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Author Topic: Isoyutare, The Eternal Traveler and Guardian of the Multiverse  (Read 218 times)

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Name: Isoyutare
Nicknames:  Isoyu, Iso, Yutare, Tare
Incarnations: Traeysiou, Aeytrious, Ritousaey
Aliases: The Immortal, The God Slayer, The Endless One, The Last Hope, The Time Strider, The Dimension Walker
Age: Unfathomable
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown(appears mostly human)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs.
Measurements: 34B-22-36
Occupation: Reluctant Savior
Residence: everywhere/nowhere, everywhen/nowhen


Physical Description
Today, here, at this moment, in this history, of this tiny slice of this galaxy, in an even smaller portion of this universe, in the ever spiraling multiverse, that expands and contracts infinitely, Isoyutare, as she knows her name to be here, is a bit shorter than her first form. She's 5'6" and 125lb of lithe muscle. She's strikingly beautiful in such a subtle way, it surprises you. Her features are mostly human, but just slightly angular, as if a distant relative was an elf. Her gaze is piercing, and the shifting prismatic colors of her eyes can have a disconcerting effect on those to find themselves looking on her gently beautiful face. A pair of goggles with lenses that seem to be filled with oil sit on her forehead, above her thin red eyebrows, waiting to be pulled into place at a moments notice. The soft red honey color of her short hair compliments her pale white alabaster skin. Her black armor seems to be made of dragon scales, but is supple like leather. Shadow and light seem to gravitate and extend, dance and contract around the armor making it difficult to keep your gaze from slipping off of Isoyu. She has a fairly small, somewhat raggedy pack slung across her back, under, rather than over, her silvery-gray cloak. The cloak seems to absorb light rather than be illuminated by it. Under the pack, across the small of her back, Iso carries a plain steel short sword, with the hilt at an easy point for her right hand to grab and draw. Around her neck she wears a heavy chain with a platinum medallion. Other than two rings, one of fine workmanship, made of heavy gold, and a plain silver band, her left hand is bare to the elements. Her right is covered in a deep blood red gauntlet speckled with orange rust. On her left hip she has a magical scabbard that reduces the size of her bastard sword "Bright Rose" to that of a long sword until she is drawn, from her right hip dangles her sickle "Blood Moon". Though her name, features, and even gender, are frequently and unpredictably, changing, the two blades are ever her constant companions.

Iso is a personality chameleon. When you've lived as long as she has, died as many times as she has, experienced the many lives she has, you become a mishmash of all you've ever been. She generally is a no nonsense type. Ever patient, she's hard to anger or offend, but being as ridiculously powerful as she is, you're likely to get your teeth kicked in, if you piss her off. She loves deeply and feels great loss at every death, even those of her enemies. She cracks jokes at odd times, and finds some of the most unhumorous things to be hilarious. Most confounding of all is her nonchalance and apathy at times when others would expect her to be more emotional.

In contrast to her usual personality types, Isoyutare is quite promiscuous. She is also a bit vicious, often lacking her usual patience. She tends to stab first, and ask questions later.

It'll take Iso a little while to reacquaint herself with the limits of this universe. She brings her own brand of extraordinary, everywhere/everywhen she goes. Remembering the physics and flow of magic in this universe will take her little time, but it generally goes, if she can think it up, she can do it. Mistress of space and time and all that, ya know. While her appearance has a unique default setting in every universe, she can alter her entire appearance, seemingly at will. In her immortal state, even the gods cannot harm her. She is outside all time and space, but the fabric of reality seems to be tied into her essence. She can choose to be mortal, and experience the sensations of mortality. If she dies before returning to her immortality, she is simply returned to her immortal state. One limit set on her abilities is that she cannot kill any being while she is in her immortal state. This does not mean she cannot alter the timeline and make a being cease to exist. Though she rarely does that, it causes too much trouble. And really, you'd be surprised what you can live through. When she must directly confront an adversary, she will move back and forth from mortal to immortal, until she finally is able to deliver the killing blow as a mortal. Another limit to her abilities is that upon killing a being she must spend time in her mortal state equal to the "value" or importance of that being to the multiverse.

In her mortal form Iso lacks her total control over space and time. She can manage a few tricks, some healing magic, minor power over nature and holy energy. She does however retain the power to resurrect the recently deceased in her mortal form. It takes such a great deal of power, that she must rest at least a day afterward if she is not able to return to her immortal form. Since she lacks her godly abilities as a mortal, Iso keeps many magic items on her person to protect herself.


        -Bright Rose-
Four runes are etched into each flat, and the metal of her blade has a faint pale blue hue. Her hilt is crafted in the likeness of intertwined rose vines, inlaid with emeralds cut into rose thorns. They come to a rose shaped pummel carved from an orange gemstone with yellow speckles. Two similar rose cut gemstones are centered to each side of her cross guard which is crafted to look like rose leaves overlaid and twisted together. Whenever Bright Rose is wielded for good, or against evil, the runes and the three roses shine brightly. Her special abilities only work for wielders with celestial blood. Any evil beings, or beings with fiendish(devil or demon) blood, that attempt to wield Bright Rose, find her hilt to be scalding hot and the emerald thorns to be very sharp.

