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Author Topic: Belliel -- CEO of Galley La  (Read 53 times)

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Belliel -- CEO of Galley La
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:08:05 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Belliel, HighGear online
Age ???
Gender Female
Species ???
Ethnicity Out of this world
Height 9'4"
Occupation CEO of Galley La
Residence The Cancer
Voice Missy Elliott
Themesong Remember the Name by Fort Minor

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Belliel is in one simple word: Huge. At the top of her head she stands at 9'4", having an almost centauran physique with an elongated torso that slopes into a second set of shoulders and extends to a strong set of hind legs and a long tail. Her two sets of wings reach wingspans that can wrap around the entirety of her body, her skin thick and iguana-like in texture, a deep olive green that ties into a mottled brown on her underside, chest, forearms, undersides of her wings, and her face. Adorning her at several points are light green stripes, most notably two on each cheekbone, two at the back of her neck, and three on every limb save for her wings. Her hair is shaved for the most part into an undercut, the remaining wavy dark brown length often kept back from her face in a ponytail with wild bangs framing her features. She has two gold piercings over each eyebrow, on the bridge of her nose, and snakebites under her bottom lip. Her eyes are a piercing burgundy, swimming with intelligence and a wit about her that makes her a difficult person to trick.

To the stranger, Belliel comes off as curt, cold and a downright bitch at times if the customer is nasty enough. She's tough as nails, serious, rude, and has no problem beating the shit out of anyone she doesn't like. But just because she's rough around the edges doesn't mean she doesn't have a heart. Belliel proves to be a loyal friend, and shows affection in her own strange ways. When she's with her friends, or the family she's hired at Galley La, she seems to be a completely different person, light-hearted, laid back and with a rather go with the flow kind of attitude that at times drives her Chief Operating Officer Reva nuts. She likes to let loose and have fun like any other person, her favorite poisons being the nastiest beer you can find around, and chicks. She's got a bit of a problem ogling all the pretty females she can't have (mostly due to her size being a very... Large, intimidating factor) as bad as the most womanizing man. She has a bit of a tendency to show bias towards the feminine types as a result, favoring them over others which tends to end in Reva calling her a pervert.

-Extended lifespan
-Increased strength and durability
-Can breathe fire, like a dragon, but is not a dragon.

Reva-- Reva is the current Chief Operating Officer of Galley La, and Belliel's best friend. The two run the show together, equally terrifying despite the bizarre height difference, and they rule with two iron fists. Belliel loves pestering her, and Reva loves her unconditionally as a friend despite how Bell grates on her nerves.

Roy Soto-- One of the head mechanics of the company, Roy oversees all the average joe customer projects, and is also one of Belliel's closest friends. He's been with the Cancer location the second longest, first being Reva. The three of them hang out often after work hours for drinks and get along swimmingly.

Tenai-- A pretty alien girl Belliel freed from slavery who now works for Galley La as one of the longest-staying secretaries. Despite her timid nature, she and Belliel are quite fond of each other; Bell checks on her as often as she can to make sure she's doing alright, almost in a way that's a tad bit like a worrying mother hen.

The Galley La ship company has been around for centuries now, and as far as anyone knows, Belliel has been the singular owner and frontrunner for the entirety of it. Nobody knows when she came across this galaxy or why she decided to settle down and open up for business here, but she's now the proud owner of her own enterprise with several locations in every major space station and planet, including a small one that is very carefully managed in Adstreia, Aedolis. The main company headquarters is on The Cancer, and takes up a significant chunk of the space station with its several industrial ship hangers and massive employee base.

Belliel often tends to travel between all her locations frequently, doing frequent checkups on all her fronts and watching over everything with a loving, keen eye. There's nothing she takes more seriously than her business and the good people and creatures she hires to work it. But at the heart of everything she still loves working up to her elbows in grease and motor oil, and she's hands down the best and most knowledgeable mechanic in the entire company. Sometimes she can still be found hanging out in the hangars on the Cancer working on the most high-paying customers' projects, and loving every minute of it just as much as she did fifty years ago.

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