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Author Topic: Spider [Pilot Royal, Squad Commander for Samariel Leviathans]  (Read 163 times)

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Spider [Pilot Royal, Squad Commander for Samariel Leviathans]
« on: October 24, 2017, 02:03:34 AM »

Art by meeeee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Arane Pholcus (but most just call him Spider)
Age ┐(︶▽︶)┌
Gender Male
Sexuality Everything.
Species Demon
Ethnicity Earth :I
Height 6'6"
Occupation Pilot Royal [Squad Commander for the Samariel Leviathans]
Residence Samariel
Voice Fumihiko Tachiki [voice of Akainu]

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Spider is nothing short of big and intimidating. Well over six feet tall, he sports broad shoulders and a thick, muscular build with well-proportioned long limbs. He's just a big, big man. His demon horns, two smooth horns that curve like an ibex's from his forehead start as a dark peach at the base and turn into a burnt umber at the tips, presumably from direct exposure to flames at some point. His hair is a mixture of dark brown and black, though he sports a few silver hairs mixed in, and it's kept long these days, just past shoulder length and usually pulled back into a ponytail. His eyebrows are thick with slender tails, and he has a well-trimmed mustache that reaches the corners of his mouth. His tongue is forked and his canines are elongated and sharp, more fang-like similar to a dog's than a human. His eyes are a bright yellow with bright scarlet irises, slanted and almond shaped. His left eye is marred with a scar that starts above the eyebrow and ends just beneath his cheekbone. He also happens to have a long, slender tail, the tip of which is usually ignited in pale white-yellow flame.

He tends to wear yukatas and a variety of suits when out of uniform, favoring loose fits that make him look that much bigger and more imposing. He's usually seen with a scowl on his face, and tends to give off a cold and imposing demeanor. Plumes of smoke occasionally waft from his mouth when he's particularly irritated, however he doesn't smoke any kind of cigarette or cigar.

Spider is one of those men where what you see is just about what you get. He looks like a hardass, he is a hardass. He looks too serious, he is too serious. Known for how hard he pushes his Squad and the standards he upholds them (and to an extent, the rest of the military and even the citizens of Samariel) to can sometimes seem astronomically high to anyone on the outside.

That isn't to say that he is cruel--far from. He's that one teacher everyone is afraid of getting: the no-funny-business guy who assigns assloads of homework, grades harshly and takes shit from no one and accepts no excuses. But then you get into his class and find that while yes he is all of those things, he is also willing to work with you if you talk with him about it. He's dedicated to what he does and the people he works with and never forgets that, at their core, his squad members, the soldiers, the policemen, the citizens, are all still people. He'll use his spare time without any hesitation in order to help someone, coaching hard and encouraging just as much. He expects near perfection from his squad because he works with them all one-on-one and has the utmost confidence in their abilities to perform with perfection.

Outside of his serious approach to most of life, he is at his core very paternal, much of a tough-love dad kind of type. He treats his friends and squad members as kin, and if he ever catches anyone talking smack about them he won't hesitate to put that person in their place. He does know how to have a bit of fun, smiling and cracking smart jokes with those he's close with, a fan of self-depricating humor to allow others to feel more comfortable around him.

He spends his free time taking walks throughout the city, enjoying the rainfall and feeding fish. He seems particularly fond of animals, and he tends to be a bit technophobic, finding a lot of it to be very confusing and foreign, which frustrates the hell out of him. He can't text easily for shit.


Immortality: He's a demon, it's to be expected.

Telekinesis: Clearly his main talent, Spider can lift anything and everything and do whatever the hell he wants to it without so much as touching it physically. Granted, the bigger the object, the more power it takes to lift it, and any strenuous amount of serious heavy lifting (ie ships, cars, small structures or buildings) takes its toll and can leave him incapacitated with the world's worst migraine afterwards, with extreme circumstances resulting in loss of consciousness. This is the skill he works out the most, often using his mind to do all of his day to day activities for him; if you asked him to actually put pen to paper and write with his hands he'd probably short circuit and forget how.

Telepathy: His weakest ability. He has difficulty in maintaining any long-distance connection with anyone other than his dragon, and rarely ever uses it.

Pyrokinesis: Moderate. He can create and manipulate small fires, and if one talks to him he may occasionally imply that once upon a time he used to be able to do much more with it, before he decided to trade it in when he gave up his demon status in favor of "retirement" (becoming a Pilot.)

Has a lot of kids in the world but hell if he knows where most if even some of them are.

Dragon: Susanoo
An all-black serpentine dragoness with a slight oil slick sheen to her scales. Her lower jaw, most of her ribcage, forelegs and latter part of her tail have been replaced with mechanical parts. She's a couple thousand years old, and currently Spider's longest running draconic partner. Like Spider, she's very no-nonsense, if not a bit harsher than he is. They get along fairly well and discuss most everything fairly often.

Spider has been on this earth for thousands of years, and it's obvious. He's not often surprised by much and tends to read people easily and accurately at a glance. He's seen history rinse and repeat itself a few times over, and at this point he's mostly just here to enjoy the ride.

Spider used to be a demonic king, way way WAY back in the day. But after so many thousands of years of fighting off other demons to keep his title and never getting any respect because hello, demons, he finally got fed up with it and decided to retire, by becoming a Pilot instead.

Of course back then they were dragon riders but, yknow. Same difference.

He's been in quite a few wars, doesn't really think much of any of them He's seen a lot, lost a lot, seen other people lose a lot. It's life.

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