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Author Topic: Demosthenes- a lab experiment  (Read 191 times)

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Demosthenes- a lab experiment
« on: January 30, 2016, 07:25:41 PM »
______________Quick Stats
Name: Demosthenes
Age: 10
Species: Griffon (genetically engineered)
Gender: Male
Occupation: N/A
Residence: A Thanatos Inc. laboratory on Edanith.

______________In-Depth Stuff

Appearance Description:
Demosthenes is a cute little griffon at 2'6" at the shoulders, with a round, fluffy face and a set of comically oversized wings (he'll grow into them). He was graced with a pristine coat of chestnut-coloured feathers and tan fur, although he refuses to clean it when he's supposed to, giving it a bit of a ruffled and disheveled appearance, much to the chagrin of his caretakers. His beak and talons are dark grey, while his large eyes are deep, vibrant silver.

Personality Description:
Demosthenes is your average bundle of energy; loves to play, curious about every single thing, and whines when play time is over, or when chores are to be done, or, even, when there's something on the table he doesn't like. Really, he's your average ten year old.... If your average ten year old could pronounce, define and spell pneumonoultramircoscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Demosthenes is really, really smart for his age, and enjoys learning about things like history, art, literature, philosophy, but math and science bore him to tears. When he isn't playing or whining about chores, he can be found reading... not little children's books or colouring pamphlets, but rather complex works of philosophy and oratory. Hell, the kid's probably read the dictionary cover to cover. Understandably, he gets rather upset when his books get taken away.

Accelerated Learning
Demosthenes was genetically engineered, and as a part of that, the scientist in charge of the process decided to give the fledgling gryphon an accelerated rate of learning. By this, Demosthenes could, by the age of two speak, read and write fluently and, by the age of five, read  classic literature and give a basic essay analysing the themes of such works. However, the drawbacks to this accelerated rate of learning is that Demosthenes is plagued by headaches and fevers every couple of days, and feels dizzy if he's been reading too much at one time.

Subject 57-A, better known as Demosthenes to his creators and their colleagues, was genetically engineered from scratch as an experiment in both brain capacity and to test the limits of genetic engineering technology. While it was initially predicted that he would not live past five years, five years came and went without any major issues, save finding new material for the fledgling to study. Considering Demos a success, the scientists wanted to move on to an even more ambitious experiment, but weren't too keen on terminating him, so they recently put out an advertisement for a foster home for him.
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