        »Abilities granted to celestial wielders by Bright Rose (Kiria)
Her wielder can summon three types of light from her pummel. Constant light like that of a torch, a quick bright flare with the intensity of sunlight, and dancing lights like extra large torch flies. Bright Rose can also fight on her own whirling and dancing in the air. She stays near Rit in case he needs to use her directly. Her wielder can also heal them self of serious wounds. This ability is charged by the sunrise, and can only be used once a day. Bright Rose is a holy god wrought item. This protects her from infernal weapons and magics that would harm non holy weapons. Due to her origin, Bright Rose has a Holy Archon bound to her. Like Iso, the physical appearance and name of the Archon changes from universe to universe. This Archon can be summoned or dismissed by her wielder at will.

On top of all this Bright Rose is a telepathic life form. Her name is Kiria. She can see and hear whats happening around her like any sentient being with eyes and ears. She can even see in the dark. She has free will, and a few abilities of her own. She can grant a divine blessing on her wielder if she chooses, granting the protection from evil and enhanced strength and dexterity. She can cast moderate healing spells on her wielder a few times a day as well. She can read minds and sense the amount of evil in anyone nearby. She is incapable of speech, but with telepathy, speech is unnecessary.

        »The Origin
Bright Rose is a sword created from the last flower of its kind. The flowers were created as a gift for an elven maiden that had caught the eye of a nature god. A beautiful orange rose with golden motes of light dancing on its petals. The flowers only grew in two places, both favored by the maiden, under a solitary tree, and along the shore of a nearby reflecting pool. A demon prince, that had a particular hatred for the nature god, learned of the maiden. He took an army of demons to destroy the forest she lived in and kill the elves dwelling there. He tracked her to the reflecting pool himself, and there he made her watch as he destroyed all the flowers. He then ran her through with his sickle, and left her there to die. With her dying breathe she called to the nature god, and he came. With a kiss he transformed her into the flower she had come to love so much. When the demon prince learned of this he returned to smash the flower and found the nature god waiting. The nature god reached down and plucked the Bright Rose and changed it into a Bastard sword. He then turned the sword on the demon prince and his army, slaying them to the last. Once the task was done he drove the sword into the ground by the reflecting pool turning it back to a flower. He charged a loyal Archon with the task of protecting the flower/sword for eternity. Only a being with a pure heart and celestial blood can approach and draw forth the flower, changing it into the sword. The elf maiden Kiria, lives on in Bright Rose.

        -Blood Moon-
In its dormant state, Blood Moon is bone white . The infernal weapon thirsts for blood. Every time it makes contact to blood, whether through inflicted wounds or otherwise, it drinks some into itself. As it drinks it changes to blood red, from tip to pummel, like a flask being filled. Once Blood Moon has its thirst sated, it heals its wielder each time it drinks blood. The real spinal vertebrae hilt always remains bone white. The pummel is tear shaped, with the pointed end down. Being wrought by devils, the blade has an innate hatred for demons. It vibrates with seething hatred when demons are near. Whenever Blood Moon is wielded for evil, or against good, a slight buzzing, like insects, can be heard from the blade. This effect is also present when wielded against demons, though they are evil. It's special abilities only work for wielders with infernal blood. Any good beings, or beings with celestial or demonic blood, that attempt to wield Blood Moon, find the hilt to be unbearably cold, freezing the flesh almost instantly.

        »The Origin
Blood Moon is a sickle crafted using the bones of a devil torturer. For three thousand years, Behlzark tortured mortals, demons, devils, and celestial beings for his master. He even once had the pleasure of torturing an elder dragon. He reveled in their pain, and drank of their blood. The thing about being the favorite torturer of a powerful devil master, is that when they have their domain usurped, you don't fair well either. When his master fell, Behlzark was no longer torturer, he was the tortured. All the blood in his body was drained, and his body was sliced and ravaged. And each day he was fully restored and put through the torture again. This lasted for five hundred years, in which his thirst for blood grew unbearable, and his hatred truly pure. Though his torturers grew bored with this, it was decided that he would live on as a tool for pain. Using powerful magic to keep his soul intact, his flesh and blood were burned away so that his essence clung only to his skeleton. A segment of his spine was set aside and the rest of his bones were forged and reforged a hundred times until only the purest of his hatred remained. The result was combined with the piece of his spine and forged into a bone white sickle. His hatred and his thirst for blood intact, Belhzark was used to murder and torture, thrilling him with each drop of blood, until he was lost in battle with the nature god wielder of Bright Rose. He was cast into the reflecting pool to prevent him from being used for more evil.

        -Chrono Cloak-
This silvery-gray cloak allows its wearer some limited control over space and time where it is concerned with the physical beings self. The wearer can use it to manipulate his/her molecular structure making himself anything from invisible or insubstantial, to highly dense or indestructible. It also allows teleportation over short distances through space and time.

