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Teinar Characters / Dusk; wasteland raider
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:27:58 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Gender; Sexuality
Female; aromantic pansexual
Wasteland Raider
The wastes!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Pale white skin and black, curly, tangled hair that, when not worn down, is usually roughly and loosely plaited into two braids. It falls down to mid-back when braided, and reaches her butt when loose. Her eyes are bright, toxic blue in color. She is tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular with washboard abs.

She tends to dress in armor made up from salvaged and scavenged machinery and critters she's hunted or found, including scaley parts from a dead dragon she found out in the wastes not too long ago. (AKA Temple's dragon, Providence. Rest in pieces.)

Out in the wastes, it's a dog eat dog world, and she likes to be the one doing the eating.

Very, very paranoid. And very, very cutthroat. And the rest, I will develop as I play her! Huzzah!

Strong like bull!

And idk. I'll figure this out as I play her!



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Edanith Characters / Sydney "Serrano" Cruz [WIP like whoa]
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:48:55 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Sydney Cruz
Gender; Orientation
Genderfluid (preferred pronouns: they/them/their); panromantic demisexual
Species; ethnicity
Human; Edani
Pepper bandit!
Edanith Frontier!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Brown skin, black hair, and honey brown eyes.

A trickster, prankster, and jokester. And never passes up the opportunity for terrible puns!




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Aedolis Characters / Kyran O'Ruadhain; Pilot Cardinal
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:11:30 AM »

__________________Quick Stats

Kyran (pronounced "KY-ran", where the "ky" is pronounced like in "sky") O'Ruadhan (pronounced "Oh-rowan")
Incubus on his mom's side, and Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) on his dad's side.
Pilot Cardinal

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Kyran has a lean build, fair skin, and a noticeable lack of scars because, physically, he can't scar. His hair is a light brown in color and reaches down to his shoulders. He has pointed ears, like an elf, and hazel eyes. Beneath his eyes are black, scrawling symbols which can easily be explained away as tattoos, though they're not. The incisors of his teeth are elongated and sharper, like fangs, though not like the more dainty fangs of a vampire; they're more like those of an animal. His fingers and toes sport retractable claws.

Though built like a human, Kyran is very, very flexible, thanks to his neqa'el genes.

When out of uniform, he likes to dress in casual, but nice, clothes.

Kyran is, first and foremost, not human. He is a blend of two very different species, and this results in loads of frustration and confusion for him, especially while trying to exist in a human world! And especially while perfectly capable of passing as human, or at least elven!

Kyran has a very dominant, competitive personality, and can turn pretty much anything into a competition. He's spontaneous and playful and doesn't really grasp the idea that some people are uncomfortable with all the things that he finds perfectly normal, because he doesn't really run on Earth logic, but rather follows a sort of logic that is entirely his own.

And, of course, being half incubus, Kyran almost always has sex on the brain. He's aggressively flirtatious and chronically promiscuous. For him, sex is a drug he is literally addicted to, and going without for too long can lead to withdrawal symptoms. He doesn't really have the healthiest views around sex, because for him, sex is as vital to his survival as eating, and thus is about as meaningful to him as a fast food hamburger. His standards are very, very low, and can often land him in dangerous situations.

He can be insensitive, selfish, and passive-aggressive because he does not cope well with disappointment or sadness, and has a difficult time relating to and reading other people--because he is very much not human, so some cues and nuances fly over his head. He doesn't respond well to subtlety, but he understands bluntness. He is also very impulsive and lives by his urges, at least when it comes to interpersonal relationships. He has very few boundaries, and can often encroach (usually unintentionally) on the boundaries of others.

That said, Kyran is very loyal to those he considers family--and that would be the Pilots, and he would fight tooth and nail to defend them and anyone who threatened them. Kyran quite loves Aedolis; it's basically an incubus's dream.

Despite Kyran's need to get down and dirty, he's a neat freak. He does not like being dirty, and does not like dirty spaces. He's a bit obsessive about cleanliness.

Illumokinesis. Kyran has the ability to create illusions, which is perhaps heightened by his incubus blood. He's rather adept at it, and took to it as naturally as breathing, since it's pretty much literally in his blood as a species trait.

He has average telepathy.

Kyran is fast, and has supernatural strength. He also does not scar, and cannot catch illness or disease. He can, however, be poisoned.

A black and white piebald dragon named Kushiel. He is equal parts machine and flesh, is old, and is very much a cranky hardass.

His father, Rasui, is still alive. He's a Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) and Kyran was and is very close to him. Kyran's mother was a succubus, and her name and anything else about her aside from the fact that she was his mother is pretty much unknown.

