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Author Topic: Gabriel Tierney, Pilot Echo  (Read 2171 times)

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Gabriel Tierney, Pilot Echo
« on: October 21, 2008, 01:47:06 AM »

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    "Aw, baby, don't be like that..." ~ to Roman

    __________________THEY CAN'T BREAK ME...
    Gabriel Tierney
    Star Sign
    Pilot Echo; tech support
    Birth Place
    Haviah, Aedolis

    AS LONG AS I KNOW WHO I AM_________________ _
    Physical Description
    Gabriel is tall, lean, and toned with a friendly face. His hair is blond and kept short and spiky in the back and longer in the front, where it comes down to his jaw and frames his face. His skin is a copper shade and his eyes are a bright green, almond-shaped. His left ear is pierced. He has three small star tattoos on the lower left side of his belly which he got when drunk off his ass. He also recently got two new tattoos, WoW-themed ones that he got with Alaric. On his right wrist is the Host symbol and on his left is the symbol of the guild he and Alaric run, Teh Bamf Corps.

    He will rarely be caught in uniform. His taste is eclectic and he'll wear whatever he feels like that particular day, whether it's something punky, something scruffy like he just rolled out of bed, jeans and a shirt, or a mishmash of random items from his closet. He's fond of colorful clothing and accessories with unique designs and detailing, and dark clothes with neon accents.

    Gabriel lives his life with a sort of all or nothing philosophy: if he's going to take a risk, he's going to go all the way or just not even bother. Of course, this outlook has a tendency for getting him into awkward situations but he'd rather live life fully and he figures his career is risky enough so what's a little more? When challenged he has a hard time backing down and he likes getting the last word. If he's told he won't do something, he'll do it just to prove he can, especially if he knows it'll be unexpected and get a rise out of people.

    Gabriel is, for the most part, a total geek. He's all about the latest technology, loves spending time surfing the VCN and gaming (hey, he was a computer nerd before before being tossed into the Pilot program), and has a tendency to throw VCN lingo around willy-nilly. He has a goofy sense of humor and a seemingly difficult time taking much seriously--which, coupled with his all or nothing outlook, gets him into loads of shit on a semi-regular basis. He's impulsive and doesn't always think things through. On the subject of planning in advance, his typical answer is, "I'll figure it out when I get there."

    Gabriel is a total softy and a genuinely nice, chipper guy, an extroverted people-person with a great deal of empathy. He likes cheering people up, has prankster tendencies, and is attracted to loners and introverts like metal to a magnet, probably because he hates being alone himself and gets lonely easily. A very physical, tactile person with the people he's close to; he'd probably drive anyone with a "no touchy!" policy nuts. He doesn't like being touched by people he's not close to, however; it makes him uncomfortable.

    He hides his own fears and insecurities so as not to upset other people, preferring to set himself up as a sort of pillar everyone can lean on. There are very few people he'd actually open up to regarding his own fears, though he lets other people gush about theirs to him. For the most part, however, he is emotionally closed off. He projects cheerfulness and while it's genuine for the most part, he also hides deeper stuff behind it.

    Gabriel can be a total hardass when need be, however. While the real him is bubbly and genial, he knows when it's time to go into "scary Pilot mode" and be, well, professional. It's not something he enjoys, however, and sometimes he does need a reminder.

    And though he's generally nice, he's not without his vices. He likes pushing people's buttons and is the sort of person that, when pushed, pushes back (until he finally gets shoved back harder, at least; once he realizes he's losing, he backpedals like mad). Sometimes he's not even aware that he's goading the other person on, but other times he is just looking for a fight. He doesn't know the meaning of "agree to disagree" and is very, very opinionated--and even when he knows he should probably shut up, he'll still keep going (which he often later regrets). He's not afraid to speak his mind and if you've ticked him off, boy will he let you (and everyone else) know it.

    He holds grudges, has a hard time letting go of things, gossips and name-drops, and when pissed has a nasty temper that first flares up and then just...simmers for a really, really long time in the form of broodiness and glares and sarcasm and silent treatment. While he doesn't get all out pissed too often, he has certain buttons that are guaranteed to set him off when pushed--and he is not afraid of getting physical in the heat of anger. For most things his anger is pretty easily diffused; all he needs is to get it out of his system. Anger also tends to be his first response to tragedy.

    Gabriel also has control issues which usually manifest in the form of over-protectiveness. He has a big brother complex and a desire to protect the ones he loves--and the ones he feels can't defend themselves. Even if they don't need it. While he generally has good intentions, he can often come across as an insensitive ass.

    He is also a prude by Aedolian standards. While he may use pet names and act a little flirty, it's mainly just him joking and being a dork (he loves spewing corny pick up lines for lulz and bantering like that). However, as soon as someone turns it around on him and acts serious about it, he gets flustered and awkward and uncomfortable. Has a tendency to get defensive when matters concerning his own love life and preferences are brought up.

    At heart, however, he's an idealist and hopeless romantic, but he'd rather play match-maker for other people. He can't get rejected that way.

    Great defense but a weaker offense, as his tactic generally involves using an opponent's force against them and keeping them contained. He has above average telepathy and slightly below average telekinesis, but lacks finesse and subtlety in the latter; he's more the blunt force type. His specialty lies in shielding, both mental shields (barriers around the mind and thoughts) and larger shields that he can construct around objects and people, and even around other peoples' minds. These can be used to ward off psionic attacks and, if enough focus is applied, physical ones.

    The larger the shield, the more effort and energy it takes to maintain. Doing too much for too long (especially maintaining a shield that is under assault) is draining, and can lead to crippling migraines (visual aura, blinding headache, nausea and vomiting, and sometimes other fun side effects like incomprehension).

