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Welcome Wagon / Re: Hello, i'm here and i'm here to be evil!
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:30:55 PM »
Yus! Come say hi! We can be slow on the OOC forums since everything OOC occurs mainly on Discord! But we are alive and kicking and plotting horrible things for our characters. |:

Teinar Characters / Dusk; wasteland raider
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:27:58 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Gender; Sexuality
Female; aromantic pansexual
Wasteland Raider
The wastes!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Pale white skin and black, curly, tangled hair that, when not worn down, is usually roughly and loosely plaited into two braids. It falls down to mid-back when braided, and reaches her butt when loose. Her eyes are bright, toxic blue in color. She is tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular with washboard abs.

She tends to dress in armor made up from salvaged and scavenged machinery and critters she's hunted or found, including scaley parts from a dead dragon she found out in the wastes not too long ago. (AKA Temple's dragon, Providence. Rest in pieces.)

Out in the wastes, it's a dog eat dog world, and she likes to be the one doing the eating.

Very, very paranoid. And very, very cutthroat. And the rest, I will develop as I play her! Huzzah!

Strong like bull!

And idk. I'll figure this out as I play her!



__________________THREAD TRACKER
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Sassy Juice / Re: Outer Space Food Truck {Any aboard the Sassy Juice}
« on: January 15, 2018, 12:37:39 PM »
"I gotta sit the fuck down," Ari said, rubbing at his head and blinking as though to clear his vision. Was he...was he high right now? He must be high as a fucking kite. Or drunk. Cross-faded. Shit.

...Yeah. He must be all of the above, because he realized a second later that he was sitting.

He let out a breath slowly. Sarah and Food Truck Guy were happily chattering away, along with his AI, but Ari hardly registered any of it. Instead, he was inwardly panicking. That had...just happened. All those ships, gone. Destroyed. By a goddamned food truck that happened to be an absurdly advanced piece of technology. Yeah. That changed thing significantly. If this guy found out they were pirates...

Nope. Just stay cool. Calm. Collected. Act like normal customers. If they high-tailed it now, that would be suspicious as fuck. The only people who ran were people with something to fear, and he had saved them. So they should be all thankful and hero worshippy and shit.

Ykan was clearly losing it, laughing like a loon, and Ari gave a weak chuckle.


His ribs were going cold, hardly touched, but when Pierce offered calamari, Ari snapped a look back to the screen. "Uhhh...sure."


Wasn't often someone rendered him utterly speechless.

Edanith Characters / Sydney "Serrano" Cruz [WIP like whoa]
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:48:55 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Sydney Cruz
Gender; Orientation
Genderfluid (preferred pronouns: they/them/their); panromantic demisexual
Species; ethnicity
Human; Edani
Pepper bandit!
Edanith Frontier!

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Brown skin, black hair, and honey brown eyes.

A trickster, prankster, and jokester. And never passes up the opportunity for terrible puns!




__________________THREAD TRACKER
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Questions and Suggestions / Re: A Finicky Request
« on: November 06, 2017, 05:31:54 PM »
Oh wow! I didn't actually know it was separated like that. Lemme fiddle and see what I can do. (:

The Frontier / Re: The crown Jewel of poor planning [DaGlobster!]
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:44:50 PM »
It was such a strange sensation, getting something plugged into her neck. Jewel winced reflexively, even though it didn't hurt, and when Jesse motioned for her to get comfortable, she settled down onto the couch next to him. Curiously, she touched the plug, and grimaced. That was...so weird. Kind of gross, too, if she thought about it too deeply.

"I forgot to ask about how the heck we clean these things," she remarked as she got comfortable, turning sideways on the couch to lean against its arm while throwing her legs over Jesse's. "Like, to make sure it doesn't get clogged with dead skin gunk or anything. Ew."

She gave a final stretch before she let herself relax. "Any last things I should know?"

Welcome Wagon / Re: Introductions etc.!
« on: October 05, 2017, 09:27:50 PM »
Hi Ara and welcome! <3

Feel free to hop into our Discord Chat, as lotsa shenanigans goes down there! (And since you have a Pilot, you might be interested in the Pilot Chat that is there--lotsa fun stuff happens there!) We don't bite, so check it out and drop by and say hi!

In the meantime, I look forward to plotting and writing with you!

