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Author Topic: Pilot Royal Caesar Ydarian  (Read 61 times)

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Pilot Royal Caesar Ydarian
« on: January 16, 2018, 05:16:05 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Caesar Ydarian
Age 83 [looks more late 50s]
Gender Male
Sexuality Homosexual
Species Werewolf
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'2"
Occupation Pilot Royal; Secretary of Legislature?
Residence The Citadel, Haviah. Aedolis
Voice Danny Trejo
Themesong The Sentinel by Judas Priest

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Caesar is still tall, still broad, and still pretty trim for a guy his age. His skin has weathered a bit like leather from age and lots of time spent in the sun on Edanith--and subsequently as much so on Aedolis afterwards to make up for it, going so far as to move to Solarta for a good few years--and his muscles aren't quite as taut as they used to be, but he's still a grizzly bear of a dude and there's no doubt he could pick up the average person like they were little more than a sack of flour. His grin is fierce, showing his teeth, his canines sharper than the average human's. It's no surprise he's a werewolf, and he oozes Alpha dominance at that, though his body has few scars to show for it with how quickly he heals up, but you can bet he's damn good in a brawl.

As a werewoof he used to be black, now he's more of a mixture of salt and pepper grays, with a few black patches by his shoulders and on his tail.

Caesar is a charismatic and jovial guy who doesn't give a hoot or hollar where you're from or what you are; if you're a Pilot, you're family, and if you're an Aedolian citizen, you're family too. A very paternal figure, he's quick to make jokes and laugh--he's got a loud, booming laugh that makes skittish types flinch as it echoes in a room like thunder--and he generally has a fairly easy-going, positive attitude. His outlook tends to be "things will work themselves out", and he's content to let life play things out as it will, with the right prodding and poking from the players of the game as well of course. He's not one to just sit back and let life take the wheel; he'll take up the charge into the unknown with little to no hesitation and only his sense of duty to guide him, and he's good at leading others, as well as protecting them from fallout as situations develop. He's got a good, level head on his shoulders, is a quick thinker, good problem solver and a very down to earth and sensible person.

Telepathy- Excellent
Telekinesis- Very good
Werewolf- Long-lived, enhanced strength and speed, changes into a full doggo on the full moon, and a big gray and black anthro one whenever he wants. Weak to silver. Loves chew toys and tug of war.
Tectokinesis- Caesar's power is massive, and has rarely ever seen the battlefield due to this. He can manipulate the movement of tectonic plates in a planet, therefor creating natural disasters--namely earthquakes, tidal waves, creation or destruction of mountains, so on and so forth. Use for his powers are minimal, especially in Aedolis, and you can bet he sure as hell was a difficult one to train during Candidacy; he saw the battlefield a handful of times in the war with Edanith, and some of the canyons and rock formations one may find there today are directly his doing. The sheer strength of these powers is incredible, as is the toll it takes on him to use them, and it is highly likely that unless if another war breaks out, he'll never use them again. Sure is fun to scare newbies with though when he uses telekinesis to make the room shake. Interns are recommended to bring extra pairs of pants for when he pretends to get angry and cause an ""earthquake."" Hah.

Row-- Caesar's grumpy best bud, the Brain to his Pinky. The Donald to his Goofy. Nobody knows why they get along so well, they just do, and there's few things in life he loves more than riling Row up and getting him into a tizzy, cause it's funny. Surprisingly, though they're often teased otherwise, their relationship is strictly platonic. Bros for life.

Ultani-- Caesar's dragon! She's a big girl, one of the oldest dragons currently, and he certainly isn't her first Pilot. They get along well enough, with equal amounts of respect between the two of them for each other. Her wings and first set of arms are entirely mechanical, the rest of her a good brass color. Caesar'll always tell you she looks more like a dinosaur to him than a dragon, whatever that means.

Candidacy for Caesar was dicey once they figured out where his powers lie; it wasn't really until he was deployed in the ground troops to Edanith during the war that he got to test the magnitude of them, and he jokes to this day about how using his real psionics took twenty years off his life. At some point in that war, he also lost his eye, and he was never really one to complain about it. Back then they didn't really have good cybernetic implants and even though he could easily afford one today, he's been without his vision for so long he doesn't see the point in changing things now that he's so used to being half blind and compensating for it.

His dear old mom, who had been in her 40s when she had him as a surprise, passed during the war, and his dad followed not long after. Caesar came home to an empty house without an eye and half a mind to hijack a ship and turn right back around to go back to Edanith. At least out there he'd had a use. Could use his powers and turn the tides of a battle, with careful planning and all that. He spent a good few years as a simple Combat Operative, never tapped for missions, wasting away at the bottoms of empty whiskey flasks and pill bottles until his friend Row told him enough was enough and made him figure out what the hell he was gonna do with his life.

He eventually decided that while he loved the thrill of battle and the adrenaline of war, he might be more suited for something that didn't require the use of strong psionics to perform his duty well. So he chose to work in the Legislature, and there he's been for the decades since, working with the law to administer justice as best he can and keep the system running smoothly. It keeps his mind busy, keeps him from remembering those hot days in the red deserts with sand whipping in the air around him that he secretly misses so much.

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