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Author Topic: Pilot Cardinal Polarus; Mascot of the Ryun Ravens  (Read 59 times)

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Pilot Cardinal Polarus; Mascot of the Ryun Ravens
« on: January 17, 2018, 02:59:20 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Polarus or Pol for short
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Species Angler fish Merman
Ethnicity N/A
Height 5'9"
Occupation Pilot Cardinal, Mascot of the Ryun Ravens
Residence Ryun, Aedolis
Voice Robin Lord Taylor [voice of the Outsider]
Themesong Mermaids by Hans Zimmer

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Pol is of a rather slender and narrow build, "string bean" being an accurate description of him. His skin is oddly thin and a bit leathery to the touch, a deep burgundy in color. The only hair that grows on his body is the hair on his head, which is of a very unique and silky texture, rarely tangling. It's kept long, worn in a messy bun on the land and always let down in the water; it is as bright a red as his fins, which are spiny in shape, coming off of his spine, elbows, and ankles, and going down the middle of his tail to fade into the large flipper-like fin at its tip. His legs are digitigrade, ending in three needle-clawed toes that can spread wide apart to reveal thin webbing between them. His hands are similar, having three fingers and a thumb, webbed in between and ending in similar needle-like claws. There are small teal dots on his body that glow in low light to help him see at night and attract prey. His face is narrow, nose flat and broad, eyes widely set and an eerily bright yellow, with a third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Polarus is a peculiar individual who acts more fish than he does man, and this often plays a key part in how he rationalizes things that, to any outsiders who don't know him, make him seem like an absolute lunatic.

Coming from a world of no culture to one absolutely stuffed full of it, Pol doesn't understand a lot of cultural norms, slang terms, innuendos, and jokes. In person he does his best to try and pick up on what goes on around him via context clues, the emotions he picks up from others, and tone of voice, and usually does a good job of following in a conversation, though he is still a bit stinted at participating. Online is slightly different, as he only has text to go off of and can't read well. He lives in a state of perpetual wonder, curiosity and confusion, though all of this is topped by his wariness and natural survival instincts, which may give off the implication of feral skittishness or aggression to a new stranger.

He is what he is and he knows not how to be any other way; he expects everyone he meets to accept him at full value because of this. Incredibly blunt and to the point, his emotions give everything away, as this is his preferred method of communication. He finds words to be stinted and unnatural, and therefor uses his empathic abilities to make conversation in person, rarely ever speaking (and never out loud, as he has no actual functioning tongue.) A person he is "talking" to will get the impressions of his feelings, as well as abstract imagery and concepts flashing through their mind much the same way they would hear him if he just spoke telepathically instead. He doesn't know how to lie well, and therefor one can be rest assured everything he feels is true and blatantly honest.

For the most part he tries to behave and play the part of a civilized creature as best as he can, although he can be a bit stubborn, particularly when it comes to things he doesn't understand, such as clothing--he hates it with a passion, and it confuses him greatly why people of the land feel the need to cover themselves up as if they are ashamed. They are what they are, why pretend to be anything else? But if one thing is certain, his loyalty and love for his squadmates is absolutely undeniable, and he'll do just about anything they ask of him without much second thought put in; they're different like he is, and he sees bits of himself in them that makes him feel comfortable and at home in a world full of strange things and creatures he may never fully understand.

Generally, he tries to be as friendly to people as he can be, as he was taught in Candyland--be polite, smile (his smile tends to be severely off-putting, unfortunately,) introduce yourself, ask how they are doing. He brings gifts to his squadmates on a regular basis (these usually include dead animals of some kind, like raw fish) and, surprisingly, is an extremely affectionate creature once he has assessed that there are no immediate threats nearby. Lounging across laps, ear massages, getting pets, and piggybacking on his coworkers tend to be some of his absolute favorites, and more often than not he will go out of his way to do what he can to make them feel comfortable and welcome in return--particularly when it comes to swimming with him. Anyone who gets in the water with him should be keenly aware of their person at all times, lest their clothes be shredded off them before they know it and Pol's face peeks out of the water at them with a big grin and the general overwhelmingly happy emotion of 'I'm helping 8).'

He is particularly protective of people he deems as 'his', which is anyone who tolerates/gets along with him and gives him affection. Though he definitely has favoritism towards people or creatures who look strange, or have any similar physical characteristics to himself, as he feels kinship with them based on these factors alone, regardless of how they may treat him. He is quick to growl and hiss when agitated, trying his best to give others fair warning before quick warning nips follow, and are then succeeded by a full on locking bite if whatever is pissing him off doesn't get the hint, much to PR's dismay.

Telepathy- Polarus's only way of "normal" communication; he is perfectly adept at it, however he has an extreme distaste towards the usage of words in order to communicate, and therefor only uses it when absolutely necessary and keeps his responses to as few words as possible.
Telekinesis- Very weak. Can sometimes fling a pencil across a room if he stares at it hard enough.
Empathy- Pol's strongest skill, this is how he actually prefers to communicate. He is good at subtly sliding his emotions to others to "speak" with them, and in turn tends to feel how others feel pretty openly and factually. This is also the skill he uses while on the job--as a Raven, it's his duty to be a scary sumbitch, and implanting fear into his prey is a great way to do that, nevermind what he looks like to just add to the horror.
Sonokinesis- Pol's other strongest skill is the ability to manipulate sound, which is also how his species communicates. He can make his voice reach over great distances to whoever needs to hear it, tuning it specifically to only one person or broadening it so it can be heard by all. He can distort sound and warp it, as well as completely mute it if necessary, be it sounds made by himself or others.

