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Author Topic: Esha Imaris; spy/slave  (Read 304 times)

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Esha Imaris; spy/slave
« on: September 17, 2015, 04:05:45 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Esha Imaris
5'3"--with ears, tack on nearly a good foot extra.
A small, hot desert planet, Jeth.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Esha has blemish-free dark brown skin, save for a smattering of little white freckles that stand out stark against her skin, covering her shoulders and trailing down her back, buttocks, and backs of her thighs. She has a small dusting on her nose, too. Her eyes are large and expressive with dark, thick lashes, almond shaped and slightly tilted. They are a pale lavender in color, which makes them especially striking against her dark complexion. She has full lips and a heart-shaped face.

Her hair is a lighter brown than her skin, and streaked with stripes of creamy white. She wears it long, down to her hips, and generally wears it loose save for two long tails on either side of her face, which are generally decorated with beads and colorful ribbons.

For the most part, Esha looks human in shape and build. However, instead of a human's little round ears, she has long, rabbit-like ears covered in soft brown fur, spotted with white, which she sometimes decorates with golden rings clasping around the bases of her ears. Naturally, her ears stand erect most of the time, and rotate to capture sound better. She also sports a tail. Truthfully, the actual tail is small and deer-like, but it grows long, silky hair, brown and cream like the hair on her head, and dusts the backs of her knees. She often decorates that, as well, with ribbons and beads.

She is rather petite in build, with obvious curves and an ample bust. And as far as clothing goes, she generally doesn't wear much beyond wispy skirts and short, decorative halter tops, leaving her arms, midriff, and legs exposed. For footwear, she generally wears sandals that lace up her shin.

Observant, intelligent, and humanitarian, Esha is a bleeding heart who can't turn down a soul in need. She helps others when she can, even if it puts herself at risk. Sacrifice is a virtue, after all, and she is deeply empathetic. She wouldn't call herself brave, since she does what she does because she feels someone has to, and because it's the decent thing to do, but her strong beliefs do make her more willing to take even dangerous risks. This makes her quite outgoing by nature.

She has a playful, teasing sense of humor, and tries her best to be a good person. She's friendly and optimistic in general, but not blindingly so--she knows the universe is full of dangerous, horrible people that would love nothing more than to hurt others, and she is not deluded enough to believe they can all be saved. (Nor that they even WANT to change.) She knows well to be cautious.

Though she comes across as sweet and naive, the truth is that Esha's seen some shit. She knows the world is a dark place--but she feels that becoming embittered, cold, and hostile only gives the enemy power. That said, she does have a temper on her, though she tries not to show it. Mainly because it's embarrassing to her. She's the sort of person who cries when she's really angry or frustrated, and that rarely ends with people taking her seriously. Mostly, it just gets people calling her cute.

Esha has skill as a healer; it is the only magical ability she has, but it's a powerful one capable of fusing bones back together and repairing damaged tendons and flesh.

She can hear leagues better than a human can, picking up sounds and frequencies they would miss, and her ears also help keep her cooler on the hot planet. She doesn't have a resistance to heat, really, but is overall better adapted to living in very hot climates.

She's a swift runner, and stronger than she looks. Her family has always ensured their children were trained in self-defense, and Esha is no different. She also knows how to handle firearms, and even how to take apart and clean them. She's not a great fighter by any means, but and her fighting style is purely defensive; she'd do nothing against a soldier! But she can at least keep herself a little more safe, and her observant eyes and keen ears can help her perceive a danger before it strikes.

Parents are dead. She was an only child.

Jeth is a small desert planet with a long and tumultuous history--which involves a long-going war with its sister planet, Rividea. For ages, the more advanced Rivideans have been enslaving their people and tapping their resources, especially their diamonds, and even setting up camps on Jeth to mine for resources. Currently, Jeth is occupied by the Rivideans, while the native people--the Feylini--are treated as second class citizens. Those that oppose the Rivideans, or fight back, find themselves killed or enslaved. Some may find themselves forced to work in the mines and labor camps, others may be taken back to Rividea as domestic slaves and pleasure slaves alike.

That's the kind of world Esha grew up in. She was born to parents who worked with a resistance group, and so such work came naturally to her. Her parents tried to keep her out of it for as long as they could, but Esha wanted to help--and when they died in a bombing, fighting in one of the last free cities on Jeth, they were no longer around to stop her. It became a personal mission to follow in their footsteps and make them proud, and do their memory justice.

She's run around with the resistance group and done some missions for them, and her skill as a healer made her invaluable. She worked primarily as a nurse, a stressful and taxing job, but also did some field work, helping keep people alive in the heat of battle.

Most recently, the resistance has been trying new tactics to learn how to best their enemy. Their next plan? They are hoping to pull off an assassination. To do that, they have chosen people among their group who would not be recognized by the enemy, and then "selling" them to a slaver they've hired. The slaver provides the "slaves" to Rividea's elite, ensuring they are sold to higher up military officials. It's the job of these "slaves" to find out what information they can, and report back to the resistance, with the promise that they will be extracted as soon as enough intel has been gathered.

Esha is one of those who was chosen for the task, and though she knew the risks (up to and including death!), and though it scared her, she agreed. She has friends in the labor camps and mines, after all, so anything she can do to help the cause will help them.

She's currently en route to Rividea, and hopes she has the courage not to fail.

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