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Author Topic: Ari Maxwell; pirate, captain of Sassy Juice  (Read 1063 times)

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Ari Maxwell; pirate, captain of Sassy Juice
« on: September 14, 2011, 02:28:48 PM »

Art by the amaaazing nephero! <333
Mug shot.
an early pic

__________________QUICK STATS
Ari Maxwell
Aromantic Pansexual
Edani/Thanati mutt
Pirate; captain of Sassy Juice
Wherever he ends up.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
His hair is naturally white, but he streaks it with random colors--right now, he's gone rainbow. He has brown skin, light blue eyes, and a shit-ton of piercings. (Eyebrow, snakebites, a bridge piercing through his nose, several ear piercings, tongue piercing, nipple piercings, and more below the belt.) He also sports a number of tattoos, including sleeves on both arms and a huge back tattoo that is a work in progress.

He sometimes goes a few days without shaving and gets a some stubble on his chin, just enough to give him a rugged look, but doesn't try to grow it out beyond that.

Ari tends to dress in jeans or cargo pants, boots, and short sleeved shirts to better show off his body art (which he is constantly adding to). Goes shirtless when he can. Wears glasses to read, as he's farsighted (but hates contacts, due to having a bit of an eye squick), and is a casual smoker.

Ari is perpetually sarcastic, loves to joke and tease, and takes very little seriously. He also doesn't really give a crap about other peoples' boundaries, as a rule. He's aggressive and flirtatious (and aggressively flirtatious) and has a very "I do what I want, when I want to, and get what I want, when I want it" outlook on life, whether that's an object or a person. Has a long list of serious control issues and thus tends to control other people to feel good about himself. Quite bossy and is very comfortable telling other people what to do.

He loves adventure and stirring up trouble, as it's a rush for him--and he just finds other peoples' reactions amusing. In fact, he's kind of a real-life equivalent of an internet troll: he likes doing stuff just to see what kind of reaction he'll get and he's not really picky about whether it's a good one or a bad one. Likewise, his antics aren't always harmless, physically or emotionally; at his core, he's a sadomasochist and just enjoys fucking with people and being a callous asshole. He realizes this about himself, kind of wants to change it, but kind of isn't ready to; he still has a lot of growing up to do.

In short: he's an asshole, and he does deplorable things. He is comfortable with using violence, manipulation, and intimidation to get what he wants, and he does not tolerate betrayal.

Ari is very, very confident, even when (or especially when) backed into a corner. Has a bit of a god complex--not in the sense that he doesn't realize he's mortal, but in the sense that everything will turn out fine. He'll come out of it, and bad stuff just usually isn't as bad as it seems. This also tends to make him a lot more patient and blase about some things than he should be (such as his own health and well-being) as he doesn't really take it as seriously as he should.

In general, Ari is out for himself; he's the sun of his universe. But despite this, he doesn't really have a lot of self-worth--though he's never thought about it, really, and would deny it. He probably hasn't even realized this about himself. Very sexually open--but to an unhealthy degree, to the point where he abuses others and allows himself to be abused, and doesn't really have a limit.

On a lighter note, he's actually kind of a nerd. Loves classic literature, theatre, writing, art, and wanted to be an actor when he was a kid. Still loves that stuff and prefers physical books because he likes the smell, dammit. |:

Has a phobia of needles, but loves tattoos and piercings. This makes his life interesting.

No special abilities. He's a decent pirate, though, and takes up a number of odd jobs. Morality isn't an issue! He also has a habit of stealing from people and then selling the goods back to them and stealing them again to sell to someone else and repeat the process. >_> It's one of his favorite things to do.

He's good fighter; has no formal training but aims to be quick and brutal and fights dirty. He's also a good shot with a gun--he does have formal training there, and has known how to use one since he was 12 (military family living on the frontier and all).

Father and mother, still alive somewhere on Edanith and both from military backgrounds. Ari hasn't seen them since he was 16. Has an older sister, Naomi, who is a Mordecai. Ari kind of idolizes her, but doesn't really keep in contact with his family as he's ashamed.

He doesn't like to talk about it. All he tells most people is that he's been in the pirating business since he was 16, because while some kids wanted to be cowboys, he wanted to be a pirate.

He's been running his own ship, the Sassy Juice, for the last two years.

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