        -Elemental Gauntlet-
This gauntlet is for the right hand. It's made from a metal called Stones Blood, for its blood red color and that it always appears wet like fresh blood. It is swirled with the bright orange of rust. As its name implies it allows control over the elements. The wearer can call on all the elements of the natural world for aid, or focus them through the gauntlet. This allows the creation of localized storms or earthquakes, and the throwing of bolts of lightning or fire and the like. The wearer can even manipulate metal with a touch. For example, one could turn a sword into crumbling rust or crush a man with his own plate mail. It also protects the wearer from the elements, granting them and any items they carry, the endurance to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as protecting metal items carried from rust, magical or otherwise.

        -Ring of the Mind-
A beautifully crafted heavy gold ring. It allows the wearer to read and delve into the minds of others or even plant thoughts. At the same time it protects the wearer from any mind effects, mind reading or delving.  Any attempt to do so results in the one attempting to receive nothing, as if they were trying to read the mind of a rock or other inanimate object.

        -Ring of Renewal-
A plain silver band. This ring removes the need for sleep or sustenance of any kind. The wearer can still do both as if the ring were not worn, but sleep with it on is more like the reverie of elves, leaving you fully aware of your surroundings.

        -Necklace of Undying Breath-
A heavy chain with a plain platinum medallion. This necklace surrounds the wearer with a perpetual pocket of fresh, clean, breathable air, keeping back the elements. This is especially useful under water or in a vacuum, such as space. This in turn keeps the wearer protected from  poison gas or noxious fumes.

        -The Custom Haversack of Aeytrious-
A small ashen gray satchel that Iso wears slung across her back, under her cloak. The single baldric like strap goes over the right shoulder and links into the scabbard belted at her left hip. Each of the five pockets are attached to a different sub-dimensional pocket that vastly exceed the norm of such an item. As with any haversack, when reaching into a pocket for something specific contained within, the item you are seeking is readily available to your grasp. Normally when an item of this type passes through a portal or other dimensional travel type, it causes a violent tear in space, throwing everything into the astral plane, usually without survivors. This custom sack however severs and reconnects to its pocket dimensions as needed to prevent this from happening.

        -Shadow Dragon Scale Leather Armor-
This black armor is made from the soft underbelly scales of a galactic shadow dragon, made into a leather like armor. These dragons fly through space and grow to the size of small planets. Even the softer scales of such a dragon are very tough, and protect well. The armor bends light around its wearer and pulls shadows to it, making it hard to see the wearer even in the brightest of settings.

        -Shadow Dragon Scale Leather Boots-
Boots made of the same scales as the armor. They have been magically enchanted to allow the wearer to change the sound of his or her footsteps. From no sound at all, to the sound of a giants thumping gait, or dragons talons on glass. If you can think it up, the boots can make that sound.

        -Goggles of True Sight-
To an observer, the lenses of these goggles appear to be filled with a clear oil that blurs the eyes of the wearer. The wearer however observes the world with much more clarity, seeing details that would normally be missed, such as hidden doors or an expertly crafted disguise. In addition, the goggles also give the wearer the ability to see through all types of glamours, invisibility, or other optical camouflage of magical means or otherwise.

Other items of importance

A golden statuette of a Chickadee. When breathed on it comes to life. It acts as a sentinel, and messenger between the person activating it and the person it is assigned to watch. I gives off no magical aura and cannot be tracked as other magical items of its kind can be.

        -Findra's Crystal Tear-
A gem Isoyutare created from her own tear when she was Ritousaey. She gave it to Findra as a symbol of thanks and friendship. Much like Lophophanes, it is used to watch over the wearer. If the wearer is ever in grave peril, Iso will know it, and will come to the rescue. It cannot be lost or stolen, and is completely indestructible.



Isoyutare, is an eternal being created by the prime creator, the "big-G God" as she puts it, before time existed. In God's vast and unfathomable omniscience, it created the being, first known as Aeytrious, and planted his essence into a mortal life. Without the knowledge of his purpose or his powers he lived his life from a purely mortal perspective. Through many journey's and trials, he learned much of mortality, and freewill. He had friends, family, children, he loved, and lost, he experienced all there was for a mortal to experience. But he also sought answers. It wasn't long by the counting of an immortal before he realized he couldn't stay dead, and that he was no longer aging. For thousands of years he wandered from life to life, seeking answers to the question of his existence. When he found that the answers no longer mattered, that all he needed was the journey, and the love of those dear to him, he finally found true mortality and began to age again. As Aeytrious breathed his last mortal breath, he was given all the answers he sought for so long, and only with his mortal perspective did he appreciate what he had been given. So began his stewardship over the multiverse, protecting and destroying to promote growth, like a gardener of reality.

There is so much more than this... we'll get into it more a bit later


"You wanted inside me, but got my sword inside you instead"


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