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Author Topic: Ballando Con Il Tuo Fantasma [Solo Oneshot]  (Read 38 times)

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Ballando Con Il Tuo Fantasma [Solo Oneshot]
« on: March 02, 2018, 09:03:29 PM »
Monitors bleeped steadily in a mechanical rhythm all of their own as long fingers drummed out an impatient cadence all of their own upon the wood of the waiting room chair. There were machines for everything here: ones that tracked his heart, ones that breathed for him, ones that kept him drugged enough to not feel a thing. Reese ran a frustrated hand through their hair for the hundredth time and sighed.

Why would he not wake?

They sighed again, resting their elbows on their knees and their head in their hands. This was all their fault. It was their job to ensure the ship and its occupants remained safe and in one piece. Their gift was explosive magic for crying out loud and yet here was Dashiell looking mighty miserable even while unconscious all because Reese had failed him. They could blame him all they wanted for his reckless stunts and trickshot flying but this incident rested wholly and heavily upon their own shoulders.

Will he never wake?

Reese dug their fingers into their eyes, weariness and guilt weighing them down heart and soul. It took them a few moments therefore to notice the extra wheezing coming between each puff of oxygen that had become routine to their ears. The beeps of the ECG accelerating followed by jerky movements and pained whining is what finally got their attention.

"Dashiell," Reese breathed, moving to their feet and coming to stand beside the struggling man. "Quit moving, Dumbshit." They smirked softly though their words lacked their usual snarky venom. "You're in the hospital. There- there was an accident," Reese explained, their expression sad and voice soft as if fighting back tears.

One tangerine eye slid to look up at the sadly smiling face above them and Reese was sure in the way it crinkled that Dashiell was trying to smile back at them. "Yeah you're a sight for sore eyes too. Take it easy alright. Don't try and talk yet. Just try to breathe. Everything will be alright."

Reese was cut off from saying more as a doctor bustled in and up to his other side. "Ah Mr. Feldspar, so good to see you among the living again! You gave us quite a scare. We thought you might not make it after all. How are you feeling?"

Dashiell tried to speak but only a whimper escaped him as he struggled once more to sit up and reach to pull the respirator from his mouth. The more he moved though the more distressed he became as the bandages restricted him.

"Ah please Mr. Feldspar, try and relax. You've suffered extensive injuries and enduried several surgeries but, you should be fine now that you're awake. You have a long healing process ahead of you but, we have complete faith that you'll make a fu-fine recovery," the man chuckled nervously. A low growl was Dashiell's only answer. He had always hated liars.

His gaze moved to look to Reese again who shared a silent eye roll with him. Doctors were always so full of themselves. Around him, the doctor continued to flit and flutter, checking vitals and running tests even as Dashiell began to fade back into unconsciousness again. His last sight was his everything's tired smile.

For weeks after his initial awakening, Dashiell continued to fade in and out of sleep. Always though, like a blessed angel, Reese was there at his side. He did not know the full extent of his injuries, the doctor was very evasive regarding that topic, but regardless they were always there for him. He felt rather like one of those awful mummy things the Aedolians wrapped their dead up as and he was not liking it one bit.

Slowly he began to heal and his body began to regulate itself. It was a good morning when he woke up to the eager face of his doctor explaining that they would remove the breathing tube as his lungs were functioning well enough on their own to no longer need it. After several bracing coughs his voice crackled to life for the first time in ages. It burned and rasped as it broke clear of his chapped lips but it was a relief to finally utter their name.

"....Reese," he called, looking around for their familiar face. He could not understand why they were not there. Had they stepped out to get something to eat? Dashiell had gotten so used to seeing them first thing when he woke up that it was startling to realize just how much time they must have been spending watching over him. He would have to tease them about it later. Something about really being in love with him and not just for the shiny ring and bed rights after all.

Smiling crookedly despite the bandages on his face, the Duo Jockey addressed the doctor then. "Did they step out?" he struggled to ask.

The doctor looked at him quizzically. "Who?"

"Reese," Dashiell croaked again.

The man attending him suddenly went very still and very quiet. "I'm sorry Mr. Feldspar. I thought someone told you." Dashiell's brow furrowed in confusion even as he was met with an expression of pity that turned his stomach. He almost did not hear the man's next words. "I'm afraid that Reese Plantina passed away two weeks ago from their injuries shortly after the explosion. I'm sorry for your loss, sir."

"You're wrong!" he growled, fighting to sit up and rip the IV's from his arms. "They're alive! I saw them!"

"Mr. Feldspar please, you need to calm down. You're going to hurt yourself!"

"They're alive!" he continued to wheeze and howl, struggling to fight the man even as security was called and he was quickly restrained and sedated. "Reese! Reesie! Reese!" His howls became sobs that turned into faint whimpers as tears soaked his bandages and the medications started to take full effect over him.

They couldn't be gone, they just couldn't! He had been seeing Reese every day when he woke. They had been standing right there in the room when the doctor had come to check on him. How could he not see? How could he not understand? What games were these people playing at? Worst of all where was Reese? What had they done to them?

His mind raced in horror as a multitude of scenarios played before his mind's eye. Then, as black crept along his vision, he saw them. Reese leaned down over him, their face set in that same sad smile he had been seeing for weeks now. How pale they seemed, and so very worn and weary. "Reese?" he choked out, trying despite the restraints now on his lone arm to reach for them.

"Goodbye, Dashspar," he thought he heard them say, though their lips never moved even as they faded from view. Darkness claimed him then and for once it was a welcome relief in the face of such devastating realization.

Dashiell had been dancing with Reese's ghost all along.