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Author Topic: Asher, TRIM subject [Wing Omega]  (Read 820 times)

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Asher, TRIM subject [Wing Omega]
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:13:05 PM »
Wing Omega TRIM Subject
Birth Place
Aurora, Aedolis


Physical Description
Asher has wavy, dirty blonde hair that falls past his ears, light skin with a spattering of freckles across his nose. The freckles appear on the rest of his body, as well, especially his shoulders. His eyes are large and light brown. Overall, Asher has almost boyish looks, the only thing ruining it being a deep scar across his right cheek, from a knife long ago.

He's built lanky and lean but keeps in good shape--or as good of shape as he can in TRIM's gym. There are other scars here and there from past experiments and often bruises on his arms from IVs.

Aggressive and prickly, Asher has a lot of anger issues and violent tendencies. When not pissed off (which is a regular state of mind for him), he has a dry, sarcastic, and rather dark sense of humor.

He tends to solve his problems by either punching them or sleeping with them. He's not good with words and so expresses himself physically, often through violence or sex--or both. And beneath all the anger, Asher is desperate for human companionship, for a connection, and for affection, all of which he sorely lacks in TRIM. Being in that environment is not healthy for him, though, and so even when he expresses caring or affection himself, he often does it in a very roundabout, indirect way, because he doesn't really know any other way.

He also enjoys pissing off the TRIM doctors because, to him, it's a way of validating his own humanity. If he can piss them off, it means they care about his opinion and what he thinks of them--which means they still view him as human. It's when he can't get a reaction that it truly bothers and disturbs him, because that means they genuinely don't care.

Weak cyrokinesis and telepathy.

Cassius. Hates him, regularly tries to kill him as he annoys the shit out of him. However, Cassius is also a regular bed partner (hey, a guy's got needs and he's there) and he'd probably miss him if he actually succeeded in murdering him. He annoys him, but he'd notice his lack of being there; he's at least company, and oddly enough is probably one of the few things keeping him sane.

Life before TRIM had him flying under the radar in Aurora. Though his psychic powers had manifested when he was young, he and the gang of misfits he was part of managed to avoid the draft. It caught up to him when he was 22, after one too many crimes and the murder of a cop during a scuffle--and he was thrown to TRIM as a result. He had too little psionic ability to be a candidate for the Pilot Program, but just enough to escape execution and be worth experimentation.

And TRIM was the greater punishment, anyway.

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