Kyran is the result of a succubus seducing a cat demon. |: It was an unlikely coupling that resulted in one very confused and frustrated person.

In any case, Kyran was born middle caste, drafted at 13, and graduated only recently! 8D

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Advanced Training Complex / Hello darkness, my old friend. |: [open!]
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:57:59 PM »
The utility closet was Arrow's old friend. She'd utilized it once, when she'd first arrived in the ATC, to escape from some bullies back when she'd been a nobody.

Er...not that she was a somebody, now.

She'd just figured, you know, that once she was no longer super fresh meat, maybe this wouldn't have to keep being a thing?

The shy ones were always easy targets, and bullies tended to be cowards, but knowing that didn't help her much. Oh, sure, she'd grown a backbone since coming here--the drills and training and new reality of her world did that. She'd learned to fight back, and to talk back. But a backbone didn't do much good when it was three on one and you were smaller.

Thank goodness she was also faster.

And that's how she found herself locked in a utility closet.

Yup. Locked.

Oh, she'd escaped the bullies, all right. She'd dashed away and hidden herself in the closet, which had worked awesomely several months back. But this time they were onto her, for it was hard to hide from a psychic. She'd braced herself for a fight, prepared for them to drag her out--

And instead, laughing, they'd locked the damned door.

Their voices had long since faded down the hall as they headed off to the cafeteria for a lunch it looked like she'd be missing. With a groan, Arrow leaned back against the wall and slid down until she was seated atop an upended bucket, cleaning supplies scattered at her feet and two mops competing for space and insisting on leaning on her no matter how she rearranged them.

She let out another sigh, chin resting on her hand.

Maybe she could kick the door out?

That would be pretty cool, busting on out of captivity like that. What wouldn't be so cool was being found here. How pathetic was that?

Arrow waited several minutes, just to be sure the hall was clear, and then pushed the bucket out of the way so she could sit on the dusty floor and brace against the wall. Pulling her knees to her chest, she kicked out as hard as she could and then cursed as the impact went right through her, and the door didn't budge.

Aedolis Characters / Poe Maci; cam girl/social media star
« on: August 25, 2016, 02:38:00 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Poe Maci
Cam girl
Haviah, Aedolis

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Poe is shapely and voluptuous, with a full bust, rounded hips, and long legs. She has a heart-shaped face, pouty red lips, and green, cat-like eyes framed with thick black lashes. Her skin is fair, peachy in color, with a delicate smattering of freckles over her nose and a beauty mark by the right corner of her mouth.

Her hair is long and apple-red, flowing down past her hips in waves.

In her day to day life, she likes to dress casually, in crop tops and shorts/skirts and strappy sandals, with cute, clunky accessories and matching sunglasses, usually with a matching purse. On the job, well. |: It's lingerie or nothing at all.

Bubbly, friendly, and open. Poe is the sort of person who can talk about anything with anyone, and no topic is off limits for her. She's a people person, and she loves being the center of attention. From an early age she adored the limelight, so she was basically always destined to be a performer. It wasn't until adulthood, however, that she figured out just what sort of performer she would be.

While many often dismiss her as vapid and shallow, since most usually only see the persona she displays in her cam shows, she's bright and intelligent--and has plenty of criticisms about the Aedolian government, though she keeps those to herself out of fear. But she hates how a huge chunk of their population is treated, though as of now she's not quite sure what can be done about it. Poe is deeply humanitarian, with a strong sense of justice, and strangely enough it is her job that has made her more and more aware of the injustices Aedolis has committed against its people. After all, her job lets her meet all sorts of folk online--including, sometimes, people from the Lower Levels.

And even people from underground networks...

Lately, some of her "private, paid only" shows have been dabbling into subjects that are far less sexy and far more subversive. Poe knows it's dangerous, even foolish, and yet she can't help but slowly slip down the rabbit hole. After all, she and her family came from the Lower Levels--and she can't help but feel a deep sense of loyalty toward them. If there's any way she can help them...her bleeding heart wants to do it.

Though Poe is a sex icon, and though she has the libido to match, she believes in safe sex! In fact, she has an entire segment on her channel that is dedicated to healthy talks about sexuality and sex positivity and consent. She also has segments on fashion, including cosplay--as she does like to do sexy cosplay, and has gotten pretty well-known for that.

A minor gift of illusions and suggestion. Poe does her best to hide this ability, however, because if the government found out, and found out what she is...she'd be in trouble. She also has power over dreams, and can induce sleep, as well.