Gospel Subnetwork / Re: Angels for Freedom
« on: September 05, 2017, 06:29:34 PM »
Sweet gods.

If you want to squander your life on a suicide mission, be my guest, but do not implicate the Gospels in your foolishness. This is a mission that is doomed to fail. You are not just wagering your life here; if one of us is caught, it puts the rest of us at risk. We have to be smart here. You're thinking emotionally, not rationally, and I get that, he's your friend, but...

Okay, okay. So let's break this down.

1.) Somehow, you elude your dragon and manage to sneak away from them and shut them out of your head so they're not privy to your plan. I mean, possible. You'd have to be able to do that already to be a Gospel in the first place. But now we're talking physical distance here. You...somehow...get a space vessel with this "contact" of yours (let's pause for a moment and talk about your contact: are they psionic themselves? Can they shield their mind or are they an open book? Welp, they get caught, your entire cover is blown because anyone can get any info they want straight from their brain. Better hope they're a reflectivist) and you get up into space. Alright. Nice. Looking good so far.

2.) So now you...dock at the station? And hide your identity somehow? And get into the station. Alright, good so far. And then you...break out your friend?

3.) Here's where it really falls apart. You break out your friend. Somehow. Without revealing your identity. The space station goes into lockdown. Now your ship is compromised, because that's the first thing they shut down. How are you leaving now? Okay, okay, and let's say you fight off all the highly trained, armed, and body-armored security officers and folks who work with psychics for a living and use them as test subjects and who have probably, therefore come up with defensive and protective measures to neutralize such individuals? Being that's what they do at TRIM, experiment on psychics and mages and create technology based off what they learn? And being that something as simple as lead can block psionics? Anyway, let's say you fight off these people who deal with failed Pilot-trainees for a living. Guess who now knows you must be a Pilot, considering they'd be quite familiar with Pilot maneuvers? Congrats, they know you're a Gospel.

4.) Now EVERYONE knows you're a Gospel. The Citadel gets that alert, considering TRIM has a direct line to Aedolis. So let's say you get away on your escape pod or whatever. Now you have everyone in space hunting you. Congrats.

5.) Where do you plan on going? Certainly not back to Aedolis. That would be suicide. But you'll be hunted wherever you go.

6.) And about your identity? Well, we all know who you are now. Because when shit's hitting the fan at home and people notice, gee, I sure haven't seen Valkyrie in a while...wow, didn't they vanish around the time that candidate got busted out of TRIM...? They are missing still! Hmmmmm!

...This is a bad plan and you should feel bad.


The Cancer / Re: Perlious Cargo of a Mercurial Nature (Rhi!) (M)
« on: August 10, 2017, 11:43:06 AM »
"Let's see about finding potential buyers on this space rock before we start moving shit," Jericho said with a lazy stretch, fingers laced above her head. Her back popped and she winced. Oof. Yeah, fucking on the floor had been fun and all, but her body was feeling it. Felt like she'd been laying on a goddamned bolt.

She poked at her lower back, feeling a budding bruise, and then rolled her shoulders. What an eventful day.

She motioned Cal to follow as she headed down the hall for the cargo bay. "I'll just grab a quick sample before we head out. Let people see what we're selling. So, uhhh...about this whole TRIM thing..."

Reaching the cargo bay, she pushed the already loosened lid off one of the crates and dug around, fishing out a small vial of a bright pink, luminous liquid. She pocketed it and motioned him toward the door. "What was that like? And how the fuck'd you escape? I always heard it was impossible. And you were an experiment? So like, all the shit you hear about it's true? Like, I knew that place is shady as fuck, but it's almost like the space boogeyman, y'know? Hell, my mom used to tell me she'd TRIM me if I was bad. See how well that worked, heh."

Aedolis Characters / Re: The Pilot and Candidate Catalog!!!
« on: July 31, 2017, 03:32:13 PM »
Name: Rachel Tierney
Stage: Stage 2
Age: 19
Mentor: Currently none.
Fun Facts: Totally outgoing! She's a people person and an extrovert that gets her energy from interacting with others, and gets lonely and restless easily. She likes to make friends, and friends-with-benefits! So far, she hasn't made any enemies due to being just so damned nice to everyone, but it's only a matter of time. Total dom in the sack and will sleep with almost anyone. Also, she's Gabriel Tierney's younger sister.
-Said to have seduced and banged a Pilot in Stage 1 and is gunning to add more names to that tally.
-Rumored to be a candidate for trimming, at least in Stage 1. Had a lot of higher Stages bet on her, due to her fairly unremarkable abilities.

