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Author Topic: Zachary Abreu  (Read 356 times)

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Zachary Abreu
« on: January 19, 2013, 12:07:36 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Zachary Abreu
'Theodore Martin' Zach, Zachie, Tiny, other cutesy names
49 (which is why he wears heels so he can at least be 5 feet tall)
Secretary / assistant / receptionist / person who hounds on scientists to fill out paper work and ex porn star.
Currently TRIM but he is rather fed up with the scientists and would like to explore other viable options. Almost any other viable option.
__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Zachary is often considered adorably sexy. He is petite and has a sweet face that unfortunately is usually wearing a look of exasperation as of late. His hair is blonde and chin-length but it curls out at the ends.  His eyes are brown and his body is slender but well-proportioned despite his size. He normally wears contacts these days because his red rectangular framed glasses are a bit of a trademark to his porno days.

He never thought he could be this serious, or work a desk job with paperwork and secretarial shit. Never wanted to either, and it has made him very bitter and anal retentive. He wants everything done correctly and to certain specifications and standards and he wants it done yesterday. All he seems to do lately is work and chase stupid scientists around, threatening them so no one knows what he is like in a non-working environment these days.



Zach used to be a party kid. Drugs, booze, and traversing space like nothing mattered as long as he had a good time. He started doing pornos and quickly became popular for his innocent, school-boy looks. Well that just led to more partying and some serious gambling debts. He is hiding at TRIM while paying off his debts, as long as he works hard he should be safe right?

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