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The Libra / Re: Diagnosis [Neph]
« Last post by nephero on Today at 08:24:56 PM »
   Honestly, Nico had expected some kind of comment. Sarcasm, jibes, some manner of underhanded insult, an implication about Nico’s viability as a soldier, something. But Dash just… walked in. Without being prompted twice.

   First an apology and now this. Would wonders never cease.

   Settled in one of two kitchen table chairs, Nico watched Dash move with narrowed eyes but an otherwise neutral expression. Or, they assumed it was neutral. Years of open detest didn’t quite melt away so easily, and honestly, Nico wasn’t trying that hard.

   They watched as the box was set down, and reached out to flick open the lid. Huh. A food offering and an apology.

   And not poisoned! This truly was the day for miracles. As a show of good faith, Nico pulled a cheese danish from the box and took a bite, chewing thoughtfully and not blinking once as they stared up at where Dash stood. Which seemed to do the trick, because the man before them’s jaw moved, and the second he crossed his arms Nico was assured that this was just as uncomfortable for Dash as it was for them.

   Good. Advantage achieved.

   And then Dashiell Feldspar gave Nicodemo del-Nestore the greatest gift of all:

   “I don’t know how to make tea.”

   Nico genuinely wished they had had a tape recorder for that. But, you win some, you lose some, and right then Nico had bigger fish to fry than bemoaning their lack of recording devices. Nico’s mouth opened for a moment, ready to make some kind of barb about how a capsule was easier than a teabag and then—

   And then Dashiell went even further. Apologized for being a disappointment, which was a little harsh over something like tea, and then Nico was sure that little stutter was not at all an inability to say Ryul’s name. Not that they had any proof, and not that they couldn’t say they weren’t a little… sensitive about Reese at that present moment. The final realization Nico had concerning who they had genuinely considered the love of their life had been… less than positive, and right then even the faintest reminder of them was enough to set their teeth on edge.

   Like right then. Nico’s jaw set, and they set the danish down, rapping their fingers against the table surface in agitation.

   Another pause, and Nico was able to trust themselves enough to speak without their voice wavering in molten fury.

   “There’s a kettle on the stove. Fill it up with water and set it on high. And make sure the kettle lid is fully on, it’s old and doesn’t like to sit without some persuasion. Go.”
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Dreamin' Of Rainbows[Goblin!]
« Last post by Blink on March 22, 2018, 06:57:29 PM »
It was so easy to relate to Evan as he spoke about growing up in his father's shop. While Mia's own father was no mechanic, he was military. For as long as she could remember she was always around the base, absorbing all the information she could in hopes of doing the same as him one day. However, fate chose a different path for her and while it was similar it was by no means the same.

"You are not boring." Again Mia smiled, scooting up once more in her chair whilst pulling her arms up to sit on the table.  "I think you're funny and fascinating all in one."

It was then that Mia took his own question to heart. What was good and wonderful in her own world? Well for one, Evan seemed pretty good and wonderful so far so there was that, but she would keep that to herself.

"I'm just happy to be here", another smile. "I love Solarta, the people, and the visitors. I love my Captain and my squad and I love how warm it is." It would be easy to say that by warm she wasn't just referring to the weather but also to the hearts and personalities of everyone around her.

"My favorite thing though so far would have to be the sand. It's fun to play with." She didn't even think to explain why sand was so mesmerizing because at this rate her mind was zooming through everything else that she saw as wonderful and good.

Edanith Characters / Kara: Mordekai Companion
« Last post by Vixus on March 22, 2018, 01:07:38 PM »
_________________QUICK STATS
Name: Kara
Age: 21
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Adelan
Height: 5’11”
Occupation: Mordecai
Residence: Edanith

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF
Physical Description: A young lady with a tall toned build, sandy ginger hair and light blue eyes. She wears black trousers with a pastel colored shirt (a different color every day) that resembles the top half of a lightweight spring dress. Her knee-high boots are of course concealed by the bottoms of her pant legs, and the 1” heels are platforms so that they are a little more functional. She is never seen without her fennec fox resting on her shoulder or trotting alongside. She has a small bota bag, always filled with some kind of cheap wine.

Personality: She’s gentle and kind, with a powerful stare and walk that displays confidence. She’s most social when she's sipping on an alcoholic drink of some kind. She’s oddly more cranky without a drink in her hand. She blames it on the condition of the world these days. Otherwise, she's kinda social, and if you hang around long enough, you might have a decent conversation with her and make friends.