She'd also be in trouble if the government discovered her other abilities, which are very, very dangerous: she feeds off of sexual energy and the life force connected to it. As it stands now, the sexual energy generated from her shows is enough to sustain her, which is a good thing, because she has no real control over her abilities. So she's remained abstinent, since the one time she performed oral she nearly killed the guy. Likewise, kissing someone can entrance them, and make them very, very vulnerable to suggestion.

Those are all things she personally hates. Way too squicky for her.

Her mother! Still alive and well!

Her father was an incubus that preyed on her mother. She has never met him, and never wants to.

Born to a human mother and incubus father in the Lower Level of Aedolis.

Started doing crappy webcam shows in her bedroom, which grew in popularity (thank you, succubus influence!)--until eventually she was noticed and bumped up through the Levels. By 20, she and her mother were allowed to live on the Upper Level due to her success and popularity, and she's been slowly expanding her brand.

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Plotting Center / Plots for an Edani mage? 8D
« on: August 25, 2016, 09:30:28 AM »
My character, Yazuri, needs some lovin'!

In fact, I even started up a thread where she, uh...sets her kitchen on fire. Someone wanna help her out? She is a SUCKY FIRE MAGE.

She could also use a Mordecai partner! 8D

And mage friends!

« on: August 10, 2016, 11:11:17 PM »
It would be Yazuri's luck as a fire mage that she would manage to set everything on fire even when she couldn't actually access her ability, currently!

Well, maybe not everything was on fire.

But her stove sure was.

Yazuri stared in horror at her flaming stove, which was on fire because she wanted to boil water, and she decided to run to the other room to quickly throw some clothes in the dryer. Except it didn't work that way, because apparently there was some old stuff under the burner or something, or a spark had flown out and caught the pot holder she'd left behind, and now there was fire everywhere and her fire alarm was screeching and she tried to put it out but apparently made it worse because now it was smoking something awful! Coughing something fierce, and panicking because yes, ha ha ha, she was a fire mage who didn't know how to naturally put out a fire and had cruddy control even with magic, she rushed out of her apartment to get some air and yanked her cell phone out.

(Why hadn't she thought to do that earlier?!)

...Oh. Maybe because she'd forgotten to charge it.

"Nooo!" she moaned as smoke poured out her window after her, her heart racing and palms sweaty because she was going to burn down her house!

She was the worst fire mage ever.

Wanderers and Independents / Sitara; scavenger/disgruntled brat
« on: October 05, 2015, 04:49:42 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Sitara is a dainty slip of a thing, with slim hips and an average bust. Her skin is a light, creamy brown in color, and her short, shaggy hair is silver with splotches of dark gray and white. Her eyes are icy blue in color, striking against her complexion.

Unlike many other Feylini, her ears don't stand up straight, but are rather floppy instead--an uncommon trait among her kind. Like all Feylini, she has a tiny, deer-like tail, though its hair grows far longer, trailing down in silky, curly strands along the backs of her legs.

She tends to dress simply, in shorts, tank tops, and sandals. Her ears are also pierced, sporting several little rings up and down their lengths, and she has a septum piercing.

Surly! Sitara may be small and cute, but she's surly and packs attitude. And with war going down in Jeth, and her life getting uprooted as her own city was finally overthrown, she's just so many kinds of pissed.

Sitara is a little dog that thinks she's bigger than she is, the "I'LL FIGHT YOU!" sort, because her first instinct tends to be aggression. Most of the bark, however, is just to try to hide how freaked out she actually is, and hopefully scare away whatever's scaring her first. She was always too big for her britches growing up. That said, she's also aware she's tiny and squishy and she's veryvery likely to put a bullet in an actual threat with no questions asked.

She's young, with all the naivete and short-sightedness of youth, and tends to act/speak first, think later. She can be rather overly serious, to the point where she doesn't always catch others' sarcasm and can be wound up easily as a result.

No magical abilities! However, she has survival skills out he wazoo. She's an A+ scavenger and tracker, and knows how to fire a gun (with excellent accuracy). For the most part, she and her people have been staying as far away from the conflicts as possible, both resistance and Rividean, and have just been trying to make due and stay safe.

Of course, that only lasted so long.


To be written when I'm not lazy! But she wound up enslaved by Rivideans! But sold off to a certain contact of Sarah's before she could be sold to the beasts, thankfully. Still, she has no idea who the heck these crab people are. D8 And she's just ticked about the whole thing.

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Open Space / That which yields is not always weak. [glooob!] [M/TW]
« on: September 20, 2015, 11:09:05 AM »
[thread trigger warning: rape, torture, and violence.]

