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Author Topic: Athaliah Amyntas Ciel - Kiln-worker (bring out your dead!)  (Read 43 times)

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Athaliah Amyntas Ciel - Kiln-worker (bring out your dead!)
« on: March 12, 2018, 12:38:39 AM »


*little ghost, little ghost, one I’m scared of the most
can you scare me up a little bit of love?*

Athaliah Amyntas Ciel

“Lye”, “Mint”


Male, Pansexual, and a huge flirt.

Starstrider elf, House Archernar. Though he’s often mistaken for Procyon.

6’4”, slim

Funerary Specialist - he runs the kilns all day.

Ryun, Aedolis


Slender, long, and hauntingly pale, Lye definitely sticks out in a crowd. With snow-white hair and ghostly pale skin that seems just this side of translucent in the right light, it’s easy to mistake him for one of his Procyon cousins, save for his eyes. He has several tattoos along his neck and collarbone, all featuring skulls and bones. To add to his macabre sense of style are the multiple reliquaries he wears, those containing the members of his family that have passed over the centuries.
Cheeky, flirtatious, playful and with a seriously bleak sense of humor. Lye doesn’t really take… anything seriously. He genuinely has to; working as closely as he does with the dead, he’s all too aware that despite their longevity, life is just as fragile for his kind as it is anyone else’s. So why waste time worrying over every little thing?

Fun Facts!:
  • Constantly reeks of citrus. Has lemon-infused soaps and everything, because the alternative is unspeakable.
  • Takes his meat rare or raw whenever possible. Charred food makes him gag.
  • Spends every weekend at the choir. Mostly favors the spa segment, but he’ll wander upstairs pretty often.
  • Really loves playing skeeball.


Has a family: his bibi and opo, and a little sibling on the way.
Has a resonance, somewhere, but who knows who that is.

He’s been working the kilns, same as his opo, and his opo’s opo, and his opo’s opo’s opo, ever since he came of age.