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Author Topic: (WIP) Flumenalt Lauthlet; Pilot Royal  (Read 161 times)

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(WIP) Flumenalt Lauthlet; Pilot Royal
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:02:47 AM »

Name: Flumenalt Lauthlet
Aliases: Flume
Age: 34
Gender: mostly Male with some fluidity
Species: Post-Human
Orientation: Panromantic pansexual
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Skin: Gold-colored skin dusted with metallic glitter-like freckles.
Hair Color: Bright moss green→████
Hair Style: Soft mohawk
Eye Color: Pale yellow with bronze flecks→████
Occupation: Pilot Royal
Residence: Haviah, Aedolis


Surface Description
Standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 160lbs, Flumenalt Lauthlet would make a tall elegant woman, and sometimes he looks it. His very pretty, but rather androgynous face makes it hard to tell if he's a man or woman. The fact that he dresses like both and neither adds to this. He has full, kissable lips, that he paints in a color to match his hair, that are smiling or puckered ever so slightly, when he's not engaged in conversation. Long lashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows, that are naturally the green color of his hair, stand out on his golden skin. He most often uses an electric blue eyeliner and eye shadow, the color of Stellux's scales. Flume's nose is angular, and smallish, coming to a gentle point, with an almost elven look to it. His dainty ears, are also rather elven in shape, coming to a soft point, like half-breeds. His freckles look like gold flakes and glitter dusted across his skin, appearing larger when clustered together. They glitter heavily across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, down his spine, and across his clavicles, but are on much of the rest of his body as well. He has womanly, child bearing hips, and a butt that has been sculpted through genetic enhancement, and a daily workout routine. A cinched waste sweeps up to broad shoulders and a strong back. Well muscled, lithe arms and legs, move with elegance and grace, giving Flume the air of a dancer. When off duty, his walk has a sway to it, like you see women in holo-vids use to entice men. In his uniform, Flume has the aura of a tough, no-nonsense soldier type, and his stature and walk reflect this. His soft, almost feminine features, turn from smiles, and demure looks, to stern and pensive. His bubbly laughter is gone, replaced by a more masculine laugh, that is heard infrequently. When you've known Flume for any amount of time that includes his ovulation period, you will note that his body undergoes a physical change. One of the traits he has from Post-Human genetic enhancement and manipulation, is that he has fully functioning male and female genitalia. During the course of his three month cycle, there is a two week period of ovulation, in which the hormones in his body cause the growth of breasts. When in uniform, Flume usually binds them, as he most often embraces a fully male identity when on duty. When off duty or on leave, Flume loves to show off his little boobs. He doesn't have them for long, so he tries to get the most out of them.

In-Depth Look
As with his physical appearance, Flumes personality is very frequently a duality. He behaves one way when in uniform, and another when not. Fun, excitable, schmaltzy, promiscuous, and other similar words would be used by his friends to describe him. He loves to go to parties, and enjoys night clubs. That elegant air of a dancer proves true when you see him twirl about on the dance floor. Then he starts gyrating and your thoughts go from, "wow, how beautiful," to, "I bet he's great in the sack," and he is. Whether his lover is male, female, or something else altogether, Flume is dedicated to giving them a mind blowing experience, and getting his due as well. With an improved phallus, designed for maximum pleasure to all participants, and a vagina created with identical intent, Flume is better designed for sex than most of the modern sex-droids. When aroused, Flume's skin secretes a chemical that when absorbed into someones skin, increases the production of dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin, endogenous opiates, and other neurochemicals that effect attraction and bonding. This, coupled with a minor empathic ability, make sex with Flume quite addictive.

Flume is very loyal, but can be flighty and flaky. When on duty, Flume is fairly by the book. He likes the rules and regulations, and he doesn't like to see them broken. This doesn't mean he's not opposed to bending the rules when necessary, especially in fulfillment of your mission or duties. His uniform is always perfectly pressed, and he always has an extra ready, just in case there's an accident. Flume is also a bit of a badass. One of the youngest to go from candidate to pilot, he excelled at just about everything. There were always those that were better at one thing or another, but none were better than him at everything. He holds the second or third best records on every test of ability that has been given. He was sought by many specialist groups to join their ranks, but he was ordered not to accept. That order came from the Imperial. There was a special job that the Pilot Imperial had in mind for Flume. Given secret missions that he excelled at, leading to accomplishments that others couldn't be told about, Flume received early promotions. There was no jealousy of this expressed by his peers. Why would they be jealous? They got to live as celebrities, and enjoy all the things Haviah had to offer, while Flume was sent on long term secret missions, that took him away from friends, family, and the comforts of home. His missions are frequently so secret, that even most other Royals aren't cleared to be given details.