Name: Arrow Archer
Stage: Stage 2
Age: 17
Mentor: Previously Roman Rosales, currently none.
Fun Facts: She's super shy. |: Can hardly hold a conversation with someone she finds attractive without devolving into a stuttering mess and walking into a wall.
-The running rumor is that Roman, as her former mentor, totally banged her.

The Cancer / Re: Never Quite Free (Rhi)
« on: June 20, 2017, 08:54:21 PM »
Ari's focus was on Kyssimri, though he kept a general awareness of his surroundings--a sort of casual awareness that came with practice and exposure and familiarity with this setting and culture. You could never lower your guard on the Cancer, but neither could you act like you were guarded. You just had to belong--and while Kyssimri had caution, he lacked that.

But it wasn't his own observations that saved him. Oh, he noticed the bar fight. He noticed it, and he ignored it. To him, that was a normal, unexciting thing. Happened all the time. It was background noise.

But Kyssimri paused, looked at the fight. At first Ari figured the fight itself had startled him--he seemed a soft thing---but then he saw the way he tensed, the way he cowered back into the crowd, and he didn't have to be a damned psychic to feel his terror. His eyebrows raised and he followed the kid's gaze.

And felt the blood drain from his face, chills running down his spine like icy claws.



He sucked in a breath and resisted the urge to duck into the crowd, to jerk out of sight. Act like prey and attract the predator. Instead he kept walking, kept walking, until he found a natural break in the crowd and slipped in, like he was intending to go that way all along, like he was in no hurry even as every instinct screamed at him to get the fuck out. He just had to act natural. Calm. Darvish was distracted by the fight. It was fine.

But his throat was tight, his heart was jack-hammering in his chest, and his hands were shaking in his pockets, fidgeting with his smooth metal lighter. And he realized too late that he'd lost sight of Kyssimri, that all thoughts of tailing the kid had scattered as soon as he'd seen that monster. He'd gone straight into survival mode, adrenaline arcing through his veins.

What the fuck was he doing here?

Fumbling, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Took a long drag to calm his nerves. Shit. And now he'd lost the fucking kid--and he had so many questions now, too. Where he thought he was going, for one.

How he knew Darvish, for two.

But for now, he quickened his pace and slipped through the doors of the good old Piss Hole, deciding the kid could wait for now--while he took a breather and kept his head down.

The Cancer / Re: Never Quite Free (Rhi)
« on: June 19, 2017, 10:26:24 PM »
Ari had stepped out for a smoke, leaning against the side of his ship, when movement caught the corner of his eye.

He twisted to get a better look, cigarette bobbing on his lips, and broke out into a slow smile when he saw what--or rather, who--it was. Kyssimri, his little stowaway and (shudder) blood donor. Had he forgotten to seal the door? Or had someone let him out? That was a question for later, though. Right now, he was less concerned about how he'd gotten out and more interested in just where he thought he was going.

Because the kid wasn't moving like a frantic escapee trying to just get anywhere but there. Naw, the kid was moving with purpose, like he had a plan and knew exactly where he was headed.

Ari flicked his cigarette to the floor, ground it out with his boot, and shoved his hands into his pockets as he counted to ten, leaving some space between them. Then he pushed off the Sassy Juice and followed, casually and not in any hurry.

The kid may have hidden himself beneath a cloak, but for Ari, that marked him as good as his hair or skin would have. He may have been moving with purpose, but he was still acting like a hunted, nervous thing, and it was easy enough to keep him in his sights.

Oh gods, I'm going to die. The thought flashed through Esha's mind, not for the first time by any means and not for the last. Her life was in perpetual jeopardy here, and maybe, maybe if this was how it happened...maybe it would be a mercy. Blown up by heavy artillery would be a far cleaner, quicker way to go than the torture and tearing that Skerrondus was capable of.

But that didn't mean she was ready to give up yet, either. She had her mission. And she had a will to live, too.

It just didn't feel like it would ever end.