Magic/Abilities Mordecai

Veronica Voronda: Her primary “charge” and reluctant yet close friend.
Mikey Voronda: Her secondary charge, who she rarely is in contact with because of his operations on Libra, however, his pyrokineticism is technically stronger than Veronica's druidic magic, he doesn't have much of a desire to use it.

History When she was young, there were many mages that asked to be transferred from her to other mordecai, This continued until she was seventeen turning eighteen when she was paired with Veronica, who she saw wasn't as egotistical or excited to be there either. Kara decided to just try being nice to her, and after a few weeks of both involuntarily being attached at the hip, they both broke the silence at some point and struck up a conversation. The next day, they looked forward to seeing each other, and since then, they are the best of friends.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads

Complete Threads
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by Moonie on March 22, 2018, 05:32:17 AM »
No one had ever done that before. Why would someone wipe his tears away? How often had he even felt tears on his cheek? Not frequently enough for a human. Maybe if he had been allowed to cry he would know better what he should do about it. That was a pointless line of thought that helped him not at all now.

The fingers pushing through his hair felt comforting, so Wolf leaned his head gently into Aesir’s touch. It was strange and new, this being comforted by physical contact. Nero had done it too, although in a somewhat different way. He wasn’t sure why it brought him comfort or felt good to have them touch him, but he was sure they understood it far better than he did. If he remembered later he would have to ask about the correlation between the contact and the feelings.

For now he simply let Aesir lead him away. Wolf didn’t argue or resist being put to bed by his young friend. He drank the water and lay down without complaint, turning to face the wall and curling up with a heavy sigh. Obeying orders was comforting in a completely different way, the AI liked following directives, which was what it was designed to do.

If an AI could be said to like anything.

Eight hours later was awake, not that he had actually slept, and suited up just like everyone else. Wolf watched the others go through the strange hoop one by one, until it seemed it was his turn to step into the unknown. He felt himself shudder, but knew resistance was futile. Kirkley had said they all had to go, and if he didn’t walk through on his own he would be forced through by the giant creature beneath him.

It was stupid and he didn’t know why he did it, but Wolf closed his eyes and did his best to cover them over the visor of his void suit helmet as he took a hesitant step forward. The sensation was unpleasant and strange, but once he felt it stop he dropped his hands and looked around, mouth going slack as he took in everything. It looked alien to him, who knew only the metal and glass of space stations and ships, he had never been to a true planet or seen anything green and alive quite like this - certainly never on this magnitude.

The AI hummed in his mind, he could almost feel it whirling and twirling and buzzing as it tried to process this new place. Wolf cautiously took off his helmet since it seemed safe to do so, and took a deep breath, the AI immediately set about analyzing the air. It smelled unlike anything he knew up to that point. He still could not triangulate his position in the universe, which was disconcerting, and he scowled at that whatever had been affecting him before the portal apparently had not been completely resolved by stepping through it. As far as the AI was concerned, they were nowhere, and maybe also everywhere. It simply could not tell.

“I do not like it here.” Not that it mattered what he liked.
Open Space / Re: Point of No Return [Crew of The Loveless]
« Last post by nephero on March 21, 2018, 11:04:17 PM »
   Otto did not go through life expecting to be hoisted up and carried off bridal-style. It was one of those things that, if you gave him a list of things that could potentially happen and asked him to list them in order of most to least likely, being carried like such would be at the bottom of the list at the bottom of a pile of other lists.

   Didn’t mean it wasn’t funny.

   Also, didn’t mean the expression Nero was wearing wasn’t funny. Otto snorted, pretended he knew what Nero meant by ‘cowboy’ (what was a cow, again?), and settled down in a comfortable sitting position. The touch to his hair was… infinitely comforting. It was weird, what little gestures just got right into your bones and eased everything that could ever go wrong ever.

   Maybe it was just the familiarity of it. The world— well, galaxy, if you wanted to get technical— was nothing like GR3. Close, full of family and a kind of intrinsic camaraderie that let you know even if you had just lost everything and had to slink back home you had family in your fellow colonists. And when GR3 collapsed, that camaraderie just… vanished. The galaxy didn’t care to call you family. There were pirates and murderers and thieves and liars and sociopaths who didn’t care if you were another human being or not.

   But the Loveless was different. The Loveless wasn’t as crowded, didn’t have the same sounds, didn’t have the same smell of oil and ventilated air passed from lung to lung to lung, but it was… close. It was new, and it was different, but it had the same base feeling of being a part of something. Of being family.

