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Author Topic: Phrike, the Alien  (Read 205 times)

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Phrike, the Alien
« on: March 07, 2017, 01:57:09 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Phrike
Age ??? Unknown
Gender Female
Sexuality ??? Unknown
Species ??? Unknown
Ethnicity N/A
Height 7' 3" not counting her wings
Occupation ??? Unknown
Residence N/A
Voice Evo+
Themesong Song 20 Submix 0

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Phrike is a tall and slender snake-like reptillian creature. She has a deep yellow skin color with blotchy, spotty accents of a rustic peach color. Her hair is a bright and fiery red-orange; her eyes are seafoam green, pupils black with reflective navy colors in certain light. Her torso is extremely long below a rather short rib cage, with a set of wings sprouting from her mid-back just above her hips. They have a wingspan of 14 feet. She has digigrade legs, ending in clawed, raptor-like feet; her fingers also have claws, which are not retractable. The final thing of worthy note is her tail, slightly longer than her legs, which can unfold from a regular lizard tail to something perhaps more similar to a webbed tail more bird-like in shape. It presumably helps her in flight.

When preparing to breathe fire, her skin starts to radiate a glow from deep within the main core of her rib cage that radiates upward to her throat and mouth; she literally breathes fire, similar to most dragons. This glow also occurs naturally if she's exposed to strong light for any longer than an hour, as she'll glow in darkness afterwards. The more light she gets, the brighter she'll be later.

Her internal clock is a little messed up because of the varying climates and planetary systems she explores; traditionally her race has a repetitive inner clock that dictates their instincts and bodily functions over the course of their year (roughly one and a half Earth years), such as hibernation or going into heat, so at times, depending on how long she's on a single planet, hers can be a little unpredictable. If she does go into heat, it lasts for a 28 day cycle, and it's highly recommended she is left alone for that 28 days unless if one is feeling particularly adventurous--or stupid.

Phrike is... Phrike. A creature of little words, she rarely ever speaks if at all, and leaves the impression on most that she is a mute, though this is not the case. She might be best described as being akin to an owl or feral cat--she doesn't understand most of the societal customs in this solar system, and therefor wanders this remote region of space in a constant state of curiosity, though that curiosity doesn't come unguarded. She's a very cautious thing, quick to become defensive if something unknown makes any sudden movements toward her or does something unexpected.

She is very animalistic in her behavior, but she's far from stupid. Quite intelligent, she's good at figuring out most complex machines, and is surprisingly good with computers. She's also not adverse to killing, and will do so with her bare hands without remorse; as far as her people are concerned, it's every creature for themselves, and she's not afraid to maim or murder if it means self-preservation for another day. It should be noted that she only kills out of necessity, or if she has been ordered to do it. She likes raw meat and sour fruits.

-Can breathe fire (biological, not magical)
-Excellent critical thinking and puzzle-solving skills
-Highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat
-Enhanced strength, speed, and endurance


Nobody knows who Phrike is or why she's here, because so far nobody has gotten close enough to her to figure it out. Only Phrike knows why Phrike is here, and she seemingly has no interest in telling anybody. She does seem to be searching for something, though. Or perhaps, someone.

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