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Author Topic: Andromeda Messiere - Pilot Noble, member of the Travica Titans  (Read 112 times)

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Andromeda Messiere - Pilot Noble, member of the Travica Titans
« on: November 21, 2017, 01:21:22 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Andromeda Messiere
Age 27
Gender Female
Sexuality ???
Species ??
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'3"
Occupation Pilot Noble, member of the Travica Titans
Residence Travica, Aedolis
Voice Viktoria Modesta

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Andromeda is the striking definition of a tomboy. As the only sister in a household of boys, she grew up roughhousing, wrestling, and playing in the mud. As such, she has a very masculine personality, often coming off as abrasive, confident, and like she owns the place--which she does. Anyone who dares try to defy her will find themselves at the receiving end of a good beating nine times out of ten, as she's far more likely to call someone out to a duel than try to settle things with words like a civilized person. Fists are so much better and so much easier to understand.

Brawls are some of her favorite pastimes, and she's got a knack for getting in trouble with PR every now and then for beating some dickwad to a pulp--not that she's ever laid the smackdown on anyone who didn't deserve it, but the public doesn't always see that. That being said, she enjoys a good beer, chilling with the guys and generally being as vulgar as any other stereotypical man in her downtime. She's quite protective of her friends and her squadmates, seeming to act the part of an older brother moreso than an older sister, with a crude sense of humor, little to no understanding of her emotions, and a right nasty temper that many assume is fueled by more testosterone than she knows what to do with, though she can swallow it down when a situation requires it of her. Her apartment is littered with poorly disguised holes in the wall from punches as a direct result of this.

Telepathy- Surprisingly decent. She can uphold conversations over long distances easily and has little to no trouble in reaching out to others as well as receiving.

Materiokinesis- Whatever has been created in this world she has the power to destroy and remake as she wills it. Her range of abilities is massive and nearly limitless in terms of what she can do--how much is what usually tends to hold her back. It's far easier for her to deconstruct objects, such as buildings and cars for example, and remake them into whatever she may need, than it is for her to finely sift through the particles of matter to take it apart at the sub-atomic level. It CAN be done, but is usually too tedious and requires far too much focus for her to bother with. Why take something apart carefully when she can just rip it to shreds and use it to beat the snot out of someone all the same? She can only manipulate inanimate objects however, such as dirt and man-made items, not living creatures or plants.

Dark matter manipulation is something she's been experimenting with more lately, or moreso transmutation, that is taking one object that exists on our plane of existence and turning it into dark matter, the unseen force that makes up a good 80% of the universe. She is unable to transform anything back that has been turned into dark matter, and this is a trick she more or less uses when Gregor yells at her for leaving trash everywhere. Quickest cleaning method ever. 8D

Tougher'n'Nails- Due to her more-than-human heritage, Andromeda can take a beating like no other and bounce back twice as strong. She's ridiculously tough with a natural resistance to bruising, internal bleeding or broken bones. Not invincible, but it definitely helps in a fistfight. She has a slightly increased healing rate as well.


Both of Andromeda's parents were Pilots, and of her five other siblings she was the middle child and the only female. Her mother was killed in action during the war, leaving her with an entirely male household to grow up in, and she did well to thrive in it. Roughhousing, wrestling, playing in the mud--all of these were her childhood activities. Gradually, one by one her brothers either became Pilots or regular military in order to do their dad proud; the fight for his attention never ceased, and Andromeda continues to be second-best in comparison to her eldest brother, who is currently a Pilot Royal.

Her time in Candyland was spent bullying the hell out of other candidates, and she could potentially be responsible for a lot of young psychics being sent to TRIM--not that she seems to have a shred of remorse for it. As far as she's concerned, it was all part of the natural process of weeding out the weak, simple darwinism at its finest. Clearly, she has not a single strand of maternal instinct in her, and little to no sympathy for anyone who can't hold their own or stand up for themselves. She was accepted into the Titans out of Candyland, and has never once regretted the decision to join. Even if they don't always win the games, which she can sometimes be quite the sore loser about, she loves her squad, loves what they do, and would lay down her life for any one of them in a heartbeat.

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