To say Esha wasn't scared out of her wits was an understatement.

She knew how the Rivideans treated their slaves, and the consequences for being outed as a spy would be especially gruesome. She wouldn't just be killed cleanly; no doubt, she would be made an example of, very publicly and very, very painfully. Her only consolation was that her group had done their research; they would be selling her to an older brute, a high ranked Carnotan "warmasta" that was harsh, but had since lost his taste for carnal pleasures after a brutal accident that had left him without a leg--and without his genitals. He still kept concubines, for they were visually stimulating at least and could tend to domestic chores. But they were something he hoarded like a dragon and kept to himself but could not have--but he also wasn't going to let anyone else have them, either.

It wouldn't keep Esha safe, for his temper was terrible, but it would at least be one less thing she had to worry about. The intergalactic slaver Esha was with, a bored human who had stakes in neither side of the war, had his orders. Sell to no one but the intended target. Intel had it that he was out today, looking for a new beauty to add to his collection.

They just had to find him. Wouldn't be hard. He stood out.

"Just keep your trap shut, missy," the slaver, Ben, said as they walked. "These guys are mean. Don't speak unless spoken to. Keep your eyes down," he added with a small jerk on the chain. Esha jumped, realizing she was staring at the sights around them and gawking like a tourist, and quickly locked her gaze on the ground.

"If you're given an order, do it. Fast. Without question. You're soft and pretty, and they like soft and pretty, but there's plenty of soft, pretty slaves to replace you. Don't forget that. You're expendable to them. And you get caught, you're dead. But not before they've made you talk. And they will."

Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods. Esha shivered as she walked, and not just because she was used to a far hotter climate--and was dressed for it, too, in her thin skirt, sandals, and midriff-baring top. Yet, despite the cooler air, she was sweating--perhaps because walking felt a little more laborious from the different gravity. Suddenly, the collar around her neck, connecting to the shackles around her wrists, felt especially constricting. What if...what if she couldn't do this? What if she wasn't as brave as she'd felt when she'd agreed to this crazy plan?

The brief glimpse she'd gotten of the world around her, at the other milling slaves, at the fierce, giant Rivideans, made her doubt herself. A lot. Her group had said they'd extract her once she got the information, or if she found she just couldn't do it, but what if they couldn't?

She felt a little dizzy, her breath coming too fast and heart beating wildly. No, she could do this. She had to...

And how many of those Feylini slaves were also spies?

Worse, how many weren't? How many were also on the enemy side?

"Just act good and obedient and let me do the talking," Ben said. "After that, it's all you."

Wanderers and Independents / Esha Imaris; spy/slave
« on: September 17, 2015, 04:05:45 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Esha Imaris
5'3"--with ears, tack on nearly a good foot extra.
A small, hot desert planet, Jeth.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Esha has blemish-free dark brown skin, save for a smattering of little white freckles that stand out stark against her skin, covering her shoulders and trailing down her back, buttocks, and backs of her thighs. She has a small dusting on her nose, too. Her eyes are large and expressive with dark, thick lashes, almond shaped and slightly tilted. They are a pale lavender in color, which makes them especially striking against her dark complexion. She has full lips and a heart-shaped face.

Her hair is a lighter brown than her skin, and streaked with stripes of creamy white. She wears it long, down to her hips, and generally wears it loose save for two long tails on either side of her face, which are generally decorated with beads and colorful ribbons.

For the most part, Esha looks human in shape and build. However, instead of a human's little round ears, she has long, rabbit-like ears covered in soft brown fur, spotted with white, which she sometimes decorates with golden rings clasping around the bases of her ears. Naturally, her ears stand erect most of the time, and rotate to capture sound better. She also sports a tail. Truthfully, the actual tail is small and deer-like, but it grows long, silky hair, brown and cream like the hair on her head, and dusts the backs of her knees. She often decorates that, as well, with ribbons and beads.

She is rather petite in build, with obvious curves and an ample bust. And as far as clothing goes, she generally doesn't wear much beyond wispy skirts and short, decorative halter tops, leaving her arms, midriff, and legs exposed. For footwear, she generally wears sandals that lace up her shin.

Observant, intelligent, and humanitarian, Esha is a bleeding heart who can't turn down a soul in need. She helps others when she can, even if it puts herself at risk. Sacrifice is a virtue, after all, and she is deeply empathetic. She wouldn't call herself brave, since she does what she does because she feels someone has to, and because it's the decent thing to do, but her strong beliefs do make her more willing to take even dangerous risks. This makes her quite outgoing by nature.

