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Author Topic: Cheesy's Wants and Limits  (Read 189 times)

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Cheesy's Wants and Limits
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:48:28 PM »

What types of plots are you interested in playing?
I'm up for many different types, particularly those with angst, romance, comedy, action and adventure in them. Sometimes all of the above rolled into one, even! I play to have my characters grow and develop and change over time.

What types of plots are you not interested in playing?
Typically, I'm not too keen on rps that are "one-shots", that is, an rp that happens maybe once between the characters that doesn't really have any significance or point to either character's story or growth. However, I tend to become more open to this with characters who already have a lot of plot going for them; to be put simply, I like to get the main ball rolling with a character first, and once all the big, important plot points are already in motion, then I feel more comfortable doing "just for fun" one-off rps.

How often can you reply to any given thread?
It depends on the season (fall is hell for me because of work) as well as how involved I am in the roleplay. Usually if it's plot-driven I reply immediately, sometimes several times a day, or likewise if it's fun (read: funny). But usually I try to reply to things daily or a few times a week.

What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
A week or two, sometimes longer if extenuating circumstances permit it.

Are you open to RPing over instant messengers? If so, what's the best way to contact you and what times are you generally available?
I can, but I'm not very fond of it. I don't really have a set schedule due to my work and classes, so the times I'm on are totally at random nowadays.

Are you open to post volleying?
(Where you and another player post rapidly back and forth in a thread with each other. If so, what's the best way to set that up?)
Absolutely! The best way is just to let me know what days you're off and I'll let you know what days I'm off so maybe we can spend an entire day just rping, I love doing that. :p

Anything else?
If your character doesn't care, then neither will I. Basic, generic, simple and lackluster responses are the quickest way to make me nope out of an rp.


What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
(For instance, do you mind if someone grabs your character? Picks them up? Punches them?)
(Rofl this is going to be my response for most of these questions) Ask me first. I like to plot rps fairly in-depth before actually starting them, but I do recognize that things happen unexpectedly in rps, which I'm totally okay with. I'm also okay with your character "trying" to hit/touch/interact with mine, because this allows me to pick and chose what to have my character respond to based on what will provide the best reaction. IE, "Charlie snapped; in a whirlwind attempt to take Ain down a notch off her high horse, he threw a wild punch at her smarmy face." Essentially, you can write your character executing the action, but you can't write my character reacting, or even imply that the action was finished, for example, you can't write "Charlie's hand connected with her face." Because I might chose to have  Ain dodge that in my response and get hit by something else instead.

What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
(What are you comfortable with and not comfortable with? Do you prefer to pre-plot relationships or let them happen organically? Are you open to IC-rejection or love-triangles? Age differences? Etc.)
Ask for my permission; typically, these are things I like to cover and discuss during an rp's plotting stages. I like my character relations (particularly romances) to happen about 50% planned and 50% organically. I'm open to IC rejection, love triangles not so much, age differences are ok so long as both parties involved are of age (at least 18) and consenting.

What are your limits in regards to sex?
(Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out? Is there anything you won't write? Note: If you are under 18, you must fade to black.)
Once upon a time I used to rp smut a lot. But that was literal years ago. I've no idea where my writing talents on this subject matter stand now, so if an rp is going in that direction, we can try it, but I give no guarantee I'll ever be able to finish it.

What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
(Are you okay with pregnancy in plots? Miscarriages? Loss?)
No. :v No pregnancy. I despise children. I mean if your character is pregnant before they meet mine that's fine, but my characters are not getting pregnant, nor will they get yours pregnant.

What are your limits in regards to violent scenes?
(Are you comfortable with violent scenes? Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out? Is there anything you won't write?)
A-OK with violence :D So long as it's plotted first and not too horrid and grotesque. Basically, if you could depict it in an anime or a non-horror television show, then I'm cool with it.

What are your limits in regards to abuse/rape in plots?
(Are you comfortable with such themes? Do you prefer to avoid them? Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out?)
I prefer to imply physical abuse, but I am more open to writing mental and emotional abuse.  I will NOT roleplay rape, do not ever ask me to.

Are you okay with characters being transformed against their will?
(Think vampires and werewolves. Should a player ask before attempting to turn your character?)
ASK FIRST. Big character changes (physical, mental, and emotional) must always be plotted with me beforehand. If you try to godmod your way into cutting my character's leg off I will not be a very happy camper lol.

What about healing?
(For instance, if someone plays a blind character they may not want people to try and "cure" the character.)
Same as above.

Anything else?
(Anything else you want to add that other players should know!)
Nnnnnah :v