   And wow, there he went. Otto sniffed, hard, and pretended to rub a fallen eyelash out of his eye. Luckily, the moment was fleeting, made all the more fleeting by Nero kicking open the footlocker beneath them and opening a treasure trove of narcotic delights the likes of which Otto had never seen assembled in such quantities in one single place.

   “Holy shit,” he said, and shot Nero a wide, knowing grin.


   It said a good deal about how potent Nero’s dandylion was that Otto needed to take far longer to sober up than he was used to. His skin still felt just this side of oversensitive, the ex-Aedolian very aware of the lining of his voidsuit and rather liking how it felt to touch at the palm of his gloves. The tactile sensation was calming, which was kind of handy considering the excursion they were about to undertake.

   At least Kirkley seemed calm. Otto moved his fingers along his forearm as he watched Kirkley scoop Aesir up, the motion catching Otto off guard as his boarders came back online colony fragment by colony fragment. Vargas followed them, after, and then Hesperus. The swirling of the portal was captivating, the colors mixing together so quick and so fine he couldn’t help but follow it around forever and again.

   Luckily, Otto had had some time to sober up, and so this residual visual captivation by bright, shiny colors only lasted about two turns before he was jogging forward and leaping through himself.

   Which was potentially a bad idea and Otto stumbled a bit trying not to run right into everyone else, a (not terribly graceful) little pirouette swinging him to the left just in time to start listening again and hear Hesperus say, quite kindly—

   “—Though perhaps The Dying Place might have been a more appropriate name. Seems we’re the only ones here.”

   Otto frowned, unclipping his helmet and pulling it from his head. The native air hit his face like a soft touch, and Otto took in a deep breath, holding it for a moment before letting it out again. It was… different. Something. A little bit off and a little bit different and a little bit… calming. Like a whiff of familiar perfume or the smell of your laundry fresh out of the dryer. But the kind of perfume that you knew shouldn’t have been there and you don’t remember starting the dryer.

   Either way, the boarders were… confused. Intrigued. But not on edge. Just alert. It was perhaps the first time Otto and they had been so in sync; like a conversation versus two idiots in a room screaming their favorite song lyrics at the top of their lungs.

   “—them talking. I need to help them talk louder, you have to put me down.”

   Them? There was a them? Otto took another breath, but it was the same deep strange odor as before. The boarders remained politely interested. Ooh, wait, what was that smell?

   Otto turned his head, frowned, and took a few more steps to the left, following the interest from tree to tree to… somewhere just ahead of where Kirkley and Aesir stood. He touched at the ground ahead of himself with the toe of his boot, testing the give of it and taking another breath of air. The soft pressure on his bones, the musk of the breeze, the feel of the ground.

   “Are we… this is not planetside, is it?”
Haviah / Re: Just the Usual, Please [Draco]
« Last post by Draconian on March 21, 2018, 06:02:03 PM »
Lune was pleased when the kid agreed to work for him. A hand through his pink hair and he looked to the door before peeking at the clock. A little early but beside from the kid he hadn't seen anyone in a while. It was a quiet night and the sooner he cleaned up the sooner he could go home and rest and sleep and then come back. Lune pat the counter before he flicked a crumb off before he glanced at the kid and finally moved to flip over the 'open' card on the door to 'closed'. A pin code for the door and the sound of several locks.

"Alright, well, all locked up." Lune kept his eyes on the kid before he smiled, "The code to get out is 6-2-2-4," He nodded to the pinpad by the handle, "That's different than all the other codes. That one is for leaving without setting up the alarm. There's another for entering the store and a legit old-school key." Lune found himself prattling so he gave his hand a wave dismissively and walked back to the counter. His hands went to it and he turned off various switches and grabbed a cloth, going over spots and some grime.

"I'm not sure if I got your name and if I did, I don't remember, I'm sorry." Lune said giving a dry chuckle before he dumped coffee grounds into a compost bin and went about tidying up behind the counter, waiting until the hot things cooled down before he moved onto those.

"So, what do you do for work normally?" He said, offering small talk, "I'm sure you know what I do," Lune looked over his shoulder and gave a silly smile. "I used to do all sorts of stuff at your age. Any job I could get. I think I mostly stocked shelves are grocery stores." Lune shrugged and went about wiping down the various coffee machines and the cappuccino machine.