She has a playful, teasing sense of humor, and tries her best to be a good person. She's friendly and optimistic in general, but not blindingly so--she knows the universe is full of dangerous, horrible people that would love nothing more than to hurt others, and she is not deluded enough to believe they can all be saved. (Nor that they even WANT to change.) She knows well to be cautious.

Though she comes across as sweet and naive, the truth is that Esha's seen some shit. She knows the world is a dark place--but she feels that becoming embittered, cold, and hostile only gives the enemy power. That said, she does have a temper on her, though she tries not to show it. Mainly because it's embarrassing to her. She's the sort of person who cries when she's really angry or frustrated, and that rarely ends with people taking her seriously. Mostly, it just gets people calling her cute.

Esha has skill as a healer; it is the only magical ability she has, but it's a powerful one capable of fusing bones back together and repairing damaged tendons and flesh.

She can hear leagues better than a human can, picking up sounds and frequencies they would miss, and her ears also help keep her cooler on the hot planet. She doesn't have a resistance to heat, really, but is overall better adapted to living in very hot climates.

She's a swift runner, and stronger than she looks. Her family has always ensured their children were trained in self-defense, and Esha is no different. She also knows how to handle firearms, and even how to take apart and clean them. She's not a great fighter by any means, but and her fighting style is purely defensive; she'd do nothing against a soldier! But she can at least keep herself a little more safe, and her observant eyes and keen ears can help her perceive a danger before it strikes.

Parents are dead. She was an only child.

Jeth is a small desert planet with a long and tumultuous history--which involves a long-going war with its sister planet, Rividea. For ages, the more advanced Rivideans have been enslaving their people and tapping their resources, especially their diamonds, and even setting up camps on Jeth to mine for resources. Currently, Jeth is occupied by the Rivideans, while the native people--the Feylini--are treated as second class citizens. Those that oppose the Rivideans, or fight back, find themselves killed or enslaved. Some may find themselves forced to work in the mines and labor camps, others may be taken back to Rividea as domestic slaves and pleasure slaves alike.

That's the kind of world Esha grew up in. She was born to parents who worked with a resistance group, and so such work came naturally to her. Her parents tried to keep her out of it for as long as they could, but Esha wanted to help--and when they died in a bombing, fighting in one of the last free cities on Jeth, they were no longer around to stop her. It became a personal mission to follow in their footsteps and make them proud, and do their memory justice.

She's run around with the resistance group and done some missions for them, and her skill as a healer made her invaluable. She worked primarily as a nurse, a stressful and taxing job, but also did some field work, helping keep people alive in the heat of battle.

Most recently, the resistance has been trying new tactics to learn how to best their enemy. Their next plan? They are hoping to pull off an assassination. To do that, they have chosen people among their group who would not be recognized by the enemy, and then "selling" them to a slaver they've hired. The slaver provides the "slaves" to Rividea's elite, ensuring they are sold to higher up military officials. It's the job of these "slaves" to find out what information they can, and report back to the resistance, with the promise that they will be extracted as soon as enough intel has been gathered.

Esha is one of those who was chosen for the task, and though she knew the risks (up to and including death!), and though it scared her, she agreed. She has friends in the labor camps and mines, after all, so anything she can do to help the cause will help them.

She's currently en route to Rividea, and hopes she has the courage not to fail.

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The Cancer / Dens of Iniquity! [Glooob!]
« on: September 17, 2015, 12:19:22 PM »
Ari had a routine when he stopped by the Cancer.

Get supplies for his fish tank? Check. Check in on new jobs from his contractors? Check. New tattoo, or continue the work on his back? Mm. Not this time.

Get wasted and have a random hookup? In progress.

This time, however, he was looking for something a little extra to get the ball rolling. After that confrontation with Darvish, it was going to take more than just booze to take the edge off. And damned if he didn't feel edgy as fuck. Damned if he didn't feel like he'd jumped back fifteen years, back when he'd been scared and jumping at shadows, always listening for signs of the fucker. Knowing he was here on the Cancer was enough to make him twitchy.

But, supposedly there was some guy here that specialized in various recreational drugs. Good, quality shit, not sketchy stuff thrown together with supplies fished from beneath the sink.

Now all that was left was finding the guy. Which wasn't proving difficult. Judging by word on the street--well, district--he was pretty popular.

Ari headed toward the wealthier district, all too aware that he stood out like a sore thumb here in his worn cargo pants, combat boots, tank top, and tats. That was common for the Cancer, but this area looked more...business-suit-ish.

Probably filled with mafia and cartels.

