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Author Topic: Napier Bernadot - Artist, Inventor, Official Pain in the Ass  (Read 115 times)

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Napier Bernadot - Artist, Inventor, Official Pain in the Ass
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:10:27 PM »

Art by meeeeeee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Napier Bernadot, Alleycat online
Age 23
Gender Male/Fluid
Sexuality Homosexual
Species Human
Ethnicity Canceran
Height 5'10"
Occupation Weapon/Gadget inventor, graffiti artist, trouble-seeker
Residence Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaace/The Cancer sometimes
Voice Brendon Urie [Lead Singer of PANIC! At the Disco]

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Not a very big person, Napier has the build of a skateboarder. His figure is slender and svelte, strung taught with wiry muscle that makes him quite capable of parkour for quick escapes. His skin is a tawny bronze, eyes a fiery orange mixed with flecks of blood red and daffodil yellow highlights. His cheekbones are high and broad, face rectangular and jaw sharp. His eyebrows are thin and taper to a fine point, a deep amethyst purple to match the rest of his hair which is kept at shoulder length, the left side shaved to a short fuzz. It's often pulled back into a loose ponytail, a sweep of bangs framing his face to the right side. He wears a pair of half-rimmed rectangular red glasses, and is quite fond of sleeveless tanks, hoodies, sneakers, and loose-fitting pants. He's usually adorned with fresh scabs and scratches from his rough-and-tumble adventures, which happen quite frequently.

Napier is an interesting fellow; he almost always looks grumpy but it seems to be more of a tough guy act he puts on on the streets than anything else. Get to know him or get inside someplace he knows nobody's watching and he loosens up quite a bit! He's lighthearted, likes to make jokes, play games and in general be a goofball. However, he takes his work very seriously, and in the business he's in, he has to. He's a weapons and gadgets inventor, put simply. He puts things together, usually at random, to see what new kinds of strange things he can come up with, and the more deadly ones he sells to whoever will buy for the right price. His favorite part is usually customizing them when they're done; giving them cool paint jobs and such. He's also a great graffiti artist, and he often uses his two "art forms" to inspire one another, making items inspired by his graffiti, and graffiti inspired by his inventions. Of course, he has to be fairly good in combat, agile, and a quick thinker, in order to successfully test his new devices out in the field. This usually means pissing off the neighbors, or getting into other, more serious trouble.

-None! He's just clever when it comes to coming up with shit on the fly.


Random Tidbits
-Is a satyromaniac
-When not on foot, he's either on a hoverboard or his hoverbike, zipping around the station and sending skirts flying wherever he goes. Much to his amusement.
-Favorite colors are purple and orange.
-Loooooves cinnamon, and hot/spicy things. Real food is rare on the Cancer, he cherishes it whenever he gets his hands on some and will totally do just about anything for yummy yummy food. Totally driven by his stomach and taste buds.
-Definitely not adverse to using his body as a means to get what he wants. Especially if it means getting something cinnamon. Bonus if there's cinnamon flavored lube involved.

Born and raised on the Cancer, Napier has little to no concept of following the rules. He understands they're there and often there for a reason, and nine times out of ten chooses to blatantly ignore them. He quickly found a little gang of trouble making friends when he was a kid, learning quick ways to swindle travelers out of money, steal and of course, put his name on everything with a spray can like he owned the place. He's gotten caught only a few times, often for trivial things that his father, a merchant who rarely stayed on the Cancer at all, would just bail him out of to make things easier. As such, Napier spent most of his childhood home life alone, taking care of himself and learning that independence was far more reliable than other people ever would be.

These days he uses the skills he learned when he was young to continue to get into trouble, and will probably keep doing so until something, or someone, teaches him a lesson or two about keeping your nose out of others' business and your head down.

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