She stayed curled where she was, her wide eyes taking in all the stolen tech, tech she hadn't realized they'd stolen. They had aircraft now? That was valuable, terrifying information.

She whimpered as explosions went off around her, wincing and pulling on her ears as though that could help muffle the sounds, but her hearing was sensitive and the sound was deafening, her ears already ringing as she cowered in place.

The Frontier / Re: The crown Jewel of poor planning [DaGlobster!]
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:11:38 PM »
"Not to be cliche, but I was born ready," Jewel said with a grin, though she honestly wasn't sure. She had no idea what to expect, had never done anything like this before. "Let's do this!"

Open Space / Re: Arrival [Rhi]
« on: June 19, 2017, 08:34:12 PM »
Sarah "spoke", and with each passing word, some of the tension seeped out of him. He had been ready to go on the offensive, ready to tear into her if she didn't have a damned good explanation.

Turned out, she did.

Another person might not have been so sympathetic--and perhaps it was an odd place for Sarah to find sympathy. Or rather, empathy. Ari wasn't the softest, squishiest person--but as it turned out, Sarah wasn't just in the company of one other slave.

But two.

Former slave. Mostly free. But still.

Her words were enough to take the fight right out of him, the tightness in his jaw slackening, his fingers uncurling from his gun, the lines around his eyes smoothing. But a furrow creased his brow the more she spoke, a sick, familiar sensation curling in his gut, and a slow, burning anger and disgust seeped in among the initial surprise. Maybe it was completely hypocritical, considering he'd trafficked people before, but she wasn't the only one that hated slavers. And besides, hypocritical as it was, he didn't deal in slaves. Taking the occasional prisoner and delivering them like cargo to the payload wasn't the same thing as that.

Or so he told himself.

He sucked in a breath, shoulders relaxing, and rolled them uncomfortably.

"I...see," he said at last, voice quiet, while Sitara looked between them in utter confusion, since she was not part of this conversation. All she could hear were Ari's words, and he had sense enough to keep private things private.

He knew better than to air something like this. There were only a handful of people that knew about him, so he knew good and well what it took for Sarah to let him in on this. He wasn't about to take that away from her.

He raked his fingers through his hair and let his hand come to rest along the side of his neck. "Look, I didn't know. Not fully. I knew what she was, yeah, but that Rhevi guy said it was your gig so I figured ya knew. And if I'd known all...that...well, shit." Another uncomfortable shrug. "We're good though. We're cool. Shit happens, eh?"

The Frontier / Re: The crown Jewel of poor planning [DaGlobster!]
« on: June 19, 2017, 08:03:04 PM »
Jewel leaned forward to peer quizzically at the orb, eyebrow cocked. "What's that?" she asked, waving a hand at it. "That the SenseNet ball?"

She poked at it curiously, making it wobble on the table.

Open Space / Re: Arrival [Rhi]
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:04:52 AM »
Well, how's that for a fine how do you do.

For not the first time, Ari found himself at the end of Sarah's tail blade, head ringing from her silent--but still thunderous--roar. A roar that didn't quite cover up the sound of his ship cracking in places. A full-body cringe went through him that was punctuated by the cool sensation of Sarah's blade against his throat. Though he wanted nothing more than to turn and survey the damage done to his baby, he also sort of valued his life and respected her blade.




Sucking in a sharp breath and blinking dust from his eyes, his fingers brushed against the gun at his thigh holster. Sarah wasn't looking at him, was instead rounding on the Feylini, but he waited, kept his calm even as his heart beat a steady, heightened rhythm. Wouldn't be the first time someone had fucked him over, and he wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in Sarah's skull if that's how this was going down. Whatever the hell was going down. He didn't have a goddamned clue.

But not yet. He knew what she was capable of. Wouldn't do to be hasty.

"Rhevi delivered me to him!" Sitara was saying, obviously in response to something Ari couldn't hear. She was trembling, startled by how blindingly fast Sarah was, every prey instinct firing off in her brain and telling her to run, run, run. But her legs felt too heavy, too shaky, and instead she just stood there, frozen, as Sarah inspected her collar and the medallion she wore. "He gave me all this! The case and things! Said you'd understand."

Oh gods, she could practically count all of Sarah's teeth!

