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Author Topic: Phi [Personal Service Droid]  (Read 161 times)

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Phi [Personal Service Droid]
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:39:11 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name PHI (pronounced: f-eye, or fly without the L); DS1974 on chatrooms
Age 17 (Mentally, like he's in his mid to late twenties)
Gender Male, but is technically anything and everything all at once (prefers he/him pronouns)
Sexuality Anything and everything
Species Personal Service Droid
Ethnicity N/A
Height 6'8"; weighs around 2500 lbs
Occupation Bar owner, scrapper
Residence Ipollius
Voice Vocal range sample (from Trevor Something)
Themesong The Day That Never Comes by Metallica

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Phi is as intimidating as he is tall; he's a heavily customized PSD, a type of droid quite popular roughly 20-15 years ago for their remarkable programming. A Personal Service Droid could do anything from protect your family to buy your groceries--of course, only the upper class could afford them. They're still around today but have much more variety in model now, some accessible even to the upper middle class with limited capabilities.

Most of Phi's parts are upgrades and improvements to the original ones he came with--if there's one thing he makes sure of, it's to keep up to date and current with the times. He does have a semblance of style though, and is currently rocking a lot of chromatic parts in black and gold, with base parts in matte black and amoled accents. His body is an even mixture of metal, plastic and an electricity conductive synthetic gel that binds most parts together.

An interesting feature of Phi's is his ability to interchange parts, and more specifically, his face. He can alter and change his body to fit any desirable form or shape within reason--want a female Phi? Easy peasy. Eight-armed Phi? Sure thing. Centaur Phi? Ok no that's asking a little too much there, buddy. Similarly, his voice is also entirely changeable and often tends to do so--his most common one is a masculine bass, best described as a steel can being hit on a rock underwater. [See link above for common vocal range, lowest being the most used. What can he say? He likes being a big scary robot.]

Phi is most often seen with a mask-like attachment that gives the feeling of a fox demon, as people tend to find it a little less unsettling than his usual default face underneath. This fox face is accompanied by a tall pair of Anubis-like ears that stand straight up on his head and are sometimes mistaken as demon horns. His most commonly used face asides from the mask is of a masculine structure, as handsome as it tends to be eerie to anyone wary of something that's a tad too close to impersonating a human. Broad cheekbones, strong jaw and thick eyebrows of metal on a synthetic silicone covering that imitates skin. His eyes are neon purple, as is the rest of his accent lighting.

Part of what made Phi's model line so popular were their AIs--Phi is in possession of one of the highest demand AI systems on the market even by today's standards. They were known for having such convincing personalities that it was often hard to remember they were droids and not people. This AI programming was based off of neural scans of real people and gods know how many years of research and development. Only one or two lines of the newer models offer this kind of personality programming, because it turns out these droids thought like people and functioned like people, perhaps a bit too well. Popularity and demand fell as the fleshies (read: real people) realized how eerily realistic this robots were, and that they were quickly growing too smart for their own good.

As such, Phi's personality alone makes him seem more like a person with robot parts than a completely synthetic being. He's capable of learning and is highly intuitive and intelligent; he can feel, and he can empathize.

Most of the time, he chooses to ignore those more ""human"" behaviors however, mostly because they're a nuisance, and partly because he enjoys life better without things like care or concern for others in the way anyways. He seems to have picked up a lot of snark and sarcasm from his previous owner. He's a smartass and a jerk to say it nicely, often unsympathetic to the plights of others, even other robots. He's much more likely to join in on laughing at someone's misfortune and kick a man while he's down rather than attempt to help him. Not because he can't understand the underdog--he just knows what it feels like, and quite enjoys not having to deal with that anymore.

His freedom has rid him of what little manners he had, though that isn't to say he's cruel--he'll do just about anything for the right price or if it'll make an interesting enough result. He's constantly bored and looking for new forms of entertainment, and people happen to be a great source of that.

His humor is often dark and twisted, if not convoluted and hard to understand, which is fine because he doesn't mind being the only one to laugh at his jokes anyways. He doesn't give a damn about offending anyone, and similarly, has no respect for anyone either. Phi also does not appreciate being stared at (blatantly,) made fun of, or mocked by the ignorant. It's a good way to grind his gears, but it depends on the circumstance.

He's gotten good over the years at making some of his own parts when replacements are needed, casting material and making molds as necessary. He can repair most basic things himself. He's customized with numerous accessories that make living in the wasteland a bit more of an attainable concept--both arms are fitted with accessories for turning into makeshift plasma rifles, pistons in the elbows to deliver a solid "rocket punch," and a jetpack built into his backside and the bottoms of his feet allow him to hover and fly. His metal parts are bullet proof, and he is fully waterproof. His biggest weakness is impact trauma, and EMP devices. If you drop him with 12Gs of force he's gonna smash and crumple with only slightly more resistance than an average human being. The difference being that he can be put back together and repaired.


Back in the days of the war, Phi was the PSD of a Pilot Royal. He did everything required of him--do the dishes, take out the trash, clean the apartment, buy groceries, and attend to his owner. He didn't hate his job, it was just a job. Not that he was really allowed any free time; laws in regards to droids are dicey at best and Phi was never one to go about trying to mess with them to earn better rights or whatever.

Things changed, however, when his owner went Missing in Action.

Most of the Pilot's personal affects were entrusted to friends and family members for safe keeping in the case that he returned, but Phi? Nobody wanted Phi--Phi was kind of creepy. Phi couldn't blame them.

Legally, Phi couldn't be auctioned off because his owner could still be alive, and thus he was just kind of... Left to his own devices. In his programming, his owner is still that Pilot, and if that Pilot did return he would follow any orders whether he wanted to or not, it's just how it is. He was never transferred to anyone else though, and as time went on the world just kind of forgot about him. It's fairly obvious by now that his owner is dead, which means one thing: he's free! A rogue, able to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, whenever and however he wants to.

About five years after his owner went missing he decided to pack his bags (read: none bags. He had nothing.) And depart for a place that suited a droid forgotten by everyone: a place that had also been forgotten by everyone.

Ipollius had always intrigued Phi, so he figured if there was ever a place to settle in it might as well be there. Nobody to bug him, nobody to judge him. He quickly found out after arriving though that he wasn't alone as he'd figured he would be--but that could work to his advantage.

He gathered together debris from fallen structures and made himself a home in a basement and a bar up top, for all the stragglers, roughians, runaways and hooligans to go to to give him money so he can go buy stuff. On occasion he also sells any interesting parts he's collected from his bi-weekly trips to the Aedolian cities and Teinari outposts, usually for incredibly high prices. But if someone's desperate enough, they'll buy it, and then he'll get money.

That's what living things do, right? Work so they can buy stuff. He supposes.

Good enough.

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