The Frontier / The crown Jewel of poor planning [DaGlobster!]
« on: September 14, 2015, 11:22:15 PM »
"Fuck fuck fuuuuck, you've gotta be fucking kidding me!" Jewel smacked the side of her smart phone, as though that would make the dumb thing work again. But nope. Nothing. The screen was a chaotic mess of pixels and color, and so what if it was several versions behind the latest upgrade? It was working fine earlier!

Cursing all the more, she took it apart, popped the battery, and put it back together. But then it wouldn't turn on at all, period. No chaotic colors. Just a black screen.

"Seriously?! What the fuck, C-Mobile!" She fiddled with it some more, made a few final, futile attempts at trouble-shooting, and was finally forced to call it quits. She stuffed it back in her jeans pocket.

She was fucking screwed.

Like, more screwed than before.

Here she was, out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but her old motorcycle (running low on fuel, now) and a backpack full of clothes, water, and a little food. That was it. Oh, and a failure of a phone that had her GPS and everything on it, and now decided to just die when she needed it most. There was supposed to be a settlement out here somewhere, but without her GPS...

Well, shit. She didn't know how to get somewhere by following the sun or whatever! Which way was north?!

And which way was back to Tynova?

Jewel looked back over her shoulder and wiped sweat from her brow, though she was sweating all over. The heat was intense out here, with no shade or vegetation, and her clothes were sticking to her in all the wrong places. All she saw behind her was more red earth. Tynova could be back straight that way--or maybe it was more to the side. Fuck if she knew now! There were no landmarks out here to orient herself, and the ones that were around were just...rocks and more rocks.

She really hadn't planned this out. But she'd also had no time. Her neighbor had reported her. Her fucking neighbor! The chick she'd loaned books and movies to! She'd barely made it out of her flat when the cops rolled up and there was no way she was going with them, no way she was going to become one of those selfless saviors--AKA one of those mages with the shit drilled into their brains. She couldn't exactly go back now.

That didn't mean she wanted to die out here in the desert, though.

"Okay. Don't panic," she told herself, and took a deep breath. "If there's a settlement, you're gonna see it, right? If I just...keep going, I mean, it'll stand out, right? I'll see something on the horizon."


Yet she froze, struggling with fear. The fear of the unknown ahead of her, the possibility she might find nothing and die out there, and the fear of the known: the knowledge that if she went back, she might not ever get this chance again, and her future, her life, would be sealed.

And all the while the sun beat down on her, leeching away her skin's water.

Edanith Characters / Jewel Kraus; reluctant mage
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:36:31 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Jewel Kraus
Barista at "Absinthe's", a rather hipster/alternative 24 hour coffee shop in downtown Tynova.
Tynova, Edanith

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Jewel is built tall and lanky, with a boyish build, slim hips, and a small bust, and though slim her body is all tight muscle. She's light-skinned, and her hair is dyed a bright, rich blue, worn jaw-length in the front and short in the back. Her eyes are a matching blue, with an impish tilt to them. Her hair's natural color is strawberry blond, but it's rarely ever seen that color!

Her ears are pierced multiple times, including a tragus piercing in her left ear and an industrial in the right. She has a septum piercing, a tongue piercing, and an eyebrow piercing in her left eyebrow to cover up the scar there. She sports a few tattoos, as well, namely stylistic, watercolor roses on both shoulders, with their thorns and leaves snaking along her collarbone to her chest.

She has a punkish aesthetic, generally found in torn-up jeans with decorative patches, boots, and strategically altered band shirts.

Rebellious and irreverent. Jewel is a daredevil. She loves to have fun, loves to party, and loves to stick it to the man, so to speak. She has a playful personality and tends to just take life as it comes--and she is interested in all things counter-culture, as she finds Edanith's "traditional values" stifling. She likes to think of herself as progressive. Others would say she's fallen in with the wrong crowds. Either way, her adventurous, daring escapades have earned her a reputation and landed her in trouble with authorities on more than one occasion.

A social butterfly, Jewel has no problems striking up conversation with most anyone. Even if they don't really want to talk to her. |:

Has issues with authority figures, and has a very contrary, obstinate, stubborn personality that can become combative and aggressive when challenged. However, truthfully, the easiest way to get her to do something is to tell her not to do it. Also has trust issues, and tends to get easily jealous (which can come out as anger and defensiveness), even when she knows she's being irrational. She clings hard to the relationships she has because she's afraid of losing them, and deeply fears abandonment and being replaced. However, as a result, she can often end up self-sabotaging her own relationships.

She has a tendency, in fact, to avoid dealing with her problems at all and instead self-medicate with alcohol and cannabis. However, even that is becoming Not An Option lately as the lowered inhibitions mean controlling her power becomes more...difficult.

