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Author Topic: Samariel Leviathans - Defend and Destroy  (Read 116 times)

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Samariel Leviathans - Defend and Destroy
« on: November 17, 2017, 07:02:26 PM »
The Samariel Leviathans
"Defense is superior to opulence."

I. About the Leviathans
Water is the source of all life, and it is the duty of the Samariel Leviathans to protect it at all costs. The Leviathans have a job that is never-ending, relentless and exhausting; it takes a certain type of dogged determination to maintain the city's borders, protect the contents within (be it valuable resources and people alike) and actively search for trouble on a daily basis. There is no such thing as a lazy day for this squadron. There it always a sea monster to fight off from the ocean, a group of raiders, terrorists or revolutionaries after Samariel's number one export, and it is up to the Leviathans to stop it--all of it. And not only stop it, but beat it back, and suffocate any potential dangers with a tight leash and iron grip.

The Leviathans work extremely closely with the regular military stationed in the city; protecting and watching over it and its immediate dams in the nearby wastes is an extremely big task and couldn't be completed by any regular sized squadron. Thus, collaboration with their non-psychic military personal is essential to maintaining an effective watch over one of Aedolis' most precious cities. Formality and respect of the highest degree is expected when working with one another, and it is of Commander Pholcus's belief that in-squad relationships could be highly dangerous, and are therefor strictly not allowed.

This city shall never fall, lest the rest of Aedolis go down with it.

II. Objectives

  • Seek out threats
  • Squash them quickly, quietly, mercilessly
  • Watch every inch of the city
  • Protect the city
  • You rest when you're either retired, or dead

III. Rank and File

To join: Send me the profile link to the character you wish to join, and Commander Pholcus will do some investigating.


Squadron Command
Pilot Royal Arane Pholcus, AKA "Spider"
Dragon: Susanoo

Squadron Leader
[Acts as Squad Commander in the event that the present Squad Commander is unable to perform their duties, and helps to facilitate group cohesion in the event of large-scale deployment. Works directly with the Commander (and PR) to make decisions for and lead the Squad. Should be a Pilot Noble with good leadership and teamwork skills.
Dragon: --

Asst. Squadron Leader
[Acts as Squad Leader in the event that the present Squad Leader is unable to perform their duties, or helps to facilitate group cohesion in the event of large-scale deployment. Otherwise is simply part of the squadron regular. Should either be a senior Pilot Cardinal or newly minted Pilot Echo with good leadership skills.]
Dragon: --

Dragon: --

Squad Members
Pilot Echo Cassiopeia Marson
Dragon: Oceano
Pilot Noble Danmir Alesku
Dragon: --
Dragon: --
Dragon: --
Dragon: --

Probably a lot.

Squad Equipment:
  • [1] Standard Pilot issue flight suit, helmet, medium range firearm, and sidearm.
  • [1] Collapsing Leviathan pattern shield, built into flight suit bracer
  • [1] HAWC (Heavily Armored Weapons Chassis), for use in the Wastes
  • [1] Leviathan Comm set, strictly for business use only

Each Leviathan squad member is given full responsibility of their own personal Heavily Armored Weapons Chassis, or HAWC, for short. These mechs come in a small variety of types meant for a variety of purposes to align with its Pilot's personal preference and fighting style. They are typically based off of animal forms ((they're basically Zoids)) and used for fighting with the big sea monsters that tend to occasionally drag themselves from the toxic ocean onto the land to try and eat the city. Squad members are allowed to personalize these HAWCs to boost morale and team spirit, so long as there is nothing derogatory, offensive, morally questionable, etc. in a squad member's customizations.

The current types of animals available as HAWCs are: dogs/wildcats, scorpions, bears/bulls, and raptors.

Dogs/wildcats are an even mix of strength, speed, and defense, and are good for multiple roles.
Scorpions are quick and deadly with low defense, best used for long range assault (most are outfitted with long-range weapons.)
Bears/bulls are tanks meant for taking the brunt of the damage and dealing heavy blows, best for defense.
Raptors are the fastest, with moderate strength and defense, best as offense and decoys.

IV.Squad Roles
These are specific sub-roles that are fulfilled by specific members of the squadron to form the full unit. The Leviathans rely entirely on teamwork in order to take down big opponents (such as sea monsters or planned assaults from enemies) and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Heavy weapons experts, secondary drop teams, and decoys are all a part of their daily routine.

Their tactics change on the fly according to the problem they currently face, but every squad member knows all basic tactical structures and plans to branch off of.

V. General History

The Samariel Leviathans are one of the oldest squads in Aedolian history, and Spider has been the commander of said squad for at least the past several centuries. When new squad members are announced, they are revered and respected throughout the city, their names becoming known overnight. Spider makes decisions carefully, with precision, planning, and copious amounts of research put in to every possible candidate.

Of course, a team as old as this has many members no longer currently with it. Accidents happen, and no amount of planning, no amount of power, can prevent the inevitable. Many members retire after a certain age, and some die in the line of fire. In both cases, these Pilots are remembered as heroes. Many structures such as fountains and sculptures are dedicated in these Pilots' honors throughout the city, and most of Formosa, the Leviathans' headquarters, is covered in discrete memorial plaques. An entire gallery in Formosa is devoted to the Pilots who served on the Samariel Leviathan squad, each remembered with a portrait, status (in active line of duty, MIA, or deceased,) and their name, as well as their dragon's, in a plaque underneath. This gallery is accessible by the public, and it is not uncommon for citizens to pay their respects to the Pilots who are no longer with us by leaving offerings of symbolic flowers.

VI. Timeline

Active Missions Threads:

Past Missions Threads:

About Samariel

**I don't claim creation of the term HAWC/Heavily Armored Weapons Chassis, that came from a video game I played in the 90s called G-Nome :v //unoriginal as fuck