She seemed to be calming, though, and Ari could breathe again as soon as she'd lowered the blade.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talkin' 'bout. Did I know what?" he growled as he rubbed his neck, all humor gone, hand still at his gun. "What the shit was that about? Because I'm about five seconds off from decidin' ya ain't welcome back."

Oh, they'd gotten physical, sure. He was pretty damned sure he still had some old bruises lingering from when she didn't take a joke so well. But there'd been no joking about that.

Open Space / Re: Arrival [Rhi]
« on: May 19, 2017, 12:05:08 AM »
After scanning to ensure a safe landing, the Sassy Juice touched down, sand and dust billowing up all around it and creating a small dust storm.

Which, of course, wasn't ideal. Ari knew they were going to have to be quick, because there was no way this wouldn't draw attention, if those oversized lizards were near. But these were the coordinates he'd been given, and he knew Sarah was a smart cookie; she wouldn't hide out somewhere where she'd be a sitting duck.

Inside the Sassy Juice, Sitara was an anxious wreck. She paced her room, her bag with her meager supplies slung over her shoulder, and tried her best to calm down and not have a bloody heart attack. It was difficult, though; this was the last place in all the universe that she wanted to be, on a suicide mission. Yet here she was, because she really had no goddamned choice.

A knock came at her door, making her violently jolt.

"Alright, princess. This is your stop," came Ari's voice. "Hurry up now, I ain't got all day."

And it wasn't going to get any easier by stalling, was it?

Either way, she didn't really have a choice. Ari had been tasked to deliver her, and she didn't see any way out of this.

"Don't gotta nag me, I know," she growled back before she punched the door open and marched out past Ari, tail floofed in agitation.

Minutes later, she found herself outside with Ari, practically dancing in place with nerves as a being who looked, to Sitara, very much like a Rividean came climbing out of her makeshift bunker. Her heart lodged itself in her throat and she edged back away from the Draconian even as Ari flashed the reptile a bright grin.

"Hey there, sugartits," he greeted with a wink, a joke because Sarah was neither sweet nor did she have tits. "Miss me? 'Cause I missed ya. C'mon, darlin'! Gimme a hug!"

Solar System / Re: Signed, Sealed, Not Quite Delivered [Rhi]
« on: May 10, 2017, 09:36:10 AM »
"Oh, that dick," Ari said over the intercom, and if it was possible to verbally roll one's eyes, Ari did just that. "Yeah, I know the shitweed. Look, I'll getcha to the Cancer, and from there...you do you. As for Sarah's quarters, just down the hall. Tinker with her shit at your own risk, buddy."

Sitara gave an awkward glance from Rhevi to the speaker above, as though Ari could see her (which, actually, he could; there were cameras in all of the public spaces, but the speaker was not one of them!) and then scratched behind her ear again. She tapped her foot, much like a rabbit. "Erm...where should I...?"

"Ya could bunk with me, babe," came Ari's answer.


"Ouch, fiiine. There's an empty room across from Sarah's, but if ya ever change your mind, darlin'..."

"I won't."

Solar System / Re: Signed, Sealed, Not Quite Delivered [Rhi]
« on: April 26, 2017, 10:44:09 AM »
Sitara paled at his words, her hand fluttering up to her chest. She swallowed hard, stunned by how utterly calm he seemed. But then again, wasn't he important? High on their food chain? Maybe he was just putting on a brave face.

Or maybe she just couldn't read his face. She hadn't been around his species long enough to be able to intuit their body language, as it was so different from her peoples', and their faces didn't really seem to have the same capabilities for expression. Maybe he wasn't actually calm at all, and was deeply grieving, but she was just projecting her species onto his.

She bit her lip, shifting uncomfortably, and nodded at his advice.

"Er, I don't think I'll have any issues there," she said. "I know when I'm beat. I ain't so proud I wouldn't run." Her tail gave a small twitch, her frown twisting deeper, and she played with the end of one floppy ear. "Running's what keeps you alive. I only stand my ground and keep on fightin' when I know I can't run."

Over the intercom, Ari's voice rang out, "Yeah, yeah, I'm familiar with the Cancer. Intimately so. We'll be there in two shakes of a hooker's tits."

Sitara's eye twitched and her frown deepened, twisting into a scowl. "Lovely."

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