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Author Topic: A Coat of Oaths [Open]  (Read 62 times)

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A Coat of Oaths [Open]
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:44:25 PM »

The steady thumping sound of the ship's secondary generators beat through every cool gray bulkhead.  'The Folaigh's spine has snapped and we are dragging her through the conduit.  She is not responding captain.  Her bridge is gone.  Enemy contact, destroyer class is closing.'  The female's voice crashed into his mind, barely controlled panic in her mental tone. 

He moved quickly to his seat, the pads of his fingers glancing off of smooth glass.  Captain Ailbe Bynes.  He was nothing special.  Short golden hair decorated with longer braided locks and a thick golden beard framed his pale features.  Platinum swirled across his irises as if they were poured in the precious molten metal.  'Steady ensign,' he thought in reply back to her and then issued commands.  'System ahead.  We can make it!  Push the reactors.  I have marked our exit point.'

Not far from Lorophon's orbit a spacial anomaly appeared.  It was a smudge at first and then it grew as space itself inflated into a dark bubble that mirrored light from every angle.  Prismatic colors of distant nebula reflected brilliantly off the artifact and from within it.

'Lens is in system.  Collapsing warp field and conduit on my count,' thought the conn. 'Thrust hamman and barr hard on exit.  Bring our bow around once the Folaigh passes our treblin side,' Ailbe commanded.  The conn counted it down, 'Cúig.  Ceithre.  Trí.  Dhá.  Ceann.'  Light exploded on the cosmic horizon and a small ship, only three-hundred and thirty meters in length blazed into existence. This repeated once as the first's broken twin slammed into space with arching bolts of current coiling off her scorched hull.  She was a wreck, nearly cut in half and yet somehow the debris, equipment, and personnel that had once been a part of her or within her floated alongside.

The first ship wheeled about to face the anomaly at distance.  Hull plates separated as turrets unlocked and rotated.  Missile bays were flung open to the void and point defenses started to spool up and ready.  Smooth planes of orange force came into existence like translucent colored glass suspended on invisible strings off her dark gray and orange hull.  Undulating waves, like shimmering crests of spectral blue water flowed and blurred the vessel's silhouette. 
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"When the radiant morn of creation broke,
And the world in the smile of the Chailís awoke,
And the empty realms of darkness and death
Were moved through their depths by his mighty breath,
And orbs of beauty and spheres of flame
From the void abyss by myriads came,--
In the joy of youth as they darted away,
Through the widening wastes of space to play,
Their silver voices in chorus rung,
And this was the song the Chailís sung.

Away, away, through the wide, wide..."