"When you're done eating you can just take all of that into the back, the sink should still be warm but if it isn't you can just hollar at me and I'll fill it up again."
Aedolis Characters / Aspen Victoria-Rasa, knitting queen and penguin aficionado
« Last post by Paladienne on March 21, 2018, 12:46:39 PM »
Aspen Victoria-Rasa



She’s not sure, except that her brother would murder any paramour she might have

Human, native Aedolian

5’, slim and slight

Legally, none, as she lives in a long-term care facility for her illness, but she makes knitted scarves, hats, gloves, and keychain animals that she gives to other residents of the facility and their visitors

Haviah, Aedolis.



Aspen is slim and slight, with enough muscle mass that her brother and Mars don’t try to force feed her to ‘fatten her up’. She wears he black hair long and has green eyes with dots of brown.


Aspen seems to be the complete opposite of her brother. She is outgoing and loves life, and is always willing to be the first to extend a hand and make new friends. Mostly, this is because she doesn’t know when she’s going to die, because neither she nor her brother know what ails her.

She loves her brother dearly, but she also wants him to stop hovering so much so she can at least try to live her own life. But he’s all she has, and since her parents’ death, she doesn’t want to lose the only family she has left.


Aspen is a constant positive, she never sees the harder, seedier side of life. Everything that happens happens for a reason and she always looks on the brighter side of things.

Fun Facts!:
   •   Her favorite animal is an emperor penguin, which, consequently, is a toy she carries around with her all the time, and why her nickname is Penguin.
   •   She loves her brother’s cooking, especially his cake pops.
   •   Her favorite past time is knitting and she can get pretty creative with those needles and that yarn.


Unlike her brother, Aspen is completely normal. She has no psychic abilities to speak of, unless you count her speed and agility with her knitting needles.


North Victoria-Rasa - Aspen’s big brother, her best friend and confidante

Mars Han-nah - Her brother’s roommate and the other person who visits her the most, after her brother (usually with her brother)

Mr. Penguin - Her stuffed toy of an emperor penguin that North got her on one of his rare trips. She carries it around with her wherever she goes.


Aspen was born very weak and very sick. The doctors weren’t even sure if she was going to survive infancy, but she did, probably due to her brother’s OCD - Aspen presumes he had a mild case of it when he was little, but after being told about his sister’s condition, it ramped up - and grew into an energetic little girl. By the time her brother had been accepted into the Candidate Program, her condition had worsened to the point she had to be placed in a long-term care facility. She’s been there for a long time, and can’t imagine really living anywhere else, because she has her own room, her own things, and her brother is always close by.
Aedolis Characters / Mars Han-nah, Pilot Cardinal
« Last post by Paladienne on March 21, 2018, 12:46:05 PM »
Mars Han-nah

“Marsey”, “DJ R-E-D”


Female, but is androgynous enough to be mistaken for male at a distance, which amuses her to no end.

Definitely a lesbian.

Human, native Aedolian

5’2” lean, with a runner’s build but with well-defined muscles due to weightlifting

Pilot Cardinal, greenhouse technician, quasi-agriculturalist, nightclub DJ

Haviah, Aedolis, but works in Margad



Mars is lean, with a runner’s build but defined muscles because she lifts weights like its her other job. She has dark mocha-brown skin and short, curly black hair with slanted brown eyes. Her ears are pierced with a variety of studs and hoops and she has a tattoo of her cat, Princess, on the inside of her left arm.


Mars is very out-going and boisterous. She likes to have fun and isn’t afraid of dragging anyone along with her. She doesn’t get into relationships idly, though, instead choosing her partners with care.

She lives with another Pilot Cardinal, North Victoria-Rasa, and loves him like a brother. She also loves his little sister, Aspen, as if she were her sister, too. She tolerates North’s OCD like a pro, going around their apartment to empty out the sinks he’s filled (only after he’s asleep, otherwise he’ll annoy her by making the water run for forever) or badgering him while he cooks food for her.

She loves plants and has a variety of them in her apartment, ranging from an avocado tree she’s trying to nurture from a houseplant to an actual avocado-producing tree to cat grass. She claims that they talk to her in their own strange way, and since she puts up with North he can very well put up with her.


Mars loves growing her own food. From strawberries to okra to bok choy to whatever she can get to grow in her apartment, she’s likely got it all. Even mushrooms. The legit kind, not ‘shrooms. With her ability, it isn’t that unusual to walk into her apartment one day and see a tiny seedling and walk in the next and find the seedling already producing fruit.