Is an earth mage! As she recently learned. And she doesn't want to be an earth mage! D8 She doesn't want anything to do with the military! So right now, she's just desperately trying to remain undetected.


Jewel did not have a happy childhood.

Her father was an emotionally abusive, controlling drunkard, and her mother was too afraid to leave him. Her grades suffered in school and she ultimately dropped out, and she generally avoided home as much as she could--and fell in with iffy crowds.

However, as soon as Jewel was old enough and had saved up enough money, she packed up and moved downtown, got a crappy studio apartment, and got a job. She hasn't looked back.

Of course, to complicate matters, her earth magic powers manifested in the last few months--and she's not happy about that. She's doing her damnedest not to be discovered!

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[If she wouldn't be on the Cancer, I can totally move this! 8D]

The night was young! Or the day. Whichever. Time of day didn't matter much in space, much less on a Station that never slept, and Ari kept strange hours besides. The only time that mattered was that it was just a few hours after he had gotten out of bed. This was the second day of his three-day vacation on the Cancer, dammit, so he could do things like that!

Things like head to a bar for breakfast! Which was probably somebody's dinner.

And by breakfast, he meant hopefully a cute somebody he could take back to his motel room. Man, woman, non-binary, human, alien, it never mattered to him, so long as they were interesting.

And so he showered and headed out, dressed in a tank (the better to show off his sleeves!), cargo pants, and boots. It looked like one of his favorite, sleeziest bars (The Pearl Diver) was rocking, so that was where he went. It wasn't that bad, anyway. They had karaoke and a live band, and thank the gods it was a band right now! Hopefully he could land a hookup before the karaoke started.

Hopefully he wouldn't have to sing karaoke to get a hookup.

He strode to the bar counter to start his time off right, ordering tequila shots and downing one before he actually took a look around at his selection.

One person in particular stood out.

She wasn't much to look at, but looks weren't always what drew him to a person. She had nice hair--red and black was a nice combination, and he wondered if it was dyed or natural. But it was her posture that caught his eye. It was the way she held herself. She held herself with a rare, effortless sort of confidence--genuine confidence, not the fake, posturing kind.

If anyone asked Ari what quality he found most attractive, he'd probably have to say that was it.

Sliding down the bar, bringing his last shot with him, he flagged down the barkeep. "Another one of whatever she was drinkin'. Put it on my tab," he said, then swung around to grin at her, and hoped to actually get a look at her face now.

"Ya mind some company, darlin', or is this seat taken?"

Advanced Training Complex / Practice makes perfect! [Open!]
« on: February 26, 2015, 02:21:27 PM »
The pen twitched.

It actually twitched!

Rachel broke out into a grin and leaned closer to the table, hand still hovering over it. Sure, she didn't actually need to do any weird flourishes or hand motions or anything to activate her psychic powers or whatever, but it helped, at least in her own mind. Made using her brain abilities more...tangible, she guessed. But--oh crap. Maybe she hadn't actually moved it with her brain? Maybe waving her hand around had created a small wind and that's what made the pen twitch?

With a grimace, Rachel let her hand drop back to her lap, where she folded her hands for good measure before resuming her staring contest with the pen, eyes narrowed to slits and brow crinkled with concentration. And she'd been doing a lot of concentrating; it was kind of unbelievable how much strain and effort something like thinking really hard took, enough that beads of perspiration had formed along her forehead.

Alright. This time she'd do it.

This time, the pen would move.

And this time, she would be one-hundred percent certain that it was no accident!

It was kind of funny, too, that after several months of being around a bunch of crazy psychic kids of varying degrees, someone staring intently at a pen in at a random cafeteria table was pretty darned normal, as far as psychics went.

It could be a lot weirder.

Haviah / Paper or plastic? [Rising!]
« on: September 19, 2014, 10:15:09 PM »
It was a dull day at work.

But then again, most days were dull, when it consisted of asking, over and over, "Paper or plastic?"

It was unbelievable the sorts of reactions such a simple question could receive! It was amazing how much wrath it could induce!

"Plastic?! It's people like you that are the reason our environment's the way it is, all that plastic clogging up our dumps and poisoning the earth!" Just doing my job, dude.

"Paper? Tree murderer!" It's not even real paper! It's synthetic! Jeez!

"Uh, no. I bring my own bags, of course!" Complete with thrusting the bags into his face. Yeah, I could totally see them where they were FOLDED UP IN YOUR PURSE!

