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Author Topic: Gray Torai - Pilot Duo Mage  (Read 74 times)

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Gray Torai - Pilot Duo Mage
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:06:25 PM »

Art by meeee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Gray Torai, "Aubergine", "Ace", or "EggplantFox" online
Age 27
Gender Nonbinary (uses they/them pronouns)
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Half Serenian, half fox demon
Ethnicity Libran
Height 5'3"
Occupation Pilot Duo, Mage
Residence The Libra
Voice Megumi Ogata [voice of Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus]
Themesong 宵々古今 by REOL

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Gray is a tiny little thing, standing short with short, fluffy hair that's a gradient from fuchsia to deep plums and navies where it shortens to a buzz cut along the sides. Their ears are two fluffy green fox ears which fade to a burgundy/plum at the tips, this coloring is natural and is echoed in their short and equally fluffy tail. Their skin is a ghostly pale ivory, their eyes big with thick lashes and unusual coloration, their irises a mixture of metallic silver and gold flecks with bronze pupils that turn more red depending on the lighting. They sport fangs mixed in with their regular teeth, fingertips ending in plum colored claws, and their feet aren't feet at all, but anthropomorphic paws with the same green-purple coloration as the rest of them.

Gray is a spontaneous and bubbly-minded individual with a penchant for practical jokes and getting into all sorts of (minute) trouble. Simply, they are best described as spunky and out-going, particularly friendly and easy to get along with. They insert themself into social circles with ease, throwing on different facades of their persona for the ease of making new friends as quickly as they can take them off to mingle with someone else completely different. Their state of mind is ever changing, going from humble and sweet to feisty and challenging in a second. Whenever they're smirking is the time for one to be on their guard, because whoever is the receiver of said look is likely about to play a part in their next joke.

At times they may come off as a little abrasive or cruel in how easily they can make fun of others, though they will poke fun at themself just as quickly and easily, reading people being one of their key talents. In their spare time they can often be found mingling in bars and clubs, or sewing their next fancy outfit at home, their fashion sense an ever-changing and explosive thing that tends to put many of the more conservative Librans at edge.

Fun things:
- Gray doesn't think with their heart, they think with their stomach. Quickest way to get on their good side is by buying them food, but once ain't enough. You really wanna get on their nice list? Treat em all the time and they'll be your friend for life.

- They ADORE fish. Tasty tasty tasty "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis h!!"

- Gray is a relentless flirt. As far as jokes are concerned, they're "dating" everyone they speak to just so they can make jokes about divorce, breaking up, and generally being over dramatic. Truth is, for as much as they tease, they'll never go anywhere with it, and perhaps unsurprisingly, are still a virgin.


Pyromancy-- Gray's abilities lies entirely in the flames. A master fire manipulator, their favorite party tricks include making fireworks and changing the colors of their flames willy nilly to make a more "memorable" show. They can blow up a building as easily as they can make intricate designs of spinning fire that fit in the palm of your hand, and they are incredibly proud of this talent.

Genetics-- Being half fox demon, Gray can change their sex at will and alter their appearance for the purpose of making mischief. This usually involves changing height, voice, facial features (slightly), and hair style/length. They mostly use it for pranks, as all good fox demons should, and are capable of holding a form for any given length of time they so choose.


Pardner-- Neph??? Neph. nEPH?!

Mother-- A rather shy Libran woman who may or may not have made the happy mistake of sleeping with a fox demon on his way through the station. She raised Gray by her lonesome and is very concerned for her child's well-being given how wild they are. She wants them to settle down and lead a simple life, which is clearly never happening any time soon.

Gray grew up as an only child, and as such they were a bit spoiled. Not only were they given all of their mother's love and attention, but whenever they acted out and got in trouble in school they were always bailed out of it. As a result, Gray aged getting away with more and more pranks and impish activities, much to the chagrin of their peers. They learned on their own how to curb the sting of their jokes, and learned to tune it with finesse to an art that could be appreciated by almost everyone around them, so they weren't the only ones laughing anymore.

Still, they had a lot of chaotic energy that ran rampant throughout their little body, and as their fiery powers reared their heads it became apparent that Gray needed a job that catered to their energetic nature, and that in turn led to their mother putting them through military training, and then to them becoming a member of the pilot duos that make up the Libran fleet.

Their first partner was a Jockey named Dak, the most understanding and patient sunuvabitch Gray has met to this day. Dak knew how to reign in Gray's feroicious attitude and keep them focused under pressure, and over time the two became best friends. They did everything together, hung out all the time together, ate together, and were always a fun pair to ve around for their other coworkers. They worked perfectly as a team and were one of the most praised pairs in the fleet, chosen for important missions left and right and adored by their superiors and their peers.

But at some point all good things have to come to an end.

On a mission to protect the station from invasion by pirates, a shot was fired that clipped the backside of their ship, knocking out the life support for both of them but frying Dak's completely. He was electrocuted to death in his seat while Gray struggled to get the ship back to the station by themself.

Dak was dead vefore they touched the hangar bay.

Due to Gray's nature, and the loss of someone so close to them, the commanders have taken their sweet time trying to find a partner for Gray to replace Dak. Everywhere they go they're met with pitiful stares and soft whispers, making them a bit more prickly as a person as a result. They're going crazy from being grounded while they wait for another Jockey option to come along, and as much as Gray misses flying, they secretly hope the commanders never find them one.

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