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Author Topic: Charlie, Roaming Cowboy Mage (thing)  (Read 178 times)

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Charlie, Roaming Cowboy Mage (thing)
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:05:58 PM »

Art by meeee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Charlie, Chi, Nemo online
Age mid 30s (estimated)
Gender Male (fluid)
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'10"
Occupation None. Vigilante sometimes.
Residence Edanith--wherever he can stay the night, which is just about anywhere
Voice Rob Wiethoff
Themesong The Islander

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Charlie's a tall, not too shabby looking guy. After living a life on the frontier of Edanith, the sun's tanned his somewhat olive skin tone. His hair is wavy, and kept short, just to his jawline or so. It's a good dark chocolate brown, and his eyes a light hazel. He usually sports a rugged beard, and all of it is almost always hidden under his strange, seemingly homemade respirator, which looks like a plague doctor's mask fused with a gas mask. He's tall and lean but with good muscle for running, jumping, climbing, etc., 'cuz he's usually always trying to run away from something, or someone. He's pissed off a good few people in these parts, it wouldn't do him any favors to get out of shape.

Odd, quiet, warm-hearted, protective, responsible. When on a mission he stops at nothing to fulfill his duty, be it finishing a quest or helping a friend through an emotional trial. Chi seems to have a gift for being at the right place and the right time, and is always up for helping an unfortunate stranger. Though polite and cordial, he can sometimes come off as wistful, spacey, quiet and reserved, and it is often that he can be found retreating into the depths of his own mind to ponder who knows what, although it can be guessed most of his thoughts revolve around his own life and its particular meaning and purpose. A bit of a desperate, lost soul, in search of something that truly makes living worthwhile. He very much dislikes his own face, hence the mask.

Teleportation Abilities
Charlie has a unique ability as a mage to manipulate space in a way that allows him to teleport places. Generally, he can only jump as far as he can see, as he has to see where he's going in order to create the jump to it.

The way it works is relatively simple--when Charlie creates a portal, it's like a small black hole,
 though far more tame, and less deadly. He can create one or two portals at once, two with concentration. The portals can vary in size, but the larger it is, the harder it is for him to maintain, so it won't last as long. Currently, the absolute longest he can hold a small portal for one or two people open is five minutes, and that's with a lot of mental and magical strain. They're best in short bursts, or as quick getaways. Anyone and anything can enter a portal and come out on the other side.

The Pocket Dimension
Somehow (on accident) when he was younger, Charlie created a pocket dimension in space that only he has access to. It only requires one portal to enter, as it's literally like stepping into another world. The catch is that upon exiting, no matter where he places the portal within his pocket dimension, he'll come out where he entered originally from the previous world. It isn't just some magical bubble that he can enter from Edanith and exit into Aedolis the next day; if he enters in Edanith, he will exit in the exact same spot in Edanith he entered in. It's a good hideaway, and it's usually where he stays the night, because it keeps him hidden and out of trouble. However, when he enters his pocket dimension, he has no idea where he's going to pop in, since he can't visualize where to go. Sometimes it's like falling from the sky, other times he'll magically appear in his convenient row boat. Again, anyone and anything can enter this dimension through one of his portals.

The pocket dimension isn't entirely safe, however. Over the many years it's been used as many different things--a bunker, a garbage can, a backpack, a cage for wild animals. Currently, it's flooded by about twelve feet of water--it was originally some 10 acres of rolling plains with short grass and a few cacti. There's a shack built on the highest hill, currently safe from the water levels, that acts as a shoddy house. It has a bed, storage with food that doesn't expire any time soon, a small dining table. It was very obviously built by him, and he is very obviously not a carpenter by any means.

Other things in the pocket dimension include various wild animals, some of which are carnivorous, one being a monster crocodile that gets particularly irate if its food shortage gets low (he hasn't figured out how he's going to get the croc out of there just yet.) Random junk has settled at the bottom of the floodwater, and sometimes amasses into small piles of stuff that you can stand on, like tiny islands. The weather always stays the same: cloudy with a slight breeze.
 It's unknown where the light comes from, but the lighting does fluctuate roughly between a night and a day, the hours each last change at random and Charlie has long since stopped caring enough to try and figure it out.

A few exes, some friends in random cities and towns, but nothing to really write home about. If he had a home to write to.

Charlie was born the son of a trader in Aedolis, and he often would tag along with his parents on some of their excursions to find new shit to sell in their shop in Aurora. At the age of 8, a malfunction on their ship caused an unexpected crash landing on Edanith--both of his parents died, and only by a miraculous happenstance of Chi using/discovering his powers did he survive. The trauma and the jarring impact was probably what caused him to forget everything about his life that had happened up until that point. He figured that the man and woman he saw burning in the flames of the crashed ship were probably his parents, and he got his current name from the brand tag on the inside of his shirt. He has no idea who he is, or where he's from.

All he knows is that he's here.

Eventually the fires extinguished; he stayed with the wreck for a few days before a gang of salvagers found him, and when they saw his powers in a shitty attempt to escape, they realized that even though he was a mage, they could make way more money having him steal things for them than if they just sold him off to the slave trade. So as a rat he was raised, good at pilfering items and getting away quickly, he got good at his job fast to avoid the beatings. He learned how to get good in a scrap and excelled in clever hand-to-hand combat that didn't involve guns; he has two pistols he keeps on his person, but he rarely if ever uses them.

Eventually the gang pissed off the wrong people, and somewhere around his early teens he managed to escape. He got in a few more tangles after that, earned the scars on his body, and now he's getting old and tired and he wants to do with none of that shit anymore.

Sometimes the bandits and gangs he's pissed off along the way try to come after him, holding a grudge and hellbent on either revenge or getting him to join them so they can use his talents. He is absolutely not interested.

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