content.

Current fashion Trends

The fashion of Haviah is all about the human silhouette. Because magic and technology can so easily give those who can afford it perfect shapes and features, fashion has to keep stepping things up. Woman want these super hourglass, pornstar bodies. All large breasts, curvy hips, long legs, tiny waists. Men want those Disney Prince bodies. Broad shoulders, thin hips, muscular arms and legs.

And the clothes reflect that. Everything is tight or see through, letting people easily see the shape and form of the body under the clothes. Multiple layers of different colors and fabrics are big.

For the lower end of the clothing that is mass produced for cheaper stores, most things are slip on/off or use Velcro to keep it closed. And have small 'cheats' in them to help people who can't afford to get their body modified to fit the current fashion standard. Extra padding for breasts, hips and shoulders and tight bindings to pull waists in.

The higher level, much more expensive things begin to see things like snaps, buttons and lacing. As those are much more expensive to put it. The very high up products are hand sewn and are only affordable by the very wealthy.

Clothes for the older crowd are a bit different. Those go more to more like...well...Greek Gods and Goddess. Tight and revealing in parts, loose and flowing in others. It changes the silhouette from being the human outline to more graceful lines.