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Author Topic: Raphael Amoril [Pilot Noble, Squad Leader of the Amristah Angels]  (Read 161 times)

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Art by meee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Raphael Amoril [common nickname is Plagueman or Plague]
Age 34
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'2"
Occupation Pilot Noble, Squad Leader of the Amristah Angels
Residence Amristah [born and raised in Adstreia]
Voice Hugh Jackman [Wolverine]

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Raphael ain't no small boy, though he's definitely not the tallest either. He's a healthy medium between slender and built, with broad shoulders tapering into slender hips accented all the way up his torso with well-defined muscles, namely abs and pecs. He's got a good gun show when he flaunts it, which is never. His slightly tanned olive skin contrasts well with the dark salt-and-pepper coloring of his hair, the tips of which is bleached and dyed frosty blue. It's kept in an undercut, the top not much longer than his shoulders when left down, though it's normally pulled back into a short ponytail to keep it out of the way for work. His eyes are an interesting mix between amber and scarlet, and seem to tell many tales of all the things he's seen and experienced as a soldier, as a human. They tell far more than his words do; some say eyes are windows to the soul, and his are great proof of that ideal.

Whenever he has free time and doesn't have to be in uniform, he's usually wearing casual modern leisure suits, button-ups with the top two buttons undone, slender jeans, and classy t-shirts. He seems to have a fondness for blazers, bomber jackets, and moto jackets--he's usually pretty well-dressed without looking like he put much thought into it.

Plague is a relatively stoic man, all-business with little time or tolerance for play. He's devoted to his work as a Pilot, and there's always something to be done, so he sees no point in wasting time by screwing around. He tends to come off as extremely cold and aloof, rarely ever smiling, and is often skeptical of everyone and everything.

Despite tending to be a dick with a rapid-fire tongue that seems to be good only for putting idiots in their place, he means well deep down inside. He's seen a lot of shit in his time as a soldier, lost a lot of people even he couldn't save, and for that reason he tends to keep others at an arm's length so it hurts less if something should happen to them. But he's never been able to fully rid himself of his care and worry for others, and he tends to show his affection and care in little ways. He's surprisingly observant, picking up on little details and remembering them easily later. It wouldn't be unusual for him to get a small and thoughtful gift for someone he knows is having a hard time and leave it for them to find with no name attached.

The tough guy act also doubles as a way to keep his personal life separate from work, and to allow him to be a sturdy pillar for everyone else to lean against in times of need. He lets very little visibly phase him, and is usually very collected and rational, functioning as a good mediator in disputes. And when it comes to other Pilots, his undying loyalty to them all is unquestionable, though troubles may arise if he's working with someone ignorant or who doesn't seem to know what they're doing.

Whenever he isn't working, one can often find him at home doing research on various herbs and medicines, or tending to his garden, as he has a surprising green thumb.

Plague's particular flavor of psionic ability is the manipulation of biology on a cellular level. He can regenerate, degenerate, augment cellular structure and induce diseases as well as take them away. He can effect the chemical and hormonal balances in any living thing and mold it like clay.

The catch is that the bigger the change he inflicts, the more of his own energy it takes to do so, and while he does regenerate his own cells and energy over time, the slower the process the easier it is. As such, there are some things he cannot fix without major sacrifice; he cannot instantaneously save a man who's had his guts ripped out on the battlefield. He cannot instantly cure stage four cancer. The more fargone the patient, the harder it is for him to fix them, if he can at all. It's entirely dependent on circumstance.

Plague is also extremely capable with his telepathy, capable of reaching out over distances to whoever he wishes to establish contact with. He cannot influence others thoughts, and is limited to communication only.

Skilled herbalist-
He's done a lot of his own researching in the medical field and has become quite adept at medicine making, able to find a solution for just about any ailment, and if not a solution, something to at least help it.

Family- Raphael's family is rather large, consisting of many aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins and extended family members. Gatherings are usually huge and held on major holidays, and everyone throws a fit if someone can't make it unless if for very good reasons. Plague is one of only a few Pilots in the family, and thus has a lot of expectations heaped on him, which he tends to surpass with little effort, much to the chagrin of cousins and siblings. It causes tension, but there's no shortage of love.

Serendipity- Raphael's dragon. She's slender, ice blue and mild-mannered, with cobalt blue eyes and a translucent cybernetic rib cage and right foreleg. You can see her organs functioning inside, only some being her original ones. Like Plague, she's fairly patient, difficult to upset, and rational. They get along swimmingly, talking often and occasionally having philosophical debates about anything and everything.

Raphael was the first born of five kids to his lower middle caste mother and father in Adstreia. He was five when the next sibling was born, and with both parents working full-time, caretaking of the youngest tended to fall on him as soon as mom went back to work after the pregnancy. Since the responsibility was hammered into him at such a young age, he never knew any different and accepted it without a fuss. He rather liked caring for others, doting on them and making them happy.

His childhood was fairly normal for any Aedolian child; he went to school, played with his siblings, and grew up with not a single clue what he would experience later in life.

Nobody had been keeping an eye on him during screenings really--nobody in his immediate family was even remotely psychic, so discovery of his powers was completely on accident, probably a few weeks after they'd already started occurring normally. He'd gotten into a fight with his younger brother, and the negativity and his wish that something awful happened to him seemed to make his wish come to life. Within moments his brother was having horrendous coughing fits that hospitalized him simple because Plague had touched him.

He recovered of course, with much apologizing (and unintentional help) from Raphael. His siblings coined the nickname "Plague Man" for him for his ability to create any kind of feasible illness, and it just kinda stuck even as he learned how to control it and use it to heal instead.

He was drafted into Candidacy at age 13, and often found himself defending the more timid Candidates from bullies, having little to no tolerance for it. He got into a lot of fights because of it naturally, but he never regretted the bruises and welts as long as the person he stood up for was alright. He helped a few Candidates grow into amazing Pilots that way, offering the same steady shoulder to lean on to them that he had to his siblings for years, offering some minor forms of protection and a safe haven, which continued well into his becoming a Pilot.

The war made that real hard, though. It's hard to protect everyone when you're being attacked from all sides, and even as a trained medic, even with his powers, he couldn't save everyone out on the field. He still remembers their names, their faces, but he tries not to let it haunt him, because he knows that's not what they would have wanted. They had been grateful, even when he couldn't save them, simply for his ability to alleviate all pain in their last few moments.

Helping people die is arguably much harder than simply sitting back and watching, he might argue.

After the war he settled into Havina, awarded for his work with moving up in rank, and he found himself a decent routine at DoSaM as a general physician and physical therapist, using whatever free time he had to devote to learning more about the world of medicine and healing than what he could just do with his powers. He wants to help people in every way that he can, because it's what he's always done and all he knows how to do, so he better damn well do a good job of it.

In recent events, he has been recruited by the Pilot Royal Blu Moon, commander of a new squadron in the city of Amristah: The Amristah Angels. He's moved residence there, and is currently serving as squad leader.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
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