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Author Topic: Morrigan, Wasteland Wanderer  (Read 148 times)

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Morrigan, Wasteland Wanderer
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:32:53 PM »

Art by meeee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Morrigan (also goes by 8-Bit)
Age 22
Gender Female
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Lycanthrope
Ethnicity Teinari
Height 5'7"
Occupation Wanderer, scrapper, adventure-seeker
Residence Teinar/Wastelands
Voice Chiara Zanni (Molly from Oban Star Racers)
Themesong Touch Fluffy Tail

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Morrigan is a tall, lanky girl with almond shaped ocean blue eyes and surprisingly pale skin for someone coming from Teinar. She comes from a family of lycanthropes, and is the youngest sister to Hound. She has rather soft facial features, plump lips and is usually seen with a smile or shining curiosity in her eyes. Her hair is a gorgeous dyed teal that fades to a bright blue at the tips, and hits about her mid-back. She has a rather large tail considering she's a mere coyote, which her parents figured to be a mutation given the land she was born in. She usually has her ears and tail, also dyed various shades of teal, visible even as a "human" because she thinks they're cute. She also wears glasses, but can get by without them when necessary.

Fairly shy, quiet and socially awkward girl. She's not good with making smooth conversation, but darnit she'll try >:C She's one to get easily excited over just about anything, before quickly using the rational side of her brain and sometimes realizing that what may sound like FUN isn't the best idea. She's a sweetheart who finds it far too easy to care for just about anyone, hoping she makes friends with almost everybody she meets. She's also very silly and giggly, happy to lighten anyone's day, though usually without meaning to. She has also learned over time how to be serious when situations require it of her, and is very good at focusing and getting a job done, stopping at just about nothing until her mission is complete. Very determined, energetic and confident in battle.

-Lycanthrope (is a coyote, and has two forms in addition to her human one: all dog, and anthropomorphic) (she is weak to silver)
-Increased lifespan (though she can be slain)
-Highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat
-Enhanced strength, speed, endurance and agility
-Enhanced sense of hearing, smell, and sight

Morrigan's older sister! Well, one of them. Their family is kinda big. But she does love her sister, even though she tends to deal in the shadier sides of life. The two are extremely loyal to each other and will always have each other's backs, sometimes seeming to be a little too in-sync with how well they know each other, it tends to freak people out whenever they're together in the same room.

Like her siblings before her, Morrigan was raised in a family of lycanthropes in Teinar that feel self defense and the ability to fight is worth more than a basic education. Like Hound, when Morri reached age 16 she left home for the Wastelands, and even though she long since has proved her worth as a strong individual with enough strength to survive in one of the unruliest wastelands in the galaxy on her own, she decided not to come back to Teinar afterwards. She loves life out in the toxic waste, adventuring, exploring, uncovering treasure and getting into scraps with other rogues.

Of course, she has no plans on staying there forever, she'd still love to get out and see the world and explore space like her sister does, but for now she's content to learn new skills and fight tooth and nail to survive in the middle of nowhere on a dead planet full of radioactive monsters and villains galore.

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