Being Post-Human, Flume was genetically built to certain design specifications. Psionic abilities are a bit hard to nail down within genetics, and the number of variables that are involved have yet to be determined. For this reason, multiple choices were made with his DNA to give him a better chance at having a strong Psionic ability. The end result of others that were designed as he was, were not nearly as promising, ranging from no abilities of note, to so many strong abilities that the persons mind could not handle it. Flume has multiple low intensity abilities that are almost too weak to truly be useful, and one very strong specialization.

Basic Psionics:

Every pilot is telepathic and most are also telekinetic, though not always. Those that are strong in kinesis are usually weak in telepathic abilities, and vice versa. Flume is an odd exception. While he is extremely strong in photonkinesis and umbrakenisis, basic telekinetic ability is not a strong point for him. He can push and pull small objects with barely a thought, but anything much larger or heavier than his hand take a great deal of concentration. When it comes to telepathy, Flume is extremely talented. Trained in both self shielding and attacking, it would take a team of Inquisitors to break into Flumes mind, and they would themselves not come away unscathed. Like other strong attack telepaths, Flume can sort through your mind with ease, and once he has what he needs, he can rip your mind apart, leaving you vegetative. Due to the nature of his work, Flume undergoes consensual deep mind probes upon his return from missions.

Low Intensity Psionic abilities:

Faunapathy & Florapathy - These abilities are dying out among the population, but on occasion crop up. They are sometimes thought of as cool, because of their growing rarity. Flume has some use for being able to communicate with plants and animals, in his work, so they are useful, even in their limited capacity. Since Plants and animals don't communicate or even think in the same way higher lifeforms do, getting clear information from them is difficult. Time is especially difficult to communicate, as time is a humanoid construct.

Direct Empathy- Flume can faintly feel the emotions of others through direct physical contact, though not the intensity of those emotions, and can 'nudge' them in little ways to give very subtle influence. The amount of skin required to touch, and the amount of time it takes Flume to 'align' himself to those emotions, only makes its use practical during sex.

Direct Technopathy- Contact with technology allows Flume the ability to 'communicate' with said technology. In the case of VI's or SI's (Virtual or Simulated Intelligence) and True AI's (Artificial Intelligence) there is real communication. Anything less, and the interaction is much more like interfacing with the device at a terminal like any other user. Though this doesn't give Flume an intuitive ability to hack machines and networks like strong Technopaths, he's glad to have this ability, as it means he doesn't need a neural port to dive into the virtual world.

Precognition- While precognition, especially such high accuracy as Flume has, is highly sought after by the military, the specific category of his precognition has little use in anything other than combat. Flume can easily activate or stop his precognition, and started doing so at a very young age, without realizing it. The accuracy is nearly 100% as, the range of time is so short. Put plainly, Flume can see 2 seconds into the future. That future being seen is only what Flume can lay his eyes on at that moment, and the future appears as shadows moving over his surroundings. This is very useful when fighting, as you can see your opponents movements before they happen. It even helps with dodging bullets.

Psionic Specializations:

Photonkinesis- An evolution of illumokinesis, photonkenisis goes one step further. The ability to manipulate light through illumokinesis allows for the creation of perfect illusions, and even invisibility. The manipulation of photons through photonkenisis allows that same ability, but also gives the ability to make those "illusions" solid. This means that a blade made from photonkenisis cuts. Another interesting aspect of photonkenisis is that photons are their own antiparticle. From fully charged photons, down to antiphotons, photonkenisis can mold them all, right down to what is commonly called shadow manipulation. Anywhere there is light there is shadow. Photonkenisis makes Flume the perfect stealth operative. This is the main reason the Pilot Imperial was interested in Flume. His excellence in all other fields is what has kept Flume from being in the research labs full time as a guinea pig.

Guns and Blades




Other items of importance







Name: Stellux
Age: 248
Gender: Female


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