Mars’s greatest passion is music. She writes it, plays it, sings it, lives and breathes it, and her past time (or her official job) is finding any nightclub that will allow her to DJ to their masses.

Fun Facts!:
   •   Her idea of a decent meal is espresso, espresso, espresso and chocolate.
   •   Shares an apartment with North, and she extreme-tolerates his OCD, but she wouldn’t trade him for the world.
   •   Has a pet cat named Princess that has been with her ‘forever’ and is really more a queen
   •   She and her dragon, Jupiter, talk to each other in song lyrics, which drives everyone who works with them crazy


Long-range midgrade telepathy, such that once she gets a feel for the patterns of a certain mind, she can contact them anywhere within the city. Except she only does this with her dragon and North.

Chlorokinesis - She connects with plants and makes them grow. This ability only helps her in her chosen profession, agriculture, which she adores almost as much as her music


North Victoria-Rasa - A fellow Pilot Cardinal and her best friend and roommate.

Aspen Victoria-Rasa - North’s little sister, whom Mars regards as her own little sister

Jupiter - Her dragon, a muscle-y grey and pearl scaled male dragon. Both of his forepaws are mechanical in nature and his wing-shoulders are also mechanical. He also enjoys a layer of “hair” (which is actually cat grass, whose seeds ended up under his scales when Princess made herself at home on top of his head when Mars introduced them) that Mars keeps growing and trimming and growing and trimming...


Mars is an only child and never spoke to her parents after she entered the Candidate Program. She still doesn’t speak to her parents, and only she knows why. She met North during their Candidacy and swiftly became best friends with him, so she’s just as protective of him as he is of her, and she’s just as protective as he is of his little sister. To her, besides Jupiter and Princess, they are the only family she has and needs.

She got into music as an escape as a young child and it has become her whole world. When she travels, she always has her music player with her, and she’ll cry if she loses it. She’ll take music over espresso any day.
Aedolis Characters / North Victoria-Rasa, Pilot Cardinal
« Last post by Paladienne on March 21, 2018, 12:45:38 PM »
North Victoria-Rasa

“Brother” “Big Bro” “Norrey”


He doesn’t even know himself.

Human, native Aedolian

5’6’’ lean, runner’s build

Historian/Librarian/Archivist, Pilot Cardinal

Haviah, Aedolis.



North is lean and slim, far too used to being dragged to the gym to “work out” by his best friend. He wears his black hair short in the back and long in the front, and has heterochromia, with his left eye being green and his right eye being blue.


North is the quiet type, generally shy until he gets to know someone very well. He only opens up around two people - his best friend, Mars, and his little sister, Aspen - and his OCD tends to annoy more people than there are willing to put up with his quirks. But he’s a sweet personality, once you can get past all his strange quirks. But he can switch from sweet to murderous in a heartbeat, especially if he’s deployed (which, being a historian/librarian/archivist, isn’t much) or his best friend or sister come under threat.

In fact, it’s wiser not to mess with Aspen, his little sister. He’s fiercely protective of her.


North has a severe case of OCD where he must open and close any door he’s about to enter three times and once he’s stepped through, he must again open and close the door three times. He also has to fill sinks with water, because he’s convinced he might run out one day, even though Mars tells him that won’t happen.


North is fiercely protective of his little sister, Aspen, because she is all he has left. He will give his life for hers in a heartbeat and without hesitation. Most of his paycheck goes to his sister’s well-being. His best friend, Mars, is a close second in that.


North chose specifically to become a historian/archivist/librarian so he could always be close to his sister, and books can’t really hurt you, since they’re inanimate and have no feelings or words. But he finds the past fascinating, and since he works in a (mostly) quiet environment and (mostly) by himself, there’s no one around to deal with his OCD.


Due to his precognition’s “activation” upon skin-to-skin contact, North does NOT like being touched. He tolerates Mars because she’ll kill him otherwise, and he wouldn’t deny Aspen anything she wants.

Fun Facts!:
   •   He learned how to cook for “survival” because Mars’s idea of food is espresso, espresso, espresso and chocolate. But with his OCD, he’s very meticulous and repeats steps, such as turning the oven on and off and opening and closing the microwave door. He makes killer cake pops.
   •   Shares an apartment with Mars, which exacerbates his OCD, but he wouldn’t trade her for the world.
   •   His room is full of books of all kinds, from dictionaries to graphic novels


Long-range midgrade telepathy, such that once he gets a feel for the patterns of a certain mind, he can contact them anywhere within the city. Except he only does this with his dragon and Mars.

