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Author Topic: Kyran O'Ruadhain; Pilot Cardinal  (Read 205 times)

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Kyran O'Ruadhain; Pilot Cardinal
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:11:30 AM »

__________________Quick Stats

Kyran (pronounced "KY-ran", where the "ky" is pronounced like in "sky") O'Ruadhan (pronounced "Oh-rowan")
Incubus on his mom's side, and Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) on his dad's side.
Pilot Cardinal

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Kyran has a lean build, fair skin, and a noticeable lack of scars because, physically, he can't scar. His hair is a light brown in color and reaches down to his shoulders. He has pointed ears, like an elf, and hazel eyes. Beneath his eyes are black, scrawling symbols which can easily be explained away as tattoos, though they're not. The incisors of his teeth are elongated and sharper, like fangs, though not like the more dainty fangs of a vampire; they're more like those of an animal. His fingers and toes sport retractable claws.

Though built like a human, Kyran is very, very flexible, thanks to his neqa'el genes.

When out of uniform, he likes to dress in casual, but nice, clothes.

Kyran is, first and foremost, not human. He is a blend of two very different species, and this results in loads of frustration and confusion for him, especially while trying to exist in a human world! And especially while perfectly capable of passing as human, or at least elven!

Kyran has a very dominant, competitive personality, and can turn pretty much anything into a competition. He's spontaneous and playful and doesn't really grasp the idea that some people are uncomfortable with all the things that he finds perfectly normal, because he doesn't really run on Earth logic, but rather follows a sort of logic that is entirely his own.

And, of course, being half incubus, Kyran almost always has sex on the brain. He's aggressively flirtatious and chronically promiscuous. For him, sex is a drug he is literally addicted to, and going without for too long can lead to withdrawal symptoms. He doesn't really have the healthiest views around sex, because for him, sex is as vital to his survival as eating, and thus is about as meaningful to him as a fast food hamburger. His standards are very, very low, and can often land him in dangerous situations.

He can be insensitive, selfish, and passive-aggressive because he does not cope well with disappointment or sadness, and has a difficult time relating to and reading other people--because he is very much not human, so some cues and nuances fly over his head. He doesn't respond well to subtlety, but he understands bluntness. He is also very impulsive and lives by his urges, at least when it comes to interpersonal relationships. He has very few boundaries, and can often encroach (usually unintentionally) on the boundaries of others.

That said, Kyran is very loyal to those he considers family--and that would be the Pilots, and he would fight tooth and nail to defend them and anyone who threatened them. Kyran quite loves Aedolis; it's basically an incubus's dream.

Despite Kyran's need to get down and dirty, he's a neat freak. He does not like being dirty, and does not like dirty spaces. He's a bit obsessive about cleanliness.

Illumokinesis. Kyran has the ability to create illusions, which is perhaps heightened by his incubus blood. He's rather adept at it, and took to it as naturally as breathing, since it's pretty much literally in his blood as a species trait.

He has average telepathy.

Kyran is fast, and has supernatural strength. He also does not scar, and cannot catch illness or disease. He can, however, be poisoned.

A black and white piebald dragon named Kushiel. He is equal parts machine and flesh, is old, and is very much a cranky hardass.

His father, Rasui, is still alive. He's a Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) and Kyran was and is very close to him. Kyran's mother was a succubus, and her name and anything else about her aside from the fact that she was his mother is pretty much unknown.

Kyran is the result of a succubus seducing a cat demon. |: It was an unlikely coupling that resulted in one very confused and frustrated person.

In any case, Kyran was born middle caste, drafted at 13, and graduated only recently! 8D

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