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Author Topic: Louis Vitton, Pilot Echo  (Read 148 times)

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Louis Vitton, Pilot Echo
« on: June 17, 2017, 11:42:19 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Louis Vitton (Also goes by Loa or Yeshalupe)
Age 26
Gender Male
Sexuality Homosexual
Species Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'9"
Occupation Inquiry Acquisition Agent/Black Bagger
Residence Haviah
Voice Trevor Something
Themesong The Haunting

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Thin and lanky yet surprisingly small, Louis, or Loa as he often prefers to be called, is a lithe man through and through. He has more of a swimmer's build, and is in fact, an excellent swimmer.

He is most often seen in black, with accents of red or gold, and he is never seen in public without his flight helmet, though he will take it off for certain occassions (ie meetings with superiors, certain missions, etc.) Underneath he is a pale man of somewhat boyish looks with short black hair, and cold, sad blue-gray eyes.


 Yeshalupe is a person shrouded in mystery. Very few know what he looks like under the mask, and nobody's about to find out any time soon. Ruthless, quick, to-the-point and silent 80% of the time. He doesn't care much for other people and it's hard to get on his good side. He moves with purpose and determination to get things done and he absolutely loathes anyone who will get in his way or slow him down. That being said, those are the easiest ways to agitate him, and some of the best ways to actually get him to talk. He only speaks when he finds it necessary, and when someone's pissing him off that's definitely a necessary occasion. He finds it far too easy to change from serious and collected to snidey and sarcastic at the drop of a hat. Thankfully though, those times are rare as it's rare he's ever seen hanging out with anyone at all. If he likes you though, it's all the way or nothing at all--he's not very gray with his emotions. Either you're a friend or foe; and at the moment, he has none of the former.

He has severe depression and is often prone to bouts of dangerous substance abuse. He also has Scopophobia, the fear of showing his face/being seen, hence why he rarely shows his face. This is notated on his Pilot profile, but only accessible by superiors.


-Minor Telekinesis
Amontillado- Loa's dragon. It was made clear on day one that he didn't choose Loa because he cared about him, he only wanted him for his abilities. amon has a bit of a nasty rep among some of the other dragons, as some believe he pushes humans too hard. Prior to Loa he has lost three Pilots and does not seem to have a shred of remorse  or guilt over any of them; due to outside  circumstances it's never been determined he was directly responsible for their deaths and thus he keeps getting new ones. He speaks poorly of those who have failed him in the past. His relationship with Loa is strictly professional, potentially abusive, and it is rare that the two of them even speak outside work hours.

Loa has never been a pleasure-seeker, unlike nearly every other person in Aedolis. And because of this, he was often ridiculed or bullied by others because he stood out from the rest. He was treated like an outcast and rightfully learned to hate nearly every living creature with thoughts and the ability to speak because of it.

There was only one person who had bothered to befriend him, and that boy became his best friend.

Both of them showed psychic abilities at the ages of 13, and both were drafted into the Pilot Candidate Program together. But while Loa was always a bit of a quiet pushover, his best friend was the opposite; and it was because of him standing up to their superiors for lack of involvement with bullying and abuse within the program that ended up in Loa's best friend, and first love, being trimmed.

He hates everyone and everything, including himself. He was on the verge of being trimmed himself due to apathy in the program and lack of control over his abilities, when panic awakened his true abilities at the last moment and bestowed upon him a second chance.

The only reason he hasn't killed himself is because he knows his best friend would have been disappointed with him if he did, and that's a shame that even he can't bear.

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