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Author Topic: Seth Tinston - Pilot Noble  (Read 83 times)

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Seth Tinston - Pilot Noble
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:47:24 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Seth Tinston, Mortimer online
Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'9"
Occupation Pilot Noble, Head Lab Assistant at R&D
Residence Haviah

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Seth is of a rather slender build with wirey muscles built from his days in Candidacy, kept up by routine runs and simple workouts at the gym. His jet black hair is kept in a layered, shaggy cut that is often teased to the extreme as an ultimate scene queen. He has a light dusting of a chin strap and slight goatee, with thick eyebrows, long and full lashes, and it's hard to tell if the skin around his eyes is darker due to lack of sleep or so many years of smudged eyeliner and shadow that it's just become permanent. Interestingly enough, his pupils appear to make a strange X shape, which is actually some strange coloring with his irises, which are a stormy gray.

His skin is pale ivory, interrupted over the entirety of his torso and arms with tattoos in reference to his personal beliefs and favorite pop culture references, including but not limited to: (the RotE equivalent of) Cthulhu on his left bicep, a xenomorph on the right, a facehugger on his forearm, the flying spaghetti monster by his wrist, tentacles wrapping around his left arm, Sammael on his left forearm, the halo of the sun on the backs of both hands, specific runes on the backs of each knuckle, a raven skull and feathers across his chest, a depiction of his personal favorite god Aion spanning the entirety of his backside, and more.

In his free time he prefers ripped tank tops and skinny jeans with black sneakers, boots, and an assortment of studded belts, bracelets, collars, chains and cuffs. He occasionally sports patched up denim jackets or long, flowing cardigans during chillier weather.

Seth seems like a quiet, shy oddball when you first meet him. He tries to be polite and often doesn't speak much or seem to have much of anything to say as he feels out the new people he's with, but don't worry--he doesn't stay boring for long.

After getting an idea of the kinds of people he's been introduced to he'll often go into full swing with his usual personality, which is nothing but odd, quirky logic, strangely bizarre humor in the forms of twisted videos on the internet, a major, major love of all things creepy, and occasionally slightly off-putting commentary about the fickleness and folly of man and the existentialism that makes one question their point of existence and the inevitable fact that we're all going to die. He occasionally doodles, usually gore, tosses the art to accounts online and immediately forgets about it--or comes back to it stoned and scares himself and inevitably spills his coffee all over like a fucking idiot.

He's generally a very sweet soul, often reaching out (or attempting) to care for strangers when they seem to have an issue, worrying quickly about others and always willing to offer a spare ear to listen when someone needs to vent. He drinks his coffee black and dirt-like, and tea without sugar, he's really not fond of sweets, and seems to favor bitter flavors "just like (his) soul because (he) can never make sweet sweet love to his darling elder gods. Probably."

  • Seth can see and speak to ghosts/other supernatural spirits and interact with them directly. He usually hides this ability from others, or never speaks of it. 
-Sensory Scrying
-Enhanced memory

Richard-- An ex-boyfriend who died and turned poltergeist that lives with him, ironically his name is Richard, but usually Seth just calls him Dick. He destroys Seth's apartment on a regular basis when Seth doesn't appease him and is in general, a petty jerk who couldn't let Seth go when he died. Seth keeps him around because he's lonely, and occasionally refers to him as his pet and/or roommate.

Ripley-- A white lipped python Seth adopted from Pilot Pipsqueak. She's still rather timid and thus Seth lets her have her space, letting her adjust to her new (quite decently sized) home and only taking her out for cuddles every now and then. She seems to be getting along well and is quite shy.

Leansidhe-- Seth's dragon, a deep emerald green in color and exquisitely beautiful and slender. Her wings are entirely mechanical, as is her tail. She actually cares for Seth's well-being a lot, but tries not to be too overbearing and let him live his life as much as she can.

From an old-ass Aedolian family and two parents who couldn't be bothered to try and put him in a fancy arranged marriage because they had his older brother for that. Although that may change now that he's worth a little extra with that fancy promotion tacked on.

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