"Double bag them, you idiot! They always break when you don't!" Because I'm TOTALLY PSYCHIC--oh wait! I wouldn't be working in a fucking grocery store if I was!

By the time Kestrel's shift ended, he was, as every other day he worked, hating humanity just a little more.

Wings all ruffled and shoulders tense, he clocked out, then grabbed his things from the break room. He didn't bother to change out of his uniform yet; he'd do it when he got home, after he'd showered away his loathing. He shopped for a few things he needed, directed customers toward coworkers when they saw his uniform and asked questions (never mind that he was carrying a little grocery basket!), and once he checked out, he was good to go. With his messenger bag slung over his shoulder, packed full of groceries of his own (yeah, he brought his own bag, and he didn't rub it in peoples' faces, either!), he headed out the door to begin his short walk home.

He didn't live that far away, just a few blocks, and maybe he was more tired than he thought from a long nine-to-five shift, but when he turned a corner to head down his street, he slammed right into another body that was coming the opposite way.

Rather small for a guy, and lighter than he looked, Kestrel went down with a yelp. His messenger back popped open, and cans of soda and soup went rolling all over the sidewalk. "Goddammit! Wouldja watch where yer--"

He cut off, staring, and his jaw dropped. And he instantly wished he could take the words back, because the person he'd bumped into was a girl, and she was, to put it lightly, smokin' hot.


The Citadel / A question of consent. [Tally!]
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:45:13 AM »

This was pretty much the last place Gabriel wanted to be: standing here, outside Gregory's office, summoned here for yet another meeting. And if the last meeting was anything to go by, he really wasn't going to like this one.

It was only made slightly better by the fact that, this time, he wasn't alone.

Not that he would have wished this on Roman. The guy had enough stress in his life; Gabriel would have gladly attended this meeting alone if that were an option--and if it wouldn't be weird or skeevy, considering this meeting was about consent.

"Do you think everyone has to go through this?" Gabriel asked as he waited, pacing the floor. "Like, say two Echoes are dating, and one gets bumped up to Noble. What happens, then?"

News and Updates / You can tag members, now! 8D
« on: May 04, 2014, 11:47:45 PM »


You'll get a little notification at the top under "Profile"!

To do it, just add the @ symbol before a user's name! Like so!


Now no one will ever miss their name being mentioned somewhere! >8D

Have fuuuuuuun!

The Cancer / Caught in the act! [Alegretto]
« on: April 09, 2014, 09:47:06 PM »
Deep within a dark corner of the Cancer, in a rather run down part of the station inhabited mostly by drunks and delinquents, Kyori had made her kill.

The man had been easy prey, smelling heavily of booze, but Kyori had targeted him specifically in the hopes that he wouldn't be missed. These parts housed the human dregs of society, after all, and who cared about them? Apparently not other humans, which was something Kyori had picked up over her time here--and something that perplexed. Humans were such odd creatures, really, and it was a wonder they had survived long enough to advance so far when they didn't even care for their own!

It would never happen in her own clan, this...this tossing aside of the weak and old and ill. It was disgusting, really. And yet, right now, it benefited her. Who was she to care about how humans treated their own people? Perhaps, if this was how their society worked, she was doing them a favor by culling the undesirable.

Doubtful, of course. It was strange, for she had learned that they cared an awful lot about the killing of their own, even if they didn't care about said dregs when they were alive!

Bizarre. Utterly bizarre. But whatever. Right now, she feasted. She'd worry about disposing of the body later.

Crouched over the body of a slain, middle-aged man, Kyori sank her teeth into the flesh of his arm and fed, ears laid back and tail lashing back and forth with pleasure. She was alert as she fed, though, ears straining for any noises, just in case. But it had been clear when she'd dragged him here, and hopefully it would remain such.

Beside her sat a small backpack in which she carried some basic amenities. Currently, a pile of napkins she had swiped from a local restaurant were sitting on top of it, and a lidded paper cup of water she'd gotten from the same area.

It might seem strange, since she was currently tearing into raw flesh, but Kyori was particular about her feeding.

She didn't like having a messy face or hands, and she was careful and dainty as she ate, because she also didn't want to ruin her clothes: a long skirt and a simple tank top. There was nothing special about them, really; she just liked being clean, and, you know...blood splatters would be suspicious.

Absences/Returns / surprise appendectomy!
« on: March 01, 2014, 05:29:06 PM »
I posted more deets on sote and am losing steam fast (just took my pain meds) so imma make this quick here xD

I had my appendix removed friday after an ordeal that started thursday and just got home from hospital today xD

So im out of commission until i feel better because right now everything sucks |:

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