Obi-- Likely because they have similar body types, Polarus has found himself attached to Obi the most of his squadmates. He helps him shed (by eating the dead skin..), likes the sound his scales make when Pol chews on them, finds him to be warm and inviting for snuggles, and can usually be found climbing him like a tree or being carried by him like a spoiled child. He seems to adore Obi, and if the Kulshedra is ever out with the rest of the squad then it's almost guaranteed that Pol is glued to his arm or not too far behind. As far as he's concerned, he owns Obi.

Ren-- Similarly to Obi, Pol has a tendency to gravitate to Ren whenever Obi is unavailable or for other reasons. He likes snuggling with him and climbing on him, and likes to sit on him whenever possible. He brings Ren seashells now along with the raw fish as random gifts to show his appreciation of him. He thinks he owns Ren too.

Nym-- TBD

Nimalla-- Polarus's dragon, she picked him due to his feral abilities, making him a competent fighter and far more interesting than a human. Oh if only she knew what she was signing herself up for; as it is she tries to give him as much freedom as possible. She's long since given up on trying to understand him or his ways of thinking, finding him at times to be so different she can't wrap her head around why he does what he does. Their relationship is strictly business-only, and she tries to avoid talking with him as often as possible. She's coal black, slender and on the smaller side--her head is almost entirely mechanical, only the organs inside (namely her brain) remaining organic.

Polarus was a fishman living in a toxic ocean for the entirety of his life, and for the most part was content to keep living that way until a nasty storm knocked him ashore where he was discovered lying face down in the sand, down and out for the count. Some confusion by Aedolian civilians and authorities later and he found himself in a hospital being treated for minor wounds, in a foreign environment full of creatures he'd never seen before who made noises at him he didn't understand. He panicked, and his abilities were discovered; quickly Pilots were called in who managed to calm him down, and off to Candidacy he was shipped once they realized he was intelligent enough to serve.

He was scooped up by Commander Ynnves and tossed into the Ryun Ravens, back into a world full of beaches and water with other creatures not too unlike him. It was probably the best fit that could've ever been found, as he found himself warming up to his squad members in no time at all. He's become rather close to all of them since, and is quite content to sleep in his bathtub in his small Cardinal apartment with his tail draped over the floor.

About his species:

A type of merman whose species was brought up in toxic deep seas, Polarus is in a way a kind of sentient anthro anglerfish. His kind communicates via sound and empathy, projecting emotions to each other in their otherwise solitary existences. The only time they convene is to mate, and like anglerfish, the males become adhered to the females until they are slowly absorbed into her body and die; when new ones are born the female leaves them to their own devices, and thus many don't understand the terms and conditions of their mating procedure. It just happens, and then once it's happened there's no turning back. It's rare they leave the waters, usually only for exile (which is rare in and of itself because... There's really nothing to exile them over if they have no culture,) because they're curious, because accidents happen, or because they're stupid. They're somewhat amphibious, able to survive on land for short periods of time before they need to be misted and kept preferably damp/moist.

Their teeth are long and needle-like, averaging about 1-2" in length. Warning bites tend to be quick and snappy, the tips of the teeth snagging and pulling flesh to rip it open. Aggressive bites, or those meant for killing, are much more involved--with tremendous bite pressure the teeth sink in, upper and lower sets interlocking as they close around the flesh. No amount of shaking will get them off as their jaws lock, to get them off again requires a serious amount of effort and usually outside help to pull up on the upper jaw and down on the lower jaw to pull them out the same way they went in without causing major damage. Because of the nature of their teeth, they don't chew food and tend to eat it whole, eating once a week or every two weeks depending on the size of the prey and letting it digest slowly over time. Don't give them spicy food.

They have great vision at night and are incredibly sensitive to light; any land-dwelling merman of this type needs to wear sunglasses to avoid permanent damage. Some are ticklish, similar to nurse sharks, and will wiggle and show their bellies when tickled.


Males such as Polarus go into heat twice a year for a period that lasts for a month at a time; during this time they become rather aggressive to other males of their species as they make vocalizations searching for females that are a higher frequency than the human ear can pick up. Their prehensile penises glow in order to be more easily spotted in the murky waters by females, and can reach a total length of 28" when fully stretched. Rather aggressive, these appendages tend to sense the electrical impulses made by living creatures in the water and will lash out at anything within reach that happens to be giving those electrical signals off; if it manages to grab something it automatically goes for the first hole it can find; this natural reaction is incredibly difficult for males to control but they can stop themselves after the initial instinct passes. When out of season, the penis usually remains completely hidden inside the fishman's body for protection.

Traditionally once a male has found a female to mate with and he makes contact with her, pheromones released through his pores entice her to let him in, and start a chain reaction that signals to her body to release the enzymes that begin breaking down the male's body to permanently fuse him to her own. In this way they form a sort of parasitic relationship where the male provides his sperm and endorphins, and in return the female provides him a safe haven until he dies and is absorbed into her. In the case of males and other creatures, these pheromones continue to serve the purpose of causing arousal when applied to other species, but that's it.

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