Precognition upon physical touch, such that he always wears long sleeves, pants, boots, and gloves even in the heat of summer. With enough concentration, he can achieve precognition upon an object. The time range varies from within the next five minutes to within the next five days, depending upon how deep into the vision he is thrust.


Aspen Victoria-Rasa - North’s little sister, his world, his everything. He loves her more than anything and he’ll do anything for her.

Mars Han-nah - A fellow Pilot Cardinal and his best friend and roommate. It’s rumored she may be the cause of most of his OCD, but don’t say that to her face.

Pursephone - his dragon, a sleek blue-scaled female dragon, who has a mechanical front leg and “vents” along her ribcage that allow her to fly a little higher than most.


North was accepted into the Candidate Program at fourteen, and he left behind his parents and little sister, who had been born frail and sickly. He dedicated every hour to his training, determined to graduate so he could help his parents pay for his sister’s medical care. Right before graduation, his parents died in an accident, leaving him as the sole provider for his sister. Due to her illness, North was forced to put Aspen in a long-term care facility, where her health would be monitored 24/7.

He visits her every chance he gets, and every bit of his paycheck goes toward her care, her wants, her needs, anything.
Wants and Limits / Paladienne's Wants and Limits
« Last post by Paladienne on March 21, 2018, 10:28:02 AM »
Author's Wants

What types of plots are you interested in playing?
I’ll play just about anything and everything, there’s very little that I won’t try my hand at. Want not, waste not, and all that.

What types of plots are you not interested in playing?
There’s very little that I’m not interested in playing, but I’ll let you know if I’m not really interested.

How often can you reply to any given thread?
I can reply at least once a day, maybe more, depending on how life decides to work out for me on a particular day.

What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
Honestly? As long as it takes. I don’t like giving up on anything, even when I probably should.

Are you open to RPing over instant messengers?  If so, what's the best way to contact you and what times are you generally available?
I don’t have any instant messengers, so a PM on this site is probably the best way to reach me.

Are you open to post volleying?
I’m open to it so long as there’s quality to the posting, if only so the story doesn’t suffer some strange stuttering effect.

Anything else?
I don’t think so.

Author's Limits

What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
If those two things have anything to do with the story, then maybe there could be a way to fit it in, but there has to be a legitimate reason for it. I don’t really accept ‘this is happening because I said so’. I believe it isn’t fair, unless both parties really agree to it.

What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
(What are you comfortable with and not comfortable with? Do you prefer to pre-plot relationships or let them happen organically? Are you open to IC-rejection or love-triangles? Age differences? Etc.)
I’m comfortable with just about anything. There’s very little I won’t do or offends me. I like to let the relationships happen organically, preferably, but I’m not opposed to plotting out that Character A gets with Character B via this means.

What are your limits in regards to sex?
(Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out? Is there anything you won't write?)
I don’t mind graphic. I actually enjoy playing it out, and there’s very little I won’t write. But I’ll usually say something beforehand if I’m uncomfortable with it.

What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
(Are you okay with pregnancy in plots? Miscarriages? Loss?)
I’m okay with these things, but they should occur naturally as part of the plot line and not just because it could cause a sensational moment.

What are your limits in regards to violent scenes?
(Are you comfortable with violent scenes? Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out? Is there anything you won't write?)
I’m not very good at writing violence, but I’ll give it my best shot. There’s very little I won’t write or try, and if I don’t feel comfortable with it, I’ll usually say something first.

What are your limits in regards to abuse/rape in plots?
(Are you comfortable with such themes? Do you prefer to avoid them? Do you prefer to imply it, fade to black, or play it out?)
I’m comfortable writing such scenes and themes, but again, I’m not good at writing them.

Are you okay with characters being transformed against their will?
(Think vampires and werewolves. Should a player ask before attempting to turn your character?)
I’d prefer if I’m asked before my characters get transformed.

What about healing?
(For instance, if someone plays a blind character they may not want people to try and "cure" the character.)
Provided it makes sense, and there’s a reason for it, because some of my characters’ quirks are part of who they are and will take a lot of work to heal, if they can be healed at all.

Anything else?
(Anything else you want to add that other players should know!)
I’m open to anything and I’m willing to try anything! I’m not afraid to give something a shot, but I’m new at this so I hope I don’t disappoint.
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