    Gabriel belongs to the dragon Siren, a sleek and long white male that's rather young where dragons are concerned. When the light hits his scales right, they take on an iridescent sheen. Siren is medium-sized and, while by no means a small dragon, he has a light, slender frame and a delicate build. He's a dragon built for speed and agility rather than raw strength, and he has a large and (mostly artificial) heart to accommodate that.

    Siren is good tempered and easily amused, and he chose Gabriel as his human for that reason--because he finds him entertaining. Unlike many of the dragon-human pairs, Gabriel and Siren have a close, friendly relationship; Siren watches out for Gabe, jokes with him, advises and listens to him when he needs it, and he understands him, too. But they also both know that if Gabriel ever turned traitor, Siren would not hesitate to kill him.

    • Rachel Tierney - Gabriel's younger sister, age 18. Gabe's got major Big Brother RAWR syndrome when it comes to her. Growing up, he took care of her a lot when their parents were away at work and they're close, even if they have the usual sibling spats and don't actually have much in common.
    • Christian White - Gabriel's cousin and rival. |:
    • Roman Rosales - Gabe's boyfriend! 8D

      Roman was Gabriel's mentor from when he was a candidate. While Gabriel likes to complain that his candidacy was utter hell, and while he initially hated and feared Roman...somewhere during it all they became friends. Today, Gabriel views Roman as one of his best friends, and that ultimately transformed into a romantic relationship--after years of being into him but being terrified of ruining their friendship. He trusts Roman with his life, is extremely comfortable around him (only Roman would get pounced in bed by Gabe), and gets a real kick out of goading Roman into random arguments about nothing, just because he likes seeing the side of him where he lets go. He's made it something of a personal goal to get the man to loosen up and relax, loves using pet-names on him, and enjoys competing with him.
    • Temple Rosales - Another person Gabriel considers a best friend who he met because they were room-mates during his candidacy. He was immediately drawn to him for his anti-social behavior, and he continues to try and get him to live a little and stop obsessing so much over his psionics. Gabriel was the ring-leader and instigator in many of their antics, and he loves bringing out Temple's more outgoing, dare-devil side. Now that Temple's gone missing, he's worrying himself sick over him.
    • Cross Letendre - Gabriel's dislike of Cross goes all the way back to his candidacy when Cross, an older candidate further along the stages than he, continuously tormented him. Cross gave him a harder time than even Roman did, continued to harass him even as a Pilot, and Gabriel cannot stand him.
    • Raley Sade - Gabriel hates Raley even more than Cross. Pure and utter loathing, though something about Raley also makes him intensely uncomfortable and nervous, though he displays that through hostility.

    Gabriel grew up in a middle caste family living a rather comfortable, if average, life. His father, Marcus, was a doctor while his mother, Caitlyn, worked as a secretary. Due to the long hours both his parents worked (especially his father, who was on call even on his off days), Gabriel practically raised his younger sister, Rachel, and that's very likely where his protective streak came from.

    Life growing up was pretty unremarkable. He was a slacker in school who did the bare minimum of work required to pass his courses and spent the rest of the time goofing off, socializing, and surfing the 'net and gaming. He always was a social person and always liked having a large circle of friends; cliques didn't really stop him, and a lot of the people he hung out with were people no one else really wanted. He was often a target for bullies; his personality always was the type that could either annoy the hell out of you and make you want to punch him, or endear you. Kinda a fine line.

    Other than that, his life was average. He went to school, hung out with friends, and even had a boyfriend for a number of months until he was thrown into the Pilot Candidate Program, whom his parents didn't know about but his sister did (and teased him mercilessly for it). He didn't keep it secret out of fear of getting disowned or anything dramatic like that--the simple truth is he's just always been romantically awkward.

    That said, Gabriel was a different person before he entered the Pilot Candidate Program. He was more typical Aedolian: awkward but not prudish, experimented with pot, drank on occasion. He was always more interested in games and technology and was thus always something of an outsider, but that was because he was more concerned with technology than partying. Still, he was the picture of Aedolian superficiality: interested in pop culture but not in the world as a whole.

    Gabriel knew he was a psychic for a number of years, but kept it to himself. He never wanted to become a Pilot but, of course, it didn't prevent him from eventually getting discovered and tossed into the program at age 16. He hated it. It was a difficult, trying period for him, getting mentored by Roman Rosales and viciously bullied by Cross Letendre and Raley Sade, but he ultimately passed; the fear of TRIM, getting discipline literally beaten into him, and discovering new freedoms previously inaccessible to him motivated him.

    It also changed him. He was exposed to Aedolis' dark side from the moment he set foot in the ATC and what he saw, and what he experienced, both humbled and shocked him. He didn't want to be what they wanted him to be. He convinced himself he was different, stronger, and he resisted in little ways--like giving up alcohol and drugs. He purposely went about making himself even more of an outsider than he already was.

    He was a natural when it came to psionics and learned quickly. The classroom portion of the course gave him the most trouble; he never was very good academically. At the age of 21 he was chosen by his dragon, Siren.

    He still shirks work where he can get away with it and would prefer to spend his time goofing off. But he's not irresponsible, either, and has matured a lot over the years--if that gives any indication of how he used to behave.

    Candidacy Chart
    • Stage 1: Age 16
    • Stage 2: Age 16 - 18
    • Stage 3: Age 18 - 19
    • Stage 4: Age 18 - 20
    • Stage 5: Age 20 - 21

    Other Notes
    Gabriel is a Gospel and goes by the name of